Saturday, February 27, 2010

AN can write her name!!!

Praise the Lord!

AN has learnt to write her own name!!!

She's more or less recognised letters of the alphabets and is learning to type her name (or whatever else) on the computer. And each time she colours, draws or scribbles on papers, I'd encourage her to write her own name.

She did it on her own this time, every single letter!! She does not know how to spell her name yet (she only knows "A-D-R") and writes as we spell each letter out for her. Most of the letters need improvement but it still excites me nonethless!

I like how she wrote the letter "R". She invented it. hehe.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maen's Entry: Goodies that we do not understand

Mummy got us more stuff again!

We got our CET chews last week, which mummy said were miracle chews! They clean our teeth really well, and surprisingly so because they were not that large (mummy got appropriate sizes for us!) and do not last as long as our smoked pig skins do. We still need to brush our teeth though, because mummy says we do not chew with every teeth we have.

And then yesterday, more stuff came!

These are in preparation for our flight back!

We got crate fans. That's so that we do not die from lack of ventilation or heat when we go back. They were surprisingly huge and hopefully not too noisy or I'd rather die of heat than stress for the 20 hours or so! I don't know about gor gor though.

AN woke right in the midst of us exploring our stuff and mummy got her to model the crate fan

Just to show how big the fans are, against AN's face.

Ok, other than those fans, we got:

- 2 lime green silicony bone thingys. They can be filled up with water and frozen and water s.l.o.w.l.y flows out as the ice inside melts. That's for us to drink and chew on in our crates. The last time we came, water dripped and spilled, even though we had a waterer each that hung by the gate which we could lick whenever thirsty. By the time papa and mummy saw us at LA airport, both our bottles were dry! They wondered how long we went without anything to drink. Yes, poor us. We do not even remember how thirsty we felt!

- And those capsule looking toys. Mummy explained that she will give us treats in the capsules so that we can pass some time occupied and hopefully forget that we will be going through the same trauma we did almost 2 years back.

- Triple toothbrush that is supposed to brush more of our teeth than a usual one

-Another slicker for whatever reasons. Mummy said this one's smaller than the regular one and will reach under our armpits better.

- Clickers. Are we not a little too old for clicker training? But mummy's been watching people on youtube training fur-things with clickers and are so impressed. We wonder if she will have time to train us though, all these while she's building a new monster inside the belly.

Mummy's thinking of getting more shampoos for us before we go back. More more more please !

Mummy's Little Babies

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Father and Daughter Down

That day we went to see the Gynae, Mr Liow was already feeling feverish. AN had already been having blocked nose for the past week and her mucus started turning green few days back.

Mr Liow saw a doctor, hoping to only get a good rest on Tues but he got 4 days MC. He felt better on Tuesday evening and thought he would return to work the next day but his nose started to block and just last evening, sore throat 'arrived'....he is unable to speak now but has to go back for a conference call this evening. I wonder how he's going to talk to them... And he was feeling exceptionally unwell before bedtime last night.

We had just been saying, before he fell sick, that he had been well for the past 20 over months we had been here. Back in Singapore, he was constantly bothered by blocked and runny nose.

This time, the virus hit him slow but hard. To think we were laughing over how 'generous' the doctor was with giving MC. He probably could foresee Mr Liow getting worse.

AN on the other hand, though suffering from stuffy nose, had been active and eating well. I've more or less gotten used to her fussy eating. As long as she eats something, it does not have to be much and I will be happy.

She felt a little warm last night and I thought she was having a fever. She measured 37.1•C (she's usually a low 36•C) and I started worrying. Thank God it's morning now and she's well again. I can't say enough how beneficial breastmilk is for babies. AN and some other BF babies I know of had been relatively healthy when kids around are falling sick. Coz I seriously do not enjoy taking care of a sick toddler who HATES to medicate to get well.

There is to be a 'Family Day' event at the bowling centre tomorrow. Looking at it, we probably have to stay home again.

We missed last Sunday's CNY visitation coz of AN and I, today's Rodeo Parade and if Mr Liow still feels terrible, maybe even the bowling session tomorrow.

Sigh... What a week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Number 2

We're back from seeing the gynae!

It's fun to start all these doctor visits again. By the grace of God, junior no. 2 is fine, and wriggly!

