Sunday, June 28, 2009

AN's having fever

AN's having a fever.

She gave 2 coughs half an hour ago and the skin around her nose had whitish looking flakes (she didn't have mucus before she went to bed and there's no obvious mucus in her nose now).

I don't know if that's flu, cold or *touchwood virus* ( since all she's having now seems to be only fever still.
There are already 8 deaths in Arizona, 2 toddlers under age 5 and 1 child.

Yes, we went to Gymboree as usual, but I can't possibly confine her to home till who-knows-when H1N1 will be over.

I hope it's got nothing to do with the piggies. Please just let that be a common cold, or flu at worse.

And ah girl, please keep it from the folks ya? They'll go crazy if they know AN's sick now (just because we're in AMERICA).. -_____-"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baileys' Entry: Blueberries

We got blueberries together with human puppy.

Who wins the eating competition? Maen of course. And the obviously slowest eater of all times....*drum rolls*.....ADRIELLE NICOLE LIOW.

Mummy's little babies thought hard:

Maen's Entry: Here's how we look now

Mummy thinks I look like a cow. Do I really?

Gor gor posing for his 1st bald shot.
The 1st time we stepped home after our shave, human puppy couldn't stop giggling. Gone were our long fur, for a short while.

You know, we fee light and bubbly again. Maybe coz the one additional pound of fur on each of us were gone?

And we're glad we have each other to squeeze with now that we've lost our winter coats.

Mummy's little babies thought hard:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For every bad day, there has to be a good one

AN was extremely good yesterday.

I think it was coz I hit her on the head (many times) with a ball the day before. Please don't get me wrong, I did not do it on purpose. She was learning to catch but I couldn't throw a ball properly and 90% of the time, the ball landed on her head. (That was what Mr Liow had been bugging me to blog about: That I had been throwing a ball on her head. ;p). But she could catch properly when it was Mr Liow throwing. I better stop training her and let the papa do it before she developes a crushed confidence wondering why she could never catch a ball properly.

Let me come back to the topic of baby behaving very well yesterday.

Preparations before cooking and the cooking takes about 3 hours usually coz I'd shuffling in and out of the kitchen to keep her company in between dishes. She will patiently wait for me most of the time but not for 3 hours. She will then start to whine for me to carry her (which I can't, unlike the past when I could sling her and she would not try to grab my knife or move around). I'll pick her up and show her what I am doing if I can but when I can't and try explaining to her why not, her mood makes the decision as to if she wants to listen to me.

When she's all cranky, she will not listen and starts whining, which will frustrate me after a while, causing me to tell her off and make her cry even louder...and sometimes things turn ugly with me locking her out of the kitchen and her screaming madly in the living room. Very nerve-wrecking. VERY VERY nerve wrecking to cook with a screaming baby!!!!

But there has to be good days.

She came into the kitchen and told me she wanted to watch "Shrek" while I was chopping garlic. I asked if she had already placed the DVD in the player and she said yes. I checked to make sure it wa the DVD she wanted in the player and saw that it was, so all I had to do was get the player to play.

Then I went back to chopping and cutting.

AN watched for a short while and told me again, "Mummy I want watch Shrek". I replied that she was watching "Shrek", so she kept quiet and continued watching. After a good 5mins or so, I realised she meant that the movie was not playing. I had to get it to "Play". It was DVD, not VCD. I forgot!

True enough, she was staring blankly at the intro screen with the Donkey bouncing around saying "Pick me, Pick me!"

My little darling did not bother me to get it to play for her (I believe she would if the movie didn't start soon but she wasn't whiny or upset about it!). I got it to play, gave her a hug, she hugged me back and I told her I had to go cook. She said good bye to me and gave me a flying kiss. hehe.

I went back into the kitchen to continue with my stuff and looked out to check on her once in a while.

Then I saw her diapers on the floor! I thought she got bored and decided to play with diapers (must be maddening bored coz she never takes her diapers off just to play with them).


