Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maen's Entry: Shampoo again??

Whether or not she enjoys paying to have things shipped to our home, mummy will continue to shop online. That is because, mummy is a road hazard: she only makes her way to and from Gymboree with AN (or to Frys' & Target for grocery when necessary). Anywhere else, it will either take her very much longer and reach, or very much longer and do not reach.

We are glad we were never with her when she drove looking around for a friend's home for almost an hour and then drove back home. And we are also glad she found her way back home with every piece (car and human) intact.

That aside (mummy says thanks to me for publicising how much a road idiot she can be), my main concern today is, we got more spa goodies as promised.

Since prices of Plush Puppy shampoos are not much lesser here than in Sgp, mummy decided to not get them for us. BUT one fine day, she saw was having 10% sales and decided to get a smaller bottle to try on us

When mummy is in her right mind, she will usually not pay tax and shipping if she has to shop online but she did this time anyway (u can tell she is not very sane lately, can't you now?). Mummy reasoned that 10% was better than nothing. Plush puppy was cheapest in even with shipping and tax and 10% off is a good catch. Do you see any catch here?

So, we received our goodies today (we love to receive packages too!).

Adrielle Scissorshands is now official package opener in the family. After each 'unpackaging', she would ask to take pictures with the goods. She's smiling soooooo sweetly that you guys will not notice me behind, right?? I AM BEHIND HER!

We got Plush Puppy shampoo with EPO and 2 bottles of Ice on Ice by Chris Christenssen. Ice on Ice is scentless, exactly what mummy was hoping (she had no personal reviews on that product but decided to give it a try coz we are almost running out of our All Systems grooming spray). Mummy wants us to still smell like milkshake after bath and conditioning. hehe.

Mummy says: "Look here!" but does not exactly tell us where "here" is.

Oh, so it is "here". Gor gor is not as smart as mummy always think he is. Who looks into the ground while taking pictures?

No, I am not looking into the ground. I just noticed something move?! Gor gor is still not looking anyway. He needs training to look into camers.

Finally...but what is the Scissorshands looking at now? The moving something?

Up next is mummy's thoughts on this purchase and the previous with the bowls/diners:

"This was a VERY happy purchase despite having to pay shipping and tax because shipping was extremely prompt and fussless! I placed order on Friday night and do not expect them to work over the weekends but it's only Tuesday and they are already here!!

I paid a hefty price for shipping previously for the elevated diners and almost had a heart attack. 6 working days after I placed my order, they sent me an email informing me that my diners (all 5!) were out of stock but said nothing about how much shipping they would be charging me, how much in total I had to pay, or even when they would be sending my remaining 2 insignificant bowls. That was too disappointing because I was soooo excited at the diners!

We shot emails at each other for the next 2 days before they finally sent me my stuff and replied that the amount they charged me for shipping remained status quo, which was tooooooooo much for 2 tiny bowls! They ignored me after my final query with attachements as proof of the actual shipping cost for the WHOLE order. THEY IGNORED ME!?

I decided to wait for the items to arrive before calling them up, just in case of any other mistakes.

Finally, the package arrived after 2 weeks and I saw the diners were in there as per my original order.

I do not know why they sent me that email informing me that my diners were out of stock. My first experience with them was terrible as well (item was not as described in their website).

Will never buy from them again and suffer potential heart seizures even if the prices they offer appear lower than elsewhere. Anyway their way of calculating shipping costs makes up the price difference."

To us, it did not matter of course. hehe. We are only awaiting greenies to arrive by end of this week.

Mummy's little babies


I've tried updating with pictures about our weekend but have not been able to complete it yet (no time, with the attention seeking human puppy and days out).

I've also tried to post some thoughts unsuccessfully (negative thoughts which I didn't manage to finish writing, all the better).

Now that I finally have time (Mr Liow took AN to Art Class *phew*), I thought I'd do quick updating on AN's progress (physically and potty) before I go cook.

We had 2 birthday parties over the weekend at swimming pools of the hosts' estates. Worried about not being able to bring AN to a toilet in time, she got to put on diapers on both days. Bad decision, but seems like this bad decision is the only way to prevent accidents.

After the 2 parties, AN seemed to have gotten used to diapers again and wet herself 4 times yesterday :(

Also complacency seems to play a part. Not me but AN.

She totally forgot and peed in her pants the first time. Fine.

The 2nd time she wet herself, I picked her up and asked her to "stop and hold the pee" while carrying her to the potty hurriedly. She managed to stop and released whatever was left in the potty.

