Saturday, May 31, 2008

More picture updates

Sorry ah, my pictures are all jumbled up and I don't have time to sort them out. Just try not to link them to any dates and enjoy (erm....try to enjoy huh? I'm no professional photographer. hee)

Mr Liow and AN during one of their "dad and daughter time". Gadget papa with his gadget baby.

The window babies. I feel bad whenever I see pictures of others who've been bringing their dogs to parks and all. BM has been home whole day long and their only fun comes in the form of looking out of the window like they did back in Fernvale.. :( And then they sleep whole day long. AN really takes up so much of my time that I have almost none left for them, and even Mr Liow.

My window gazing furkids ")
Spotted a lizard?

The view that day on the way to Phoenix. Never boring although it's always mountains and more mountains. Pictures do no justice to the mountains we see, really.

Reaching Phoenix, I think. Lesser mountains, more roads and civilisation.

Was telling Sky, or was it LS, that while they see pretty flowers blooming in Spring time, here our Cactuses also bloom but they look rather funny with flowers on top of their heads, don't they?

Comfort Zone. Click to enlarge photo to read about its usage ;P

That Friday with nice weather! Sometimes I think I dress AN up such that she looks like a baby clown. hmm..

Forgot when this was taken but this is us while Mr Liow was driving. hehe. My fringe has grown over this past month!

Our bare garden with bare soil and couple of chopped up bushes that has green stuff that's growing out around them. Wonder if those green stuff are weeds...Do I have to pluck them out?
Fuller view

View of the other patio from the kitchen. Baileys and Maen's territory.

AN's territory. Soooo messy! While I'm putting things in place, she's taking things out of their places..I give up. sigh...

Our 'study' corner. Every area has to be fine tuned to obtain maximum viewing pleasure by the tenants (us) and blog viwers (you guys. haha)
Our TV area. Mr Liow's the one who did this area up while I tucked AN in one night. It 's now neater than it originally was. And now we have our big TV instead of a tiny 14" one. hee.
AN's loot. Each time we go out, we come back with more clothes, toys and books for her. Baby stuff here are on average half of the price back in Singapore although there's a handful that's more costly too.

From Walmart, my all time favourite! I LOVE Walt Disney and Looney Tunes!!!! Haven't been able to find the Walt Disney Oldies tho.

Mine? Nope. hehe. Adrielle's, from Old Navy at only USD$10! We bought another one in 2 pieces with sleeves so that in case one doesn't dry, we have another one to put on her for a swim the next day (not as if we go swimming everyday.)

AN on a typical day with her 2 buddies..

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She will imitate them at times. I've seen her pick up their food bowl and try to eat off it -_____-". And she'll attempt to chew on their smoked pig skin or bones. Sometimes she'll 'share' their toys with them by pretending to chew off a piece and give the toy to either B or M. My mum will freak out if she knows AN's starting to behave like BM. hmm. If only she's as obedient as them, I'll have 50% more freedom than I do now. The other 50% goes to home management (sounds professional huh?)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Night Shift Woes + Stay extending

I think I prefer Mr Liow's morning shift (not as if we can choose. It's just a personal preference).

The rest of the day after he left for work yesterday went by too slowly. AN didn't wanna sleep, and even if she did, they were mere couple of half an hour shuteye-s. So I had to keep her entertained.

It's probably coz morning's always busiest for me and before I know it, I can start calling Mr Liow to see if he'll be done with work anytime soon, by 5pm. Even if he reaches home by 7pm, it still feels like I didn't wait long.

With him away doing the afternoon, I start to pine for his return by 5pm. He only reached home at abt 2am this morning. Probably today as well. What a long wait :(

It's going to be 2 weeks of day shift, and 2 weeks of afternoon shift. It's another afternoon shift next week so I just have to get used to it.

Used to prefer him going to work in the afternoons back in Singapore. Maybe coz I'm still not used to spending nights on my own here. I have to get used to it, coz there will be days when Mr Liow will have to be away on exercises from 2 wks to even 6 months (Mr Liow said we may be able to tag along if he has to be on exercise for 6 months. And then BM how? hmm...)
Just got an sms from Mr Liow.

Mr Liow's boss has made plans to keep us here till Dec 2010 instead of April 2010.

Don't know if it's good or bad news but I think it's nice of his boss to let us know this early. I don't like last minute notification coz then we have to rush again.

I'm sure that since my parents are already missing AN, this won't be good news to them. hehe. My mum was sweet to suggest that they come over at the end of the detachment so that they can help us look after AN while we pack like we did back in Singapore.