It is 2.15cm now at 8 weeks and 3 days old. If it is to be a full term baby, it will arrive planet Earth on 2nd October 2010. It's an odd date. Doctor said the machine showed me to be 3 days more pregnant that I think I am, but 3 days are no big deal. True. AN came 3 weeks before expected.

I had thought my EDD to be end Oct and was surprised it is to be this early. We have my bro's birthday on 7th Oct, Baileys' on 11th Oct, my dad's on 13th Oct, my FIL's on 14th Oct and ah girl's on 24th Oct. Was wondering if this junior will hit another 'taken' birth date. Maybe 1st Oct which happens to be Children's Day in Singapore will not be too bad too. At least for the 1st twelve years of its life, it gets a day off from school on its birthday.

Ok, how's seeing the doctor here different from back home? I needed a pap smear today, WHICH HURT LIKE MAD!! I HATE PAP SMEAR, and I don't recall having done one on my first visit to Henry Cheng 4 years ago. The first pap smear i did after giving birth to AN, I remembered it to be fast, even though it hurt just as bad. I REALL DO HATE PAP SMEAR!

And because it's still too early to be able to see the foetus by running the scanner through the layer of fats on my belly, I had to have something insert down there. *OUCH x 2*

While Mr Liow and AN stared at baby and Dr Rachel explained it's size and what-nots, I was trying hard not to remember that something sticking out from 'netherland'. It's uncomfy...but AN was amused by what she saw.

Dr Rachel was super reassuring with regards to me still nursing AN. She said her daughter is still nursing her grandson who's 3 days older than AN. She said exactly the same thing I keep hearing and reading: that at some point when my milk changes into colostrum, AN may not like it anymore. Like it is with Emma and Danielle now. She asked me to forget what AN's PD told me about force-weaning AN. She couldn't figure out how all the pros of breastfeeding originated from the baby doctors, yet they are the same people putting down the benefits of breastmilk. I can't say how much her comments reassured me about continueing to nurse AN!

After the checkup, I had to have my blood drawn for some tests. They drew 4 giant vials of blood from me! *OUCH x 3*

I didn't know I have 4 vials of blood available at one go! Each time I needed a blood test, the techs will need to find another vein to draw from coz the one they had been drawing from would have either dried up or slowed down.


The next appointment will be on 10th March, and every 4 weeks thereafter. I hope the next time we visit Dr Rachel, I will be spared from all these 'poking' business. Already discussed with Mr Liow that if Dr Rachel needs to do a vaginal scan to see baby in 2 weeks, then I rather not see baby till 4 weeks after. Heartbeats mean just as much, does it not?

Oh yes, one funny thing Dr Rachel asked us was: "how long have you guys been together?" We told her we got married in 2004 but wondered if she meant to ask when we started dating, which will have been 13 years this June. She then rephrased her question and asked when we had 'xxx' for the first time. She said most Americans will understand the question as it is. In our case, it takes a more direct approach. Hehe.

Also, I was told to strip bottom down, and given a folded up piece of disposable towel to protect my modesty after stripping. I opened up the towel and found it to be a long but slim piece of towel. I could only cover as far as my upper thighs, so I did not strip everything bottom down.

When Dr Rachel came in and saw me looking wierd in that tiny piece of covering, she took it by the corners and gave it a good shake. It became a large piece of towel -____________-"

How e.m.b.a.r.r.a.s.s.i.n.g.......

That's all for just those few hours. Dr Rachel was nice! And I am so thankful she's encouraging when she learnt that AN is still nursing. I had been praying for a Gynae who's pro-breastfeeding. Thank God she is!!

Here's junior no. 2. EDD according to the machine is at 29th Sept 2010, baby at 8 weeks 6 days old is 2.15cm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Idiot Mr Liow

Watch how Mr Liow took advantage of me while I cleaned the iRobot up. And how my faithful Baileys and Maen did not sit by and watch ;p

Sick :(

I don't like how this feels at all!

Once in a while everyday, I'll feel like throwing up :( Was ok this morning and while cooking, I suddenly felt sick. I think it's the smell of food that's been instigating the nausea. I hardly feel hungry nowadays and even if I felt like eating, the moment I see food, my system goes into a halt. I have to force myself to eat and then feel like throwing up afterwards.