Before she wet herself the 3rd time, I saw her 'freezing' on the spot all of a sudden and looking quietly at me. I asked if she needed to pee and having twice the experience of her wetting herself in the same day already, I quickly left whatever I was doing and carried her.

She stepped away from me and told me: "Mummy, I stop the pee."


I firmly insisted she go sit on the potty but before she could reach it, I saw pee trickling down her legs.

She rushed to sit on the potty and smiled proudly at me: "Mummy, I can stop my pee! Yeah!"

AN had been rather difficult lately, extremely sticky to me (I don't know why!), fussy as usual when it comes to food, and rather temperamental!

By the 3rd time she wet herself, I had almost no patience left. She knew she had to go but she was trying to keep the pee inside!

I must have looked angry (I know I should not. I will try not to let her see me frown at accidents even if I cannot control my emotions the next time).

AN extended her arms towards me and asked for a hug while repeating: "Mummy, Adrielle can stop the pee from coming out. Mummy hug Adrielle."

To that, the heart softened (even though I was still pissed that I had just washed a sofa cover, cleaned the carpets and changed her twice before that already, all in a morning!).

I gave her a high five (while being very aware that I was still wearing a frown) and a hug but reminded her to go pee in the potty the next time without holding her bladder. She was satisfied with a hug (my dear girl...) and proudly went to tell the papa that she held her pee. AN didn't seem to realise she did 'leak'. hmm..

For the whole of yesterday, she did not initiate going to the potty. I trusted her when she said she did not have pee but after the 3 accidents, I insisted she go sit on the potty after an hour or so (if you remember the previous update, she could hold for up to 2 hours already). Even when I reminded her to go sit on the potty, she would try her luck at refusing ("Mummy I peed just now. I have no pee now.") but would pee when she sat once in the few times.

The 4th and final accident happened during her nap. She was woken up in the midst of sleep and went back to sleep. Something told me I better bring her to the potty before she fell asleep again but I ignored the 'voice' because I didn't want to disturb her rest.

True enough, she peed on the sofa again (the cover had just been washed in the morning and put back before her nap!) but thank God the blanket was under her and 'bore' the pee instead *phew*. It's easier to wash a blanket than a sofa cover!

She was aware when she 'leaked' and tried to hold her pee till we got to the potty where she released the remaining amount. Then she went back to nap.

I've read that kids do have accidents even after parents think they are already trained. Maybe I over-expected, maybe i'm tired, maybe it's just one of those bad moody days where one just is unable to be happy about anything, and then just about EVERYTHING has to go wrong. I felt so miserable yesterday.

But God is good.

AN finished her dinner by herself last evening. She would usually eat noodles strand by strand but happily gobbled them in scoops yesterday. I would have to take over after a little while usually but she finished every thing in the bowl by herself (except the soup which she said she didn't like). It was not much but it was the most food she put into her own mouth since she was born.

God never shortchanges.

And I received an email from Pam (our bible study leader) with an old attachment she probably forgot to remove, that was dated 2007. In it, Dan (the guys' BS leader) wrote: "In God, there is hope."

I am thankful.

Also, the last time I mentioned AN's weight, she was 10.2kg and did not drop below 10kg.

Soon after that, her appetite for milk (Pediasure & Parents' Choice) dropped and so did her weight.

She's between 9.7kg - 9.9 kg since then. :(

There's so much to worry about just one child. Will I be able to cope with 2 or more?

Not easy.

But in our Lord, there is hope.

Phillipians 4:13 - I can do everything through Him who gives me strength"

Friday, October 23, 2009

"I don't want mummy...."

I was giving AN brownies coz this lady didn't want to dirty her own fingers.

Pardon me, I was digging my nose with the other hand while waiting for her to finish chewing. Believe me, I was going to wash my hands before I fed her the next bite!

AN saw me and told me: "I don't want mummy to feed me with this hand!"


Yes, I know! I won't!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AN and BM- The Unglams

This Adrielle, passes gas a lot and likes to announce it.

When she does, she'll be reminded to say "excuse me".

She somehow realised Baileys and Maen do not mind her german gas and not asking to be excused and has started running to pass gas at the napping furkids. -_______-"

Now, on top of announcing: "mummy I poot!", she also announces: "mummy, I poot at Baileys/ Maen!". Sometimes if she can help it, she will run to do it right in their faces! *faint*

And now that she hardly has diapers on (except for nights), she sometimes parade around with her bottom, bare. Maen the silly girl, enjoys investigating the smooth and spotless (not totally spotless. She has a black spot from a jab) butt and sometimes lick it. AN will be so tickled, starts running away and laughing: "MAE MAE NO! So itchy!" but she will do it again so that she gets Maen to tickle her bottom.