Mr Liow was worried that my parents and his mum will get bored when they come over (whenever it may be, ultimately) but if there's anything we have to worry about my parents, it'd be that they can't adjust to the weather and culture here instead of boredom. My parents are accomodating and do not expect to be brought around. Makes me proud to say that of them. hehe. They've not decided yet tho. Mum has decided to come against her fear of airsickness but dad isn't too keen to fly such long hours. Will try to talk him through. I'd like to have them spend some time with us and Zu Er here, even if it has to be a short stay for whatever reasons.

Gai lai de bu lai.... :(

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of Long Hols + Updates on BM + Updates on AN

Mr Liow will be going back to work tomorrow, after the long break. hehe. It's been a productive weekend with most of the stuff unpacked and sorted out. Here are some updates on:

Home appliances we brought over from Fernvale
Mr Liow has connected up the LCD TV we brought over, to our mini home theater system, DVD and Comcast (SCV equivalent here).

The LCD TV, home theater system and DVD were shipped over from home (Singapore) and we didn't expect them to work here without a transformer. Mr Liow decided to try his luck anyway and another thing to thank the Lord for was, all 3 were function-able without the need for a transformer!! So we've been watching TV with familiar equipments for the past weekend. Such a pleasant surprise!

The Iecologi and vaccum cleaner didn't work tho. We'll be getting a transformer from Poh Teck (Mr Liow's encik) soon coz they'd be leaving for Singapore early June. Then, we'll be able to vaccumm-clean the carpets and floorings, rent a carpet shampoo machine to shampoo our carpets, and the house will be good as new again. We were aiming for a carpet shampoo every month, if we see a need to. You know, it looks easier to maintain carpeted floorings than tiles back in Fernvale. Coz, you can't see fur on the carpets at all. haha! And no fur on ur feet as you walk. Cool manz!

We've also found some motivation to do something with the garden area of our patio. Mr Liow has ordered online, some flower thingy and we'll be looking at digging up bushes that'd been chopped up before we moved in and putting seedlings into the...mud/sand/what? I'm hoping to have a pretty garden with a little more efforts put in. Beats looking out of the patio and see nothing but a couple of chopped up bushes, and mud, and what looks like weeds. Will take a picture before we start work and more pictures of the results. This is our 1st attempt at gardening. Hope to get some encouraging results. hehe.

Social Security No.
We went out to get our Social Security Number (CPF equivalent here) done yesterday but it was unusually peaceful when we reached. Then we realised the Social Security was closed coz it was Memorial Day. Apparently we forgot that the whole nation was celebrating Memorial Day, not just Mr Liow alone. Chey... Wasted trip.

My skincare regime
We then went to Park Place to shop around. I bought my Dior cleansing milk. Wanted to get my usual cleansing oil but they do not have that here. In fact, Dior's skin care range here is only a fraction of that back in Singapore.

Considering the strength of Singapore's currency vs USD now, it's worth investing in whichever brands of skincare products one use. The Dior cleansing milk I bought costs only USD$29 (before 8.1% tax)! Dior wor...hehe. Smells exactly like my good ole cleansing oil. I feel like I'm washing my face back in Fernvale again. What familiar scent! Makes me happy. hehe.

Was recommended a rich creme to moisturise mypoor dry and peeling face but that was USD$53. Still cheap for a Dior product (that could easily been more than S$100 in Singapore) but I couldn't bear to spend too much. Yet I went ahead to get a tinted moisturiser for USD$40 -______-". I have no need for a tinted moisturiser (wonder why I bought it yesterday..silly. hmm). I won't be using that and will do a return. Will consider getting Clinique from DM.

I bought a Clinique facial scrub for my mum at S$38. I saw the exact same one at DM selling at USD$15 without taxes (DM is tax-free)! I think I'd probably get something from Clinique from DM when we go over again. It's more than an hour's drive and doesn't make sense that we drive over again, just to get my moisturiser. hee. By the way, my face is starting peeling and it's now raw and red. I badly need moisturising *__________*

Goods return policy
The return policy here is really lax, so lax that they have a department for returns and there are constantly people returning stuff. There will always be trolleys after trolleys of returned good. Used or not, as long as it's in good condition, one can bring the goods back for full refund. Not applicable to certain items tho.

Mr Liow's on afternoon shift tomorrow so he'll be leaving home only at 2pm. Shld reach home after midnight tho. Let's see how it's like to not have him around at night for the 1st time in Tucson.
Baileys & Maen

A doggie training program on Comcast (channel 47-Animal Planet) points out that an anxious dog can't eat. That's sooooo sooooo true on Baileys -________-" He'll chew happily on pig skins/ears/treats when we are home, but not when he senses that we'll be leaving home.

We've been going out almost everyday during the long wkends (except on Sun when we committed full time into unpacking and sorting out the stuff we brought over). I've resorted to stuffing treats into a chewed up, headless toy chicken, hoping Baileys will be interested in it. He simply ignores smoked pig skin, even one coated with peanut butter out of desperation (I'm desperate to give him something that he'd like to have when we are not around).

For the past 2 days, it's been successful! We left greenies (1 each), a stuffed chicken, and a couple of smoked pig skin for them as we leave the house. A few barks here and there, and then silence.

Baileys liked the stuffed chicken, and greenies! Maen had no problems with smoke pig skin from the start although she'll bark for the sake of barking when we leave the house. She stops after less than 5mins. It's Baileys we're more worried about.

Been good the past 2 days. Thank God for the improvement! To be fair, I've also been using Comfort Zone throughout the whole period of leaving them behind. It could have been effective for all we know.
Adrielle Nicole

What has she been doing lately?

She's been holding our hands and walking. Been doing that since we reached Tucson. She's not started walking unaided yet but has progressed from walking with support from both hands to just one.

She's suddenly learnt to kiss kiss today. We were waiting for our turn at Social Security (yes, we went again today) and the cheeky girl tried to "muack" an uncle sitting beside me. Then she "muacked" the picture of a doggie on her story book, turned the page and "muacked" a frog, then a cat and every other animal in the book. Then she hugged Mr Liow and "muacked" him.

She's such a social butterfly lately, waving at strangers, smiling sweetly at the elderly in restaurants, and now, attempting to kiss strangers. It's good to see her brightening up others' day tho, so I'm not stopping her (why shld I? hee). I like it esp when I see lonesome elderly smile and play with her. Been praying that the Lord will use her to touch lives and it's probably starting to happen ;)

She's also learnt to stroke BM gently. She loves to be around them but could get a little too rough with them coz she hadn't been able to control her strength. Now she knows they like to be stroked gently and she does it real gently.

She's been lightly running her palm along Maen's back instead of digging her fingers into Maen's fat bum bum. And then she'll lightly pat pat Maen on her head. Maen used to run away when AN approaches but she felt less threatened by the baby the past few days and continued chewing on her smoked pig skin while AN stroked her.

AN will do likewise for Baileys but coz Baileys loves to lick her as well, she will put her fingers where Baileys' mouth is and wait for him to lick her.

Given a choice, BM will prefer to be left alone by the baby but baby so enjoys their presence. She does cute things like stroke them and then bending over to watch them, face to face. They'll run away and then she will giggle and clap in glee.

She'll attempt to hug them when they are in 'down' position and do the clap-giggle when they jump away from her. Maen has granted AN a couple of hugs while she chewed away on her goodie and AN looked so satisfied with having a real fluffy toy to hug. Baileys will never be able to resist giving AN kisses before AN manages to give him her hug.

We're enjoying ourselves watching the 3 kiddos explore and get to know each other. Under our watchful eyes, we hope they do not hurt each other as they grow in love together. hehe.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wierd but Nice Summer + Comfort Zone initial review

Since Thursday, weather's been cool, ranging around 63 deg F (abt 20 deg C +/-)

Mr Liow called home informing that there was a hail (hale?) storm at Texas and wind directions were throwing the storm in our direction so for the next 4 days till Sunday, our Summer will be cool.

And so it was, thankfully!

We went to DM yesterday and we finally managed to get in. We had our passes with us! It was windy and really cooling. So sooooooo nice!

Remember I said I was told it rained less than 20 times a year? It's been raining at least once or twice a week on avg since we reached. You see, God was worried about us adjusting so HE brought rain and cool weather to help us adjust. Not that Singapore's cool in any sense. HE knew we liked cool weather. Who doesn't? hehe.

As usual when we left the house, BM barked -_____-" To those who've considered Comfort Zone D.A.P, it didn't seem to work at all...It is a type of doggie pheremones, effective for easing anxiety. Apparently they were still anxious at us leaving the house. I took a little sniff after spraying and felt a little high. hehe. So much for "do nto affect human beings". Seemed to work on me instead of them.

They were well behaved when we returned tho. The past few times we went out and returned, they would bark when they heard us outside. Last night was fine. They were silently waiting for us excitedly behind the door.

To BM: Great job kiddos! At least you didn't bark when we returned.

Will continue to work on their separation anxiety and using Comfort Zone to help me out. I believe in Pheremones. Please do not fail me...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the photos speak (Gross picture of BM's sai. Please skip if you've just had food)

Ok, these are what I've uploaded sometime last week. More to come later coz the rest are still in my handphone, cum camera. Before AN wakes up, here goes:

These are of the baby's daily chores:

The mystery hand at work again, after I put her shoes back in place -____-"
She tortures me by crawling all over the house and wanting to hold my hands when she decides she wants to walk instead of crawl. And back then, when our stuff have not arrived, she had practically nothing interesting to play with, so she played with everything that is within her reach.

Our 1st dinner made by the great chef of Sonoran Terrace Apt 1074 (who else but yours truly. Mr Liow can't cook. hehe). This was the simple dinner I was talking about

AN sharing the same dinner as us, except that everything you saw on the table earlier was inside her bowl. All-in-one dinner for baby.

I think this was the second dinner I made. Thereafter no more pictures coz it's become a daily routine.

BM enjoying themselves out of the kitchen. I still barricade them in there from time to time to get them used to having the kitchen as their 'den'.

Baileys always love being around us

Maen, anywhere nearby will do.

I used to freak out at the sight of lizards but having seen monitor lizards outside by my patio everyday, Ive more or less gotten used to them. I will still freak out if they find their way into our home tho.
Dry dry that my right hand has turned a shade darker than my right

And there are, like, itchy spots all over...*sob*

My left hand which is also dry but not patchy like my right

Once upon a time when we still used to dine out, we had chinese food almost every other day. This is one of the worse -__-". Trust me when I say I can make better fried bee hoon than this. I'm no chef and am not being smug here but really, anyone can make better fried been hoon.
This hot and sour soup doesn't taste fantastic either. hmm...

17th May 2008 (Sat)
Before leaving for anywhere far, we went to Waffle House for brunch. I love eggs, and I love cheese. I've been having Egg with cheese whenever possible if we eat out. I'm going to be many sizes bigger when I return. hee.
My brunch

A day out to Phoenix. We were at...The Children's Place I think. Poor AN has to squint each time the sun gets into her eyes so we were contemplating getter her a pair of sunglasses as well. Is this nice? Cute right? But she hated it. Will probably get her one when she's slightly older. Don't know if sunglasses will have any adverse effect on her too.

If AN asks in future, tell her Uncle Neigi was the one who made her try all the sunglasses in the store. Here's the proof. hee.

And this is cute in my opinion. hehe. But the guys it's a little too masculine for her.
Masculine meh? Blue only what?
Paying for asian groceries. hehe.

Our loot from LeeLee (everyone who hears the name of the store for the 1st time would expect LeeLee to be spelled as Lily)

Mr Liow and his buddy

Neigi helping us to load groceries.

On our way home at the end of the day: AN and I
Cheeky AN trying smile at the camera but got distracted by the little blue dog that Uncle Neigi bought her.
21st May 2008
The start of our unpacking. I didn't take much pictures but although there were as many boxes here as when we left Singapore, somehow the boxes didn't clutter our home here as it did back in Fernvale Lane. I wonder if we will be able to adjust back to staying in our 5 room flat 2 yrs later..

The FF bear that Mr Liow proposed to me with. It's sitting on AN's car seat. What a relationship. hehe.

We left the empty boxes out in the back patio as we pack so that it's easier to discard of them where the trash disposal is. AN wondering if we forgot to bring those boxes in..

Baileys joins her in wondering
And he continues to wonder

Even as I packed while Mr Liow was at work last Thurs, AN was doing her part by messing it up again. *knock knock baby's head*

Some pictures to update on how AN looks like now. She still looks the same but she's been having better appetite since few days back. I think she's slightly 'fleshier' now but she's still a small baby.

This is her at 7am in the morning. It's BRIGHT by 5.30am, and 7.30am feels like 10am back in Singapore.
AN and her little blue dog

AN flips a lot when she sleeps at night. We sometimes wake up at night to find her legs up at our faces and her head where our knees are. Don't ask me how she does that. She can even sleep like this:

Not that this is of any concern to us, but we're just fascinated by this monster truck with monstrously gigantic wheels.

Last but not all, this is my furkids' sai-s. I think their output has been good.

This is Maen's

And Baileys'. Notice there's a strand of hair? He must have eaten my hair without noticing.

Once upon a time when Baileys was still a puppy, he'd lick everything he saw on the floor, including hair and pieces of his chewed up toys.

One fine day, after he was finally paper-trained, I saw him run out of the toilet panicking! And I saw some black stuff scattering all over the floor from behind him as he ran. I picked them up, not knowing what those were, till I saw poop hanging onto a strand of hair, half of which is still in his anus -_____-" He probably thought it was poop-attack by the aliens..

The cute thing was, I had to pull that strand of hair out from his anus and I thought I saw him shiver a little as the hair slipped out.

Baileys ah Baileys...