I don't remember this with AN. Maybe it was like this during my first tri then, except that time passed fast then and it left no impression.

Remember I started putting on weight and that made me think I was pregnan, only to find out I was not? But from the time we did the test, I started losing weight. Not too badly, but I'm almost back to my original weight before the unaccounted for 3kg gain.

I can't wait for this first tri to pass... And I pray this unwelcomed lack of appetite and nausea will not eat into the rest of my pregnancy. I want to enjoy this one as much as I did with AN.


Monday, February 22, 2010

AN Needs to Pee!

She woke me up at 5.22am telling me that she needed to pee. I was in a dreamy state and did not realise AN was really tugging me. Hee. Does this mark the first sign of her not needing the training pants at all anymore?

And she went back to sleep without asking for "mem mem".

I pray these are signs of independance, that she no longer needs too much attention so that I can spare some for the new human pup.

Paying S$100 to enter the casino

How about paying to get into the casino, even if it's just for a look? That's if you are Singaporean, free if you are a tourist.

I thought that was a good idea. Mr Liow said it should have been more expensive. Many people think it's ridiculous.

We've been to Las Vegas countless times for free stays. Mr Liow got to gamble in the evenings when AN and I go to bed. The first time he started playing, he would not part with more than USD$50 and would only spend hours at the jackpot. He would come back at the time he promised to.

And then, the more often we went, the more often he played, the braver he got. If not God-fearing, I am sure he will need professional help quitting soon.

Good thing is, once we are out of Vegas, we are 'safe'. There are only 2 casinos in Tucson to our knowledge and there are no reasons for him to spend any time there (not as if there was a theme park AN and I can go to while he go 'try his luck'). But for the other guys who did not come with their families, it's a good way to pass time. And I hear some 'spend' a lot on gambling..

Once you start, you can not stop.

In those days, gambling hobbyists need to travel to Genting Highlands to gamble. There are already established gambling 'dens' in Singapore, legal or not, conveniently located where gamblers know. And then we all hear of someone who borrows from loansharks, gets their family into trouble and life has never been the same again.

What is paying S$100 to enter a Casino? For those who have never been in one and are not willing to pay to enter, they are saved from the possibilities of never being able to stop again. Gambling hobbyists will pay, so be it. They need a different sort of help, something on a higher level to get them to stop anyway. One less new player, one less victim. The casino is not located where we can easily forget about going. It's where EVERYONE is going to have fun. So go, have fun. Good and clean fun that the whole family can enjoy together!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Been so Tired..

Had been yawning whole day long and feeling very tired. It's sad coz unlike the first time I expected AN, I was not able to really rest this time.

AN had been rather well behaved, thank God! But I have to adjust to her new sleeping hours. This girl is wierd, waking up really early in the morning during cold weathers. Most people sleep in late, do we not?

I did not feel too well last evening so in the midst of nursing her to sleep, i got up and went to try see if I could puke something out to make myself feel better.

My baby got up after me and grabbed my pants asking with concern: "Mummy what happened? Are you ok?" I told her I felt sick and need to throw up. She then started patting my thighs, which I thought she was probably trying to make me feel better.

Nothing came out except for a big loud burp. much air i had in there! Felt better after that and we went back to bed.

AN was not really tired but I had to make myself sleep (I really felt sick with a headache and the constant urge to throw up). She was really thoughtful, reading aloud to herself while lying beside me. She would nudge me once in a while to tell me something but did not seem to expect me to respond. So sweet of her.

Finally she felt tired, helped herself by flipping up my t-shirt and latched herself on. In no time, she fell asleep. I couldn't really sleep well, drifting in and out of sleep. Finally got up at almost 1am to bring her upstairs to sleep.

Took me a long time to fall asleep at almost 3am. AN woke up at 7.45 am this morning, bright and cheery, and announcing: "It's morning time!! Mummy, let's wake up and go downstairs!" moment I opened my eyes, the headache came right back! Thank God Mr Liow asked AN to get on the bed with him and he kept her company while I napped a little while more.

I was tired the whole of today, and every other day for the past few weeks...Headaches come and go, and I even had backache since the San Diego trip. The backache has more or less left, but I still feel something in the back. Maybe it's psychological.

Maen makes me happy though. Her silly face has been making me smile a lot. Not than AN or Baileys have been making me angry, just that Maen has been exceptionally adorable lately. I wish I could carry her onto the sofa to sleep with me something.