Baileys on the other hand, investigates AN's pee in the potty. I have caught him drinking her pee once and since then made sure the potty is covered if I am unable to clear it immediately.

Was telling Mr Liow, I should have gotten Baileys a potty instead of the elevated diner. The potty is elevated, looks cute and is even cheaper. The potty sides keep those spaniel ears out too.

Good idea huh?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Potty Training Update - Day 16

AN's been off diapers for 16 days.

Other than Gymboree or short trip to and from Walmart, I still bring her out in diapers in case she cannot hold till we get to a restroom.

While outside, even in diapers, she will ask to pee when she feels the urge to. Thank God most of those times, restrooms were easily available.

She peed in her pants twice since my last update about her potty last week but was not too affected by it like she was previously.

And AN pees like a boy. Hehe. Her pee gushes out horizontally while she's seated on the potty! Good thing is, her potty comes with a splash-guard at the front, for boys who are sitting to pee for a start. I took it away initially till I realised I needed something to stop her pee from shooting out from the front. Sounds so funny. Hehe.

By now, she is able to hold her pee for slightly over 2 hours at most (unless she drank lots of fluid).

She is ready.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 weeks Separation

Mr Liow will be away for exercise again from 29 Oct to 21 Nov.

I'll be home alone with AN for the 3 weeks. Some of the ladies will be going back to Singapore while their hubbies are away. Traveling with AN on an almost 20 hours flight (or more) will be too big a challenge. We'll stay home.

I don't feel too well now. I've got no fever, no flu, no cough, but the head is throbbing. Please pray with me that I will not fall sick in those 3 weeks.

I cannot fall sick.

Maen's Entry: Milkshake therapy and new bowls!

We got a bath right after we got home from Mount Lemmon 2 weekends ago coz we looked dirty (mummy said so). How could that be when we did not jump into muddy puddles or rub ourselves in sand?

And just because we shed in the car so badly (again, that was what mummy said), all thanks to mummy who had not brushed us for ONE WHOLE WEEK, she said we needed to shower. Gor gor and I see nothing related in the equation (no brushing = shedding = need a shower?).

Mummy decided that since she's tried out all the 3 milkshakes on us and loved the "Half and Half" better, she would use it on us this time. One the both of us. The previous who-stinks-first contests were not fair. I always turn out winner. *fumes*

By Wednesday morning (which was the 3rd day after we showered) when papa and mummy had to leave for Flagstaff, we still smell delicious: BOTH OF US, AND I DO NOT STINK.

It was a pity, mummy said, that we had to be at Camalot. We think so too. Mummy hugs us a lot everytime after we shower, especially with the milkshakes now.

We came back stinking again (how not to stink after 3 fun filled days running in the big yard with so many fur-buddies, all the playfighting, saliva, grass, dirt and more!).

Mummy said we looked clean still. They are always impressive with how Camalot caretakers (Auntie Jo, Uncle Jim and another kind lady) keep Camalot and us, furkiddos, clean.

The house do not stink with so many of us in there (and the lack of tumbleweeds - fur), and even with us running in the yard, we do not return to the house muddy. Our paws remain clean as well. Mummy asked me and I told her that was because we both know how to clean ourselves up. She did not believe my words and say a stinking baby like me can never keep myself clean and smelling nice for long enough.

This time after we got home from Camalot, Mummy bathed us with the Strawberry Milkshake. It smells lovely in the bottle but among the 3, this was least longest-lasting.

It's only been 2 days and I no longer smell like strawberries.

Baileys: "That is because she naturally stinks! I still smell good!"

We both still look clean and fluffy though. And with mummy brushing us at least twice a day since Saturday, she said we do not walk around with an aura of fur around us anymore. Did we even walk with that type of aura?

Mummy said she will get Half and Half by the gallon soon. It didn't matter to me what she gets. Just as long as we get our daily dose of hugs and kisses (and as long as she does not shower us too often), anything works.

Lastly, I have to share pictures (after mummy's put up all sorts of pictures, except pictures of us..that's sad!).

We got new bowls!


And my gor gor, Baileys'

My old bowl cracked and continued to crack. Did no harm to me but cut mummy's hands a few times when she washed it.