I looked further and saw her sitting on her potty. She saw me and told me "Mummy I pee pee".

Oh my....she's growing up...she's putting in efforts to be independant.

And she did pee. She continued with her movie after he business (I washed her hands after she was done before she went off again). When she saw her pee was still in the potty, she went to put the cover over it and told me "Mummy I cover".

Couldn't resist leaving things aside for a while and gave her a big hug for being that sweet last evening.

I got to cook in peace yesterday, did everything without having to stop in between to attend to her.

So, I have to remind myself over and over and over again that despite AN's tanthrums sometimes, she can also be a well behaved toddler. She's only this young and tanthrums are unavoidable (even for adults). Praying that I will be able to control my temper during bad days instead of expecting AN to make the first move. Praying that the one good day out of a few bad ones will be give me strength to last me through the next few bad days till it's good again.

Then again, she's not always bad..

Seems like one bad day out of many good is bad enough for me.

I'm the one with the problem. sigh..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maen's Entry: Wahl did you appear again? So that we get our walk? Ok.

Wahl...the paw fur shaver, had gone missing for a little while during the unpacking last year.

All of a sudden, it turned up nicely hidden among our other grooming tools and mummy decided to shave our paw fur (Wahl have you not decided to go missing forever?)

Mummy's disappointed with how Petsmart always return us back to our human not as groomed as we were supposed to, according to their leaflets. But each time we were brought back there, mummy and papa never remembered to ask them if those services listed in their leaflets were still the same or if they were outdated. And they never remembered to check us whenever they went to pick us up.

My nails were cut most of the times (except that they NEVER cut the nails of my 2 dew claws and a couple here and there. Gor gor's? Only selected few were snipped off...and mummy always only realised a week or two later when she does the other (bi)weekly grooming sessions by herself).

When Wahl appeared a while ago, mummy decided to go ahead and shave our paw furs off (they weren't shaved when the rest of our bodies were 2 weeks wierd right? We looked like we had bedroom slippers on by now).

And we got our walks. hehe. Summer's too hot and none of the human can bear the heat outside for too long and coz mummy almost went mad with boredom yesterday, she finally, too, remembered that chances are, we can also go mad with boredom.

Since ST has a one dog policy, we got walked separately.

The last time mummy praised me for being a good walker, better than gor gor. This time she told papa that gor gor was the better one.

Gor gor no longer has a problem with peeing outside. But of course, after our numerous stay at Camalot where we had that BIG field to run, pee, poo, chase and do whatever-nots, who would still have problems peeing outside?

Mummy found it cute to see gor gor marking, especially when nothing came out the last few times he lifted his hind leg. Gor gor is neutered, by the way. And he never used to pee like that. In fact, mummy said the 1st pee he released, he was squatting. The others following were more like he was marking.

I peed twice too, both times while walking. That's a wierd habit. I know. But it is embarrassing peeing in public. I just pretend to be walking (and no one will notice that I am actually peeing at the same time, except mummy). I know mummy likes it when we pee outside, so I do it.

Oh ya, we met mummy's new friend's Shih Tzu, QB, a few days when they dropped by our place. Gor gor couldn't stop following him around and to make gor gor give up, I growled at gor gor.

QB's mummy thought it was QB growling and got frightened (I guess it's coz QB doesn't growl?). Mummy said it was I.

I loved attention, yes. I was a good girl and was really tamed, hoping to get more scratches and pats by QB's mummy. But I'm not perfect ok? Moreover I was just trying to help QB get gor gor off his back.

Oh well, the boys seemed to love having each other walk around each other. So, I decided to join the other ladies (QB Mum, Mummy and human puppy) for their chat.

Oh QB, when will we see you again? I think you are cute. Problem is, you are half my age...Will that still work out? And oh, I'm spayed...still, we can be friends, right? ;p

Mummy's little babies thought hard:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Friends

Encik Ong and his family left for Singapore this morning and we're back from sending them off at the airport.

It wasn't a tearful farewell, but sad nonetheless.

Liansee, Encik Ong's wife had been lots of help since we came. She'd drop by with her 2 girls to play with Adrielle once in a while, and brought us yummy cakes/ sushi that she made with her girls' help.

They were the ones who recommended us to Sonoran Terrace and helped check out the townhouses before we came.

When we were at Country Inn this morning, everything seemed so familiar. It was almost like yesterday when we came to Tucson, almost like we were the ones staying there and they were our visitors. Reality is, this time we are guests.

Had a good last breakfast and chat with them before we left for the airport. Bade farewell to the family before we left them (Mr Liow had a soccer match so we had to rush) and shook Encik Ong's hands for the last time.

Then I recalled the first time I met him at the airport when he came to pick me up (then, it was just AN, Maen and I with 3 lugagges coz Mr Liow had to wait for the next flight. Baileys couldn't get on the same flight as Maen coz the airline only allow 1 dog for that domestic plane I got on).

He was wearing this same red polo tee, I recalled.

And I remember meeting Lian See, Jia Hui & Jia En for the first time at Country Inn that very day I arrived. The family dropped by to say hi, got us drinking water and fried rice :)

It's hard to live with no friends here but at the time same, it's hard to make friends and then watch them leave...

I take a long time to warm up to people and it's always almost till 6 months before they leave before I am at ease with them. Not really with Lian See since they are (were, from now on) our neighbours. First was Joey [ :( ]

So, effectively, I have friends for only 6 months each time.

I'm glad I found more ladies with whom I'm comfortable chatting with (and probably get to go shopping with very soon!) but I dread the farewells once again...sigh...

Time really flies. Soon it'll be our turn to leave. Farewell, again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adrielle, Baileys and Maen

Baileys and Maen ARE dogs!
AN doesn't seem to relate BM as dogs, or at least she thinks all Blenheim Caveliers are either Baileys or Maen.

Whenever we're out and she sees dogs, she'll point them out as 'dog dog'.

Was showing her pictures from BM's buddies' blog (Momo and Pinot's) and she went "Baileys!" when she saw Momo (who's also Blenheim like both B & M). At Pinot, she went "dog dog". I asked her to look carefully again and she decided that Momo was Maen but Pinot was still "dog dog".

She insisted that Momo was not Momo when I told her that Momo IS Momo!


This is going to take a while..

Which is Baileys? Which is Maen?
AN is improving at telling B and M apart. In fact she's not been mixing them up at all since I can't even remember when and knows which feeding bowl belongs to who (she helps me feed them every morning).

Was having a usual chat with the baby (human) 3 days ago:
Me: "Who's Baileys?"
AN pointing correctly at Baileys: "There"
Me: "Maen?"
AN at Maen: "There"
I asked about Baileys, and then Maen again. Bingo. Then,
Me: "Who's baby then?"
AN thought for a while, and seemingly wondering if that was a trick question, tapped herself on the chest and went: "There!"

Didn't manage to trick her. hehe.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Raw frozen, Raw dehydrated, Grain free

There are more choices nowadays.

When BM were young, I only had to study ingredient lists to ensure kibbles do not contain allergy causing food and supply good amounts of proteins and omega oils (and fats for Baileys).

Azmira proved to be the best for both of them and for about 2 years, they did pretty well on that.

We had to change their food after arriving in Tucson. Given that Petsmart seems to monopolize the pet supply market in Tucson, kibble choices were seriously limited. I didn't want to order their kibbles from online coz I can't be sure how kibbles will arrive. Every item I purchased online arrived HOT in their boxes. Just don't feel easy having their kibbles arrive hot too. At least not HOT when the pack arrives at our doorstep.

Managed to find Ok Pet and Horse Supplies by chance online and till last weekend, I could only dream of a visit. They carry lots of quality kibbles!!!!! We were there 15mins before they closed so having little time to browse, we paid for Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit and left.

I love doggiesite for always giving me information that I need. Hehe. I'm sure Baileys and Maen love this site even more.

It seems NV and Wellness are not the only ones who make grainfree kibbles now! From DS advertisers, I learnt of brands like Orijen, Acana and Taste of the Wild. For now, both will stick to NV for grainfree diet, because I am still thinking BARF (since rocks ages ago).

Nowadays there are even commercial BARF and my ancient concern, about not being well versed enough to give them a complete diet if I were to switch them, should not concern me now. Commercial BARF comes completed! Thaw and feed! Expensive of course, but definately best for the furkids. Salmonella is still a concern tho.

Seems like there are currently 2 brands in Singapore for commercial BARF, but many more in States. Still if I order online, I worry about compromising quality of these frozen raw meat patties coz remember, goods arrive hot at our doorsteps..sigh.

So today Mr Liow drove us to Ok again (thanks Dear! And thank God for Ok). They actually carry 3 brands of raw frozen food!!

The lady was kind enough to answer starter stage questions and gave me brochures for more info. There were 4 brochures she gave but one of them seemed to have forgotten to state its brand. Quite silly of whichever company that is to have done advertising and forgot the most important thing.

So, reading up and comparing nutrition + affordability started once home. Thank God AN was quite accomodating today so I had at least time to print out info that I'll start to compare in a while. I'm also looking at Dr.B's patties (which I'm hoping to trust coz it seems only supplies their own patties unlike all the other brands from different online stores all over the states).

It's good to keep myself busy and not focus on negative thoughts. Mr Liow was supportive of these additional expenses on BM (he does surprise me many times coz he hardly ever behaves like he cares for them). So little acts like him getting nutritious treats for them without my recommendations or in my absence, or him investing in more costly ones, touches me. He just bought BM a pack of CET chew at the vet's last week after their jabs for $9 which seemed a little costly to me.

Lastly, coz BM are having increasingly worse tar tar buildup on their teeth, I'd been giving them another type of chews, also from CET. Mr Liow asked for a quote frm their vet with regards to dental scaling and the amount was... Wowly ex. We'll bring them back to have their teeth cleaned next year, if that is still necessary, BECAUSE when I checked them just 2 hours ago, maen's canines were clean!!!!! Baileys' has a dirty canine tooth left and the rest of his teeth looked fine!

Makes me wonder which was the miraculous cure. CET from vet, online ones, or NV Rabbit?

Hee. No wonder they stink less lately and Baileys kept bugging Mr Liow for kisses since 2 days ago. Seems like he also knows he deserves kisses for stinking lesser now?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Going crazy

I am.

Who will understand my thoughts? Or at least try?

Baileys and Maen, do not blame me for crying, stay by me for as long as I need to cry in front of them, lick my tears away and wags while counseling me silently. They never fail to make me feel better.

Baileys especially.

He looks at me attentively and listens as if he understands. He doesn't give me a piece of his mind (that's the least I need). He allows me to stroke him as I confide in him and continues with his business to lick those tears, never once taking his eyes off mine. What can Baileys do with my emotions? I don't know but those eyes sparkle as if to say that he'll never leave me to deal with sadness by myself.

Maen has preferences over which part of her body she gets stroked. She twists and ducks till you get her where she likes it best: behind her ears. And then she listens attentively, with a smile on her face.

My pair of guardian angels...

God, please do not take them away from me. I need beings who will go through the rollercoaster of emotions without blaming me..

I've lost the ability to love, be happy, maintain peace, have patience, be kind and good, faithful and gentle. I can't even control my exploding anger.

The fruits have rotten.

Mr Liow tries...but he's human and like I'm at the end of my tether with AN, he's probably at the end of his with me.

Sometimes I wonder, what's the purpose of living?

Updates pictures

of our SF trip:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baileys' Entry: Summer cut

It's summer, and time for us to get a summer cut again.

Wonder if it's good or bad news for us. We look charming with long coats (of course, since that was our original design by the Creator), but cute, according to mummy, with short coats. She said we look like puppies again (she's addicted to seeing us in short coat since the first time we got shaved).

There was a menu that day papa and mummy brought us to the groomers. They were given a few 'lengths' to choose from and could feel for them selveshow each "numbered shave" felt like. They chose the second shortest as recommended by the groomer and we get to keep our tails and ears. I mean, we get to keep the fur on our tails and ears.

So, this time, unlike our past shaves, we still have LONG fur on these parts of our body.

Mummy kept repeating that Maen looks like a cow from top view. Pictures? Of course we have them. Let me get them in this post after mummy's done uploading the pictures they took at San Francisco WITHOUT US.

And then.....mummy's still tempted to put us on BARF. Commercial BARF, for convenience. She asked and got to know that Nature's Variety seems to go out of stock once in a while in Singapore.

Oooooo...raw food...we still remember the bones and chicken wings we had...yum yum yummy. Rabbit meat's not too bad, even in kibbles form but...what can be more yummy than bloody meat, right?


Mummy's little babies thought hard.

Monday, June 8, 2009

San Franscisco (30 May - 3 June 09) Part 2

2 June 09
Took buses 30 and then 28 to Golden Gate Bridge. Rode on the cable car in the evening. Not as cloudy as past few days but cold as usual

While waiting for bus, father and daughter playing peek-a-boo

The bus route

Finally (after 15mins..hehe. It was fast actually)

Taken from our bay cruise the day before. View of the bridge from underneath it.

Mr Liow and AN on the cruise
Our cable car ride with Mr Liow hanging from the side of our 'car'.

He was hanging like the 3 passengers were

...and me sitted safely with AN (which didn't actually feel safe coz if AN decided to throw a fit, she could have easily kicked Mr Liow onto the road)

After the ride to and fro, we ended up at the wrong terminal where Hyde St. Pier is (which was still within walking distance to our hotel. Thank God!)

I was squatting to get a good angle (hoping to get a good angle given my limited photography skills). AN found my position amusing and started to squat as well.
Look at this. We've travelled on even steeper ones. hehe.

This was one of the cable car route which Mr Liow had the opportunity to brave while hanging outside the car
Back to Hyde St. Pier, Mr Liow attempting to release the lifeboat (is there such a word?)

Thought this looked interesting: mirror image

It's been a long time since we saw sand...Arizona is a dessert but when one meets up with a sandstorm, one basically meets up with a soilstorm. AN's first experience with reallllllllyyyy fine and slightly shimmery sand. hee.

It says on the notice sign "No diving/ jumping off pier"

And then we found people swimming... Then again, they probably didn't jump off the pier.

Back at the hotel

Of the food we had, the lunch at a Thai restaurant called "Mood" was the least enjoyable. Mainly coz the chef doesn't seem to know food.

What do you think this meat looks like? It was supposed to be chicken but it didn't only looked like pork, it tasted and felt like pork. The waitress said this was chicken when we asked.

I asked for ramen. This wasn't.

To make up for the lack of food enjoyment, we went to get more Clam Chowders (one from roadside stall and the other from Boudin)
3 June 09
Had breakfast, last stroll around the piers and left for airport. Not as cold as the days before and skies are clear.

The driver of the hotel - aiport transfer shuttle was 1/2hour late! But he was nice and apologetic. And we were glad we did not miss our flight back.

Pictures following this were taken randomly. San Francisco is all about sights :)

We went to a store that sells things to do with fairies and AN got some pixie dust (shimmers) on her cheeks

What keeps AN busy while waiting for food to come

AN's new bad habit: Finger biting -_______-"

Is this lotus?
Couldn 't remember why we took this picture till I saw the time it was taken. The sky was this bright, at 8PM! Skies are still bright at 8pm in Tucson during summer but not THIS bright. Having been that cloudy over most of the days we were there, it felt more like a 6pm instead.

At 9pm, the sky was still slightly bright. hehe. The randomness of impresses me.