Had so many random things to blog about lately but had no time or energy to. By the time I log into blogspot, there's really nothing much I had to write about.

We have an appointment with our gynae this Tues. Will update about this new baby then.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bye Bro..

A cousin passed away 'last night at midnight' (in my mum's words). That's Singapore time.

He got diagnosed with cancer after MR Liow and I left for Tucson and has actually recovered last year. The cancer came back and hit him hard and fast after that.

The last I heard from him was a few months ago. He sent me a link to his grand daughter's picture.

Bro, I did not get to say goodbye this time. We will meet again in heaven and I'll say hi to you again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When will we be back?

I really have no idea.

Just when we thought things have improved:
Mr Liow found out that ANA can transport dogs till before July 1st so we can go back as a family. He even made a reservation with the agent, got a number and reserved spots for Baileys and Maen. And then he was told that if we were to 'upgrade' to ANA (from whichever airline will be cheapest when we go back), we will have to top up the difference of USD$1700 (excluding the cargo fees for the dogs).

This is ridiculous! We were prepared to pay the difference but USD$1700 is enough to pay for a return ticket for another human being!

Mr Liow checked online and found ANA tickets to cost no more than USD$1200 after taxes for the period of June. Imagine, it cost more to top up the difference than to get a ticket back! Yet we were not allowed to purchase tickets from anyone else other than the 'agent' who charges this much, and charges agent fees on top of that!

So, we will not be able to take ANA now :(

And United Airlines has just updated that their summer restriction starts from May instead of June (WHY?????), so that means we will have to return by end of April and Mr Liow has to remain in Tucson on his own to pack and return on 14th June....

The only worry is, if we were to return end April, Baileys and Maen MAY have to be quarantined for 30days according to their categorization. I'm hoping they will not need to be there for too long. I know it's a new quarantine centre and facilities are supposed to be newer and better...but the wife of a pilot here mentioned her dog developed skin problems from the old quarantine centre ever since his quarantine few years back and has never recovered... I've put in lots of efforts in keeping under control, BM's skin sensitivities since they were puppies and I really am not keen to have problems come back!!!!

Still, if we have to return by April, we just have to :(

Latest news from Mr Liow is, EVA Air and Emirates seem to not have any restrictions on transporting dogs under any condition. He's called in to check with EVA Air and has been given a confirmation that they will be able to take Baileys and Maen. The same procedures apply (get a reservation number, call in to reserve 2 places and that is all). We've not checked with Emirates yet though.

We're praying that the agent will not quote us sky-high prices for air tickets back by any of these 2 airlines and that we do not need to top up ridiculous prices for the difference this time. Online, EVA Air tickets cost only USD$802 each (maybe USD$1K with taxes), so the price difference should not be too great.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Diego: 12-15 Feb

Am saving this spot for the San Diego update.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebrations

There was a buffet lunch at Pinal Air Park (where Mr Liow works), something like our reunion dinner before Chinese New Year, except that it was lunch this time.

It was a nice get together. I had wanted to dress AN in her Cheongsam (the one my mum bought for her last year when they came but was a little too large for AN then) but forgot! What a pity... :(

Everyone gathered for Lou Hei, followed by lunch and then a Mahjong competition. Those who do not play mahjong, played poker instead. And those of us who prefer to eat, ate throughout. hehe.

As usual, AN had a great time with the elder girls (mainly Kimberly and Danielle this time). Met gor gor Xavier (the handsome gor gor who held AN's hands first before any other boys ever did), jie jie Michelle (who's about 4 months older than AN) and some of the other kiddos. AN being the shy girl, only played with Kim and Danielle whom she's most comfy with.

Have been trying to post pictures but had been getting "Bad request" as a respond. I'm giving up. Here are the pictures in Facebook :!/album.php?aid=149889&id=546528398

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Health Check + Blood Test + Shots

It was not as costly to bring BM here to USA as it is to bring them back!

The shots, tests and checkups for both cost Mr Liow USD$600. Oops.. hehe. Also the quarantine when we get home can get as high as $1600 for both dogs (thank God quarantine period has reduced from 30 days to 10 days so the amount is 1/3 of how much it would have cost before Dec 2009, provided they meet the criteria for 10 days quarantine). That's excluding transport fees from Changi Airport to Sembawang quarantine, and another rabies shot both of them have to take in Singapore.

