Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's so cold!

Tucson and San Francisco are relatively near on the map but their weather conditions are soooooo diferent!

It's still so cold here some people are still dorning winter outfits and wearing gloves! I was afraid of overdressing AN for the weather (I really shld hv trusted the Weather Channe morel!!!), so all she had on were a short sleeves tee and hooded cotton jacket/pants set. Good thing Mr Liow insisted on bringing her pair of boots. And good thing Weather Channel has convinced me enough to bring mostly long sleeved clothes for her, even though they are not thick ones. We can at least layer her. Me leh, 3 quart pants and 3 quart sleeved tops (i almost brought only tanktops and tubes). Hee.

San Francisco has really amazingly steep roads that one has to see to understand and believe steepness like that aren't only found in roller coaster structures!!! Boy am I glad none of Tucson's driving test routes were anywhere as steep. Some roads looks like they were inclined at more at 45 deg! They must be, I'm sure *eyes wide in pure amazement* While on the way to hotel, there had been roads which I thought were walls of a building at first glance. hee. Still can't get over these roads.

There are still loads of interesting sights to explore here. OMGoodness, everything here's so interesting! If you only hv time for 1 place to visit in USA, I'm sure you won't regret choosing SF.

So much pics on only day 1. Will upload them soon :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off to San Francisco

We'll be away from tomorrow till Wednesday (Thursday Singapore Time) so in case anyone decides to call us at home, there'll be no answer.

It's already over 100 deg F here in Tucson but not the hottest yet. Guess what? It's still nowhere near 70 deg F in San Francisco! *so envious* That's winter temperatures in Tucson lor!

So ya, I'll be back with pictures next week (that is, if AN allows me time to do so

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baileys' Entry: Then and now

It's tiring loving a human puppy

I love AN, then and now.

In the past, I had to be the one to tell her I love her (this was in Dec 07 when human puppy was 8mths old)

I still love her ;p

What's even better is, she loves lizard watching as much as I do!

You think she loves Maen more? Wrong! Maen's just too slow for her each time, unlike me (see? I can zoom by them!)

But do you know exactly why we both love her?

I standby her when she's caged up
And we love her even when she goes missing

Coz accidents do happen, to our benefit

Mummy's little babies thought hard:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homemade activities

Doodling at home

and outside


and circling

Swimming pool, yeah!

The last time we went to the pool, it was mid/end summer last year. Here we are, back again!

This little girls loves water

and the water boat ride

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reviews in camera phones

Can anyone advise on the prices (with and without contract at Starhub), camera quality and reception of :



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mummy help!

AN came running to me as I was vacuuming the carpet just now begging "Mummy help!" while tugging at the bottom of her romper. She seemed desperate to get it unbuttoned.

I wondered what she had up her sleeves (or down her romper in this case) and reminded her not to take her pampers off (you will never be able to anticipate what a toddler at 2 years old will do).

She nodded her head, told me "ok" and then started blabbering about "bear" being "hungry" and "mem mem".

Oh, I see. Her "bear" was "hungry" and that explained the urgency (plus her getting impatient after struggling for a long time without success to get her romper to flip up). As soon as I released her bottom, she jumped back onto the sofa with her bear under the blanket and they started nursing.

That was relatively adorable


Edited: I think she meant "mem mem stuck" instead of "mem mem dropped".

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baileys' Entry: Lizard watching

It's time for lizard watching again! Soon the bunnies will also be out! Yum yum...?

Maen's Entry: I love you

I love you, you love me
We are happy family
That is if you can catch me
That's why you don't see Baileys

We see why mummy dared not join papa and human puppy in the pond at 3:06

Mummy's little babies thought hard:


There? Look at how AN's hair was stuck to her imaginary parachute. That's how Baileys & Maen's fur sticks to everything as well.

Spring Art

We missed AN's art class last Thursday due to the Swine Flu hoo-ha. Classes prior to that were Spring themed.

23 April 2009

30th April 2009

AN's canopy pool (her birthday gift from Encik Ong & Family)

Papa setting up the canopy pool indoor (newly pumped)

Enjoying the newly set up pool with Pooh & Elmo first

So excited!

The baby engrossed in watching the papa set the pool up outdoor (filling up with water)

Enjoying the pool, finally! Hot day but cold water = shivering baby who still enjoyed herself nonetheless

Happy baby with the happy papa

Me decided not to join in coz it was just a day before when we saw 2 lizards freely roaming in the patio *shudders at the thought* It's summer time! Baileys & Maen's favