Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Las Vegas: 24th - 27th December 2009 Pictures

Here's our (free, again) room at Bellagio. It's not a suite this time so the room is cozy-er.

I like their bath and shampoo bottles
Christmas decors at the hotel. There was not much of a Christmas mood at Vegas. We did not hear Christmas songs everywhere, not much of Christmas decors either. Christmas day felt like weeks before when everyone had not gotten themselves decorated yet.

Everything there were made by putting many many many flowers together.

Even those reindeers

To Fremont again to see if there was to be any celebrations but there were none.
Walking down the street. AN enjoys taking pictures a lot.

At M&Ms while AN was sleeping. Good thing she was, else she would have gobbled the whole shop up!

AN posing happily in her "My First Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas" T-Shirt

Her cheeky face

AN is always intrigued by the Build-A-Bear workshop. Since it's Christmas, Mr Liow got AN one. She chose an owl and it is now her baby.
We gave the outlet shopping craze a miss. It would be mad crowded, parking would be a problem and since we had been there a week before, there was pratically nothing much we needed to get a week later. We went window shopping at Fashion Mall instead (where AN got her owl).
At Madam Tussuad's. The cheeky AN really loves to pose for the camera. She was ready to take pictures with almost all the stars.

AN said: "Mummy look at the bottom!"
Oi Mr Liow!! What are you doing

I'm a midget

While Mr Liow posed with Michael Jordan, AN too was striking poses..

So AN got a picture with him by herself

AN wondering what papa's trying to do.

Mr Liow...can you please...

After taking pictures with the stars, we went for a last short stroll.

The end. hehe.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nope, I'm not...


We're back from the short trip. Just a quick update before my next post about our Christmas getaway: I am not pregnant.

That means I have to lose the 3 extra kgs I put on during the last couple of weeks. Oh my goodness....3 kg!!! Where from?

And..and...the nauseousness? The hunger pangs? The BULGE? My impatience (and other wierd emotions)?

It's now time to watch my diet (and I was hoping I could eat all I want) . Also, I can't get angry easily and blame it on hormonal changes. It's good to be pregnant huh? hehe.

Friday, December 25, 2009

AN's First Bike

AN had been asking to ride on a bicycle whenever we went to Walmart or Toys 'r' Us, so for Christmas this year, she got her bike :)

Mr Liow got her to pose plenty before she was allowed to open up her present

Took some assembling

And finally, it was up and move-able. Before that, another pose.

AN trying hard to master her first transport