Once in a while, I wonder if Mr Liow still loves them, especially since AN came and now with another on its way.

But when I saw how he taught the kids to be gentle with Baileys when we were at Pinetop, how he would discipline AN when she bullies the furkids, I know he still loves them. Maybe the attention has shifted from them to AN. Maybe that's how his attention will shift from AN to the younger one, or to whoever needs his attention more as time goes by.

Baileys and Maen has been healthy, except for some 'hiccups' here and there (Baileys has more problems usually). Maybe that's why Mr Liow is showing less concern towards them. Yet when any of them do not appear to look well, he will not hesitate to rush them to the vet. He'll gasp at the bills sometimes (Baileys' when he had food poisoning in 2007, and this current one. Also the bill for quarantine, before AVA reduced it to 10 days) but who wouldn't? hehe.

One thing I noticed is, doggie jabs here (in Tucson) are generally cheaper than Singapore. Rabies are USD $11, K9 Distemper & Parvovirus at $14 each, Hepatitis & parainfluenza at $5 each. Why is it that I recall vet bills in Singapore to almost always exceed $100 for each of them? And those are not bills to see the vet when they are sick (when they either need medications or be hospitalised?).

Welcome us back to Singapore where everything cost an arm and a limb.

p.s: Baileys is now 8.5 kg and Maen 6kg. Baileys has put on weight while Maen lost some. Still, Maen looks 'fleshier' than Baileys. She's just tiny I guess.

Monday, February 8, 2010

AN the Mediator

Mr Liow and I had an argument yesterday during lunch and I ignored him after that.

As we walked into Foothill Malls after lunch, AN came to ask me: "Mummy angry with papa?". I told her I was and I did not want to talk to him. She then replied: "Adrielle likes to talk to mummy." As we continued walking a little more, she asked if I was angry again and told me: "Mummy, talk to Adrielle ok? Don't be angry with papa ok?" I then carried her up to give her a hug. She's such a dear! She was worried I would also get upset with her because I was upset with Mr Liow but then she was also brave enough to speak up for him!

While chatting with Mr Liow last night, he recalled what AN told him in the afternoon and was tickled.

He said AN shook her finger at him and said seriously: "Uh-oh...Papa make mummy angry..." when he took her out as I shopped in Old Navy. He was caught off-guard at that point and was at a loss for words. AN then continued: "Papa, naughty...make mummy angry.."

Mr Liow told her it was her who made me angry but she was very sure she did not and insisted: "No. Not Adrielle! It is papa!"

While walking back to the car after shopping, AN was holding Mr Liow's hand and me on my own. She stretched out her right hand and told me: "Mummy hold me!" so she had both Mr Liow and I on each of her side. She would not usually ask to be held by both of us unless she wanted us to swing her. That seemed unlike her intention yesterday.

It surprises me when I heard Mr Liow tell me how AN 'blamed' him yesterday and as I recall AN asking to be held by both of us, and her casually asking me not to be angry with MR Liow, I can't help but feel warm.

My girl is growing and growing up to be sensitive to feelings. :)

More or Less Decided..

The date of return to Singapore has been confirmed: 14th June 2010.

We have also more or less decided that AN and I will return to Singapore before Mr Liow does, either 15th May or 22nd May. It's more likely we will return on 15th May with Mr Liow's help (he will return to Singapore with us for a couple of days before flying back Tucson again).

I've thought of getting Mark to help us bring BM back from Quarantine to his place but am worried that BM will get lost. There will not be anyone to make sure they are in the correct aircraft if we do not travel with them. Imagine Mark turning up at Sembawang Quarantine and realise that either B or M (or worse, both!) is not there!

And then after discussing with Mr Liow, the decision to return before he does became ideal because of the many things that has to be settled back in Singapore soonest possible.

The lease of his car will end 24th May (exactly 2 years and a month since we left). I do not know what his plans are if we do not return earlier to receive the car. We were told earlier that we can return no later than May 30th -_______-"

Also the reno for our house. We want to change the toilet sinks (both toilets), tiles (living room) and do some touching up here and there. Hopefully with me back earlier, I can do a little homework and get someone to come in to do something before he returns.

If we are not able to find another airline without the restricted dates (with air conditioning in the cargo of course!), this is how we will do it.

Time flies...we're leaving Tucson :(

Goodbye to kind drivers on the road, the beautiful mountain we see everyday, the friendly strangers we meet and the change of weather. Also the travelling and shopping, maybe even our sea monkeys! Most importantly, the friends we made here :( We will not be able to watch AN's peers in Gymboree grow up. I wonder how they will look like, what they will be doing when they grow up. AN will probably never be back to see them again. SIGH...... :( :(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

All about Baileys and Maen

When I was expecting Adrielle, Baileys and Maen kept me company, a LOT!

They kept close to me (oh well, they always do...), and even slept on me as I slept.

Now that we are looking forward to a second human puppy, Adrielle is supposed to be 'stick-ier' to me which I have yet to experience though. It is Baileys who seems to be displaying more reliance.

For the past few days, he would half-stand against the sofa VERY often whenever I took a rest. He would put a paw on me and keep staring at me. If given the go ahead sign, I am sure he will jump up and sleep on me like he used to. Maen did jump up once (Maen has limited self-control), realised she was in trouble and jumped off the other end. That's was probably the first time she jumped onto bed with me since AN was born.

It's been some time since both of them slept on my laps, since AN's birth in 2007.

They started squeezing their bodies onto my laps when I sit on the floor again, much to AN's displeasure. AN wants to show 'baby' what she's doing or playing with lately, so she wants me to sit on the floor with my shirt flipped up. The moment they (Baileys and Maen) see me sitting cross-legged on the floor, they hurriedly walk over and slump themselves onto me.

AN will then complain: "Go away! Baby cannot see me!" and try to push them away.


It's time to get them ready to return to Singapore now. They will have to get their jabs, we will have to help them get used to their crates again, and all the paperwork. And we're going to have to worry about them flying again.

Let just pray the next time we come back, if we do, that will be after both of them have crossed over rainbow bridge.

All about Adrielle

This girl has grown!

She's grown sensible (she helps around a lot now and returns to places, things she forgets to keep). She's also able to reason now ("It's too far away, I cannot reach it!"), and is a little more stubborn than before (if she thinks she can manage something, even if we do not think so, she will not relent).

Some pictures of the pose-y baby before we went out one day:

The vain-pot baby with her new pair of sunglasses

AN formed a rectangle with her "ABC" blocks and asked to have a picture taken
Papa's new t-shirt that came in the mail with AN modelling it.

Fresh laundry that AN wanted to model in again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All about Baby

AN has been really cute since she knew the good news.

For the past 2 mornings (including today), she woke up and gave my tummy a kiss. She said she wants to kiss her baby.

Even during nap in the afternoon yesterday, she gave her 'baby' a pre-nap kiss.

She does everything else with the baby in mind.

I had been doing sit-ups and leg raises since about 2 weeks back because the bulging tummy bothered me and AN would imitate me. She does leg raises effortlessly!

This morning, she asked me to flip up shirt up so that (in AN's words): "Baby can see me exercise." After exercising for less than a minute, she decided she wanted to cook for baby and made sure my tummy was bare so that baby could see her.

AN then whipped out her Little Einstein toy that plays music and started twirling like a little ballerina to the music. As she danced, I gently tapped on my tummy. AN noticed and hurriedly came to remind me: "Mummy!! Not so hard! Be gentle ok?" And she went on to tap my tummy with her fingers real gently to show me what she meant by being gentle.

She's nursing to sleep now and stroking my tummy as I am typing this.

Lots of people have been telling me that during this period, AN will be extremely sticky to me and might even be a little stubborn. So far, AN has been well behaved (except for her non-improving eating habits). In fact, I feel AN has been better behaved these few days in a row than she had been most of the other times.

I hope this good behavior continues. I want to be happy so that baby will be born cheerful too. And when I'm cheerful, AN is also a happy girl.

No water

Last week before we went to LV, our tap broke.

It was tough having no water to wash things up.

And today, there was an emergency 'water break' since 9am. I'm starting to feel hungry but have no water to make noodles. So, I'm eating instant noodles now (yeah, bad!). Poor Baileys and Maen too, have to wait. They are getting raw food today and if I have no access to water, I cannot feed them. I need to wash my hands well after touching the raw meat. Sounds so stupid.