She can not just buy one bowl to replace the cracked one because there are two of us, so she bought 2 bowls. They look so cute! And worked better than the spaniel bowls she bought about 3 months back. These kept our ears out. Those do not, and are toooooo big -____-"

But stingy mummy said I will have to use gor gor's old bowl because it is still good, and gor gor will get to use his new and nice blue bowl (where has fairness gone!)

I'll make sure I get to use my new and nice yellow bowl, by hook or by crook, even if I have to break gor gor's old bowl.

And then she also bought us an elevated diner so that we need not stretch too far for our food.

It's still boxed because she said we will only get to use it back in Singapore, so that there is less to pack when it's time to go home next year.

She bought 4 more, so if any of you are interested, just bark.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Flagstaff-Sedona: Videos (14-16 Oct 09)

Videos of AN, what else? hehe.

The following 2 were of her playing happily at Flagstaff Mall's playground. Sometimes I wonder why some parents allow their kids to run wildly after each other at a playground. There were 2 young toddlers and I kept jumping whenever those boys ran close to them. And AN being almost feather-light, I was worried they might run into her and send her flying into the air.

AN asking for "Big big scoop of coins" to throw into the fountain -_______-"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flagstaff-Sedona: Pictures (14-16 Oct 09)

We came to Flagstaff last year in August and the weather was already nice. It's cooler this time round, not VERY cold but VERY nice. hehe.

These were last year's posts about Flagstaff (and Grand Canyon):

I didn't manage to get any pictures on our way this time coz AN needed attention -_____-"

We had dinner at Pato Thai again this year. The food still as good as they were last year!

Steamed Fish!! It was a whole fish last year but a fillet this year. The fillet didn't taste as sweet and fresh as the whole fish (tasted like thawed frozen fillet)
This is the best Thai Panang Curry! We ordered Seafood Panang this year. Thick, creamy, fragrant, tasty! Yummy!

Mixed Vegetables. This tasted rather common. Still, they tasted like they were grilled before they were stir-fried, so, still a winning mixed vege dish as compared to elsewhere.

Satay! Yummy!

I've uploaded pictures in facebook here:

There are too many pictures to upload into the blog. Blogger had been producing more error messages than results each time I tried uploading pictures so I'm done trying *surrender*. Will only upload pictures with our faces in them. hehe.

AN and the papa in matching outfits. We were on our way to Flagstaff Mall. There was nothing much to do in Flagstaff except to tour National Parks. We decided not to stay any longer and did the sight-seeing in Sedona on our way back to Tucson.

These were taken in and outside Flagstaff Mall

AN enjoying relaxing in the hotel room, exploring...

and drinking my Strawberries and Cream Frap while watching Shrek on TV in my absence..

At Sedona (we stopped over at some points coz it was toooooo beautiful not to.). AN is really tiny compared to the TALLLLLLLL trees....

And then we stopped at a stretch of shops for lunch and some look-see.

To end this post, here are a couple of our lunch at Mongo Korean Restaurant. The last time we had Korean food, it was during our honeymoon in Jan 2005. Sorry the food looked less than appealing in these pictures. I forgot to take pictures till after we had tucked in. Too hungry to think of snapping pictures then. hehe.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blessed 5 years old to Baileys

Dear Baileys,

I've had intentions to make you write your own post for this year's birthday since you are already 5 years. You are a grown boy now.

But, how not-meaningful will that be if I do not write your birthday blessings for you this year?

As I've always said, you are the better behaved darling when compared to Maen. Even sometimes as I put you beside AN, you still stand out as winner in the "Obedience" category.

From being my one and only baby, to having to adapt to Maen, and now AN (probably even more human puppies to come in future), you never once showed displeasure.

You taught Maen to playfight and protect herself and now Maen turns back to bully you.

You watched over AN when she started crawling and during that period in AN's life, she's never fallen off the sofa nor our platform back home in Fernvale Lane, as long as you were at home (or not napping).

Maen became the dominant one and you willingingly allowed her to overtake you. AN came and took over as 'young leader of the pack', and again you allowed her to, without so much as a whine.

I remember you did, when you started marking the house when AN was a newborn. Even though you did complain a little (not that you did not, I just forgot for a while), you went on to lick and love her.

When you see anyone other than papa and myself trying to carrying AN, you would follow them closely or even bark at some! People who do not know better might think you are a naughty boy. In my eyes, you are a very protective brother who cared no more about position in the pack than the safety of its members. You still are!

You are a canine with strong jaws and sharp teeth but one with such a gentle spirit. AN's tested your patience so often and never once have you lost it.

I remember feeding you medications 2 years ago when you had such a bad diarrhoe. You were chewing and chewing, just so that I could not get the pill in your throat but when you felt my finger approaching, you kept your jaws open and laid no teeth on my finger holding those much hated pills. You ended up taking them as much as you hoped you needed not to.

I've wished you'd turn into a real boy so often but unless this is fairyland, you will never be one. You behave so sensibly even papa agrees that you feel so human. I cannot imagine you are already 5 year old. Every year from now on, one year added to your life is a year nearer to losing you. I dare not think about it but something just keeps reminding me.

I pray the Lord will extend your life beyond the usual CKCS lifespan. I pray the Lord will keep you healthy and strong. I pray every bones in your body will remain as new as they were when you were a young adult and that you will never need to feel pain, not even till you breath your last.

Some pictures of you as a puppy (you were sooooo cute and fragile then! Papa travelled sooo slowly when we first brought you home in case you felt nausea during your first car ride)

I love hugging you to sleep but as you grow older, you seem to prefer lying in between my thighs with them as pillows. Oh well, guys' ego, maybe?

Your first bath

Your first paw-fur cut
First nail clipping on the same day (never had a problem cutting ur nails or trimming your fur despite advises telling me not to cut your nails in ur sleep so that you would get used to it and not protest when you get older)

You at 6 months old

And you looking puzzled at almost 2 years old.

Hope you enjoyed the trip up to Mt Lemmon. I'm sorry you had to be in the car for a while coz they do not allow you in the Oktoberfest.

Our complete family

This is how you bear with AN's taunting

Love you Baileys!
From Mummy, Papa, Maen and Adrielle

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reid Park Zoo

We brought AN to the Zoo today. It's been a weekend of uploading lots of pictures. Thought I'd try the slideshow again coz of the large amount of pictures. Enjoy :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bucklew Pumpkin

It was an outing with the Gymboree gang (hehe. Sounds mafia-ish) but we were late -_____-". We could have lots more pictures of the Gymboree tots otherwise.

I felt so bad! We were almost half an hour late (google map told me it would take 22 mins to reach but it took us almost 45 mins). I smsed Danielle and when I reached I realised there was no signal at the farm. She did not have her phone with her and even if she did, she might not have received my sms. Sorry Danielle, we made you guys wait.

Right at the entrance. AN and the scarecrow had a common pose.

The grumpy ole BABY

Wondering what mummy's doing

Is it the new camera or have I just not noticed that Mr Liow had been a good photographer all these while (for a non-professional I mean)?

AN at the top of the whole. If they have built this hay stack higher than it was, AN would have gone as high up.

Nice cool and breezy day, unlike our trip here last year!

There was this Sierrita Mountain Lifestock corner with farm animals we could feed (food available with a token amount for donation to .. I don't know who. Didn't really matter though. hehe)

Llama (am I right?)

This bunny was really soft and fluffy! VERY soft and fluffy!

Adrielle Nicole Liow Zu Er, born in the year of the golden pig

"I thought I saw a pussycat"
"I did, I did!"

AN feeding the goats

This goat in particular, loved AN! It went digging its muzzle into AN's armpit and chest and followed AN wherever she went even after she had no more food for them left.

AN refusing to leave the animals. Awww....those goats were really cute!

hehe. Shaggy on the left with the cute fringe.

There were less greens (those plants) last year and pumpkins covered the fields. It was like an orange patch last year!

The father-daughter team at the pumpkin field! Poor papa had to remove a whole toe nail in the early morning coz of a little accident and trot around in the field with long, rough pumpkin plants coz he forgot to put shoes on.

I tried to take pictures like those professionals but mine looked too far off their standard? ;p

AN was supposed to look shocked!

Take 2 at looking shocked. hmm...I think AN does better at looking angry.

Another try at making faces

Self taken family picture

And one with some help

Met up with the gang when we went back to the carnival area for lunch! Thank God they were still around. hehe. Poor Christian got bitten by a goat.

And AN was sitting with Emma. Emma was so sweet to share her fruits with AN (she kept pushing the container towards AN). She picked out her own dress for the pumpkin trip and told me what she did. Too cute! Mr Liow forgot to take pictures of the 'gang'. hehe. He was busy going to and from the car to put things back and take things out. A hungry man is a forgetful man. muahaha!

Naughty Mr Liow kept teasing Jacob about the sugar on his t-shirt. Powdered sugar (was that icing sugar?) falls all over very easily!

Jacob sportingly posed for the final amount of sugar left behind after he finished the fried bread. Jacob, if you are reading this, I will try my best to photoshop you clean one day. hehe. ;p