If water does not come back in the next hour, they will have to go back to kibbles for today.

Thank God AN had her milk already, and is snacking on kibbles now. I mean, cereals.

Water, please come back. I can't live without you!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Las Vegas: 28th - 31st Jan 2010

It was a good time catching up with Weigee and Selene. The last time we met, AN was only few months old. Now they have Kai Jie themselves.

Thursday (28 Jan 10)
We reached at about 2pm (LV time) and checked into Bellagio before the Ngs arrived. Mr Liow was super tired due to his night shift before we set off so we took a little nap.

The Ngs arrived at about 8pm. It was so nice to see them again! And Kai Jie is sooooooooo adorable!!! He's so smiley!

We went for dinner soon after they settled down a little but forgot to take pictures because of all the catching up. Conversation just couldn't be interrupted by anything, except food. hehe.

That was of AN before the Ngs came. AN had to shave to make herself look better.

Posing with 'her' shaver

And showing off her 2 braids.

Before our little nap

Kai Jie and jie jie AN. Such a coincidence that we brought the same PJs for the kids. Kai Jie was wearing the exact looking PJ as AN. And I think both are for 2 years old. See how loosely it fitted 33months old AN and nice on the 16 months old KJ?

"Kai Jie!!"
Friday (29 Jan 10)
We went shopping at Prime Outlet. Mr Liow got 2 pairs of jeans that made him extremely happy. I got a pair too and some other stuff which I can't remember what. With all the shopping, no one felt hungry. We only had lunch (or was that an early dinner) at about 4pm. hehe.

Mr Liow and I checked into Paris after dinner before meeting the Ngs again to walk the strip.

Saturday (30 Jan 10)
It was shopping day again, this time to Primm outlet which we have never been to. Another full day of shopping after lunch.

Dinner was at Ah Chung Mee Sua. Food was good as usual and the bubble tea completed our meal.

Pictures will come later. I've been trying to upload picture for the past 2 days but have not been able to do so :)

Sunday (31 Jan 10)
We were supposed to meet the Ngs for breakfast but because Mr Liow was on morning shift the next day, we decided to set off earlier so that he could get a little rest in the afternoon when we get home.

I think we will be meeting them again for Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2 weeks time (during CNY) but now that I am carrying a water sac in my womb, I probably have to give the ride a miss (ARGGHHHH!!!!! SIX FLAGS!!!!!)

Morning Sickness?

I remembered when I was expecting AN, I felt sleepy all the time. I did not recall nausea, change in appetite or any of the common symptoms of pregnancy (till I read my old posts and realised that the first part of my first trimester then was not as breezy as I remembered).

With AN, at this same stage, I had headaches and did throw up, plus sleepyness.

This time, similarly, I feel nauseous whole day long and have headaches on and off. I feel tired this time as well. It's worse this time bcause I can't sleep the whole day like I did the last time. AN needs me awake and I have to cook. Mr Liow had been reminding me that I need not cook if I do not want to, but lunch served where he works, he'd rather fast.

I want to throw up now. Something's there at my throat. The urge is not strong though. Unlike my pregnancy with AN though, this time my appetite is lousy. I wake up feeling like I just had buffet minutes ago, and I feel bloated whole day. I have to eat though, coz AN is still nursing. Calories is important to me now as much as it is to AN. So unless I have to puke, I will hve to try not to.

More about nursing in future. As of now, I guess I would want AN to self wean. I may try but if I do, it will be a pleasant ending with no shed tears.

Praying that the first tri will fly pass. Will have to find a gynae now.

Another impt thing now is to settle BM's vacinnations and paperwork. By the time they are ready to go, I think I will have moved on to the more enjoyable part of pregnant again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What does it say?

I missed my period for a week (which happens to always be regular).

So we got a pregnancy test kit to see what is going on. This is what we got:

To think I had enough of the weight gain and bulging tummy and started exercising last from last week. I'll have to wait again to lose weight...hmm...

Mr Liow was excited, and AN was too. She was jumping around and 'yeahing' like she knew what was going on. We've been on the topic of another sibling lately and she was ready to have a little brother/sister, especially after Pinetop when she got to play with baby Angellyn and at LV last weekend when she got to play with Kai Jie.

I think AN will make a good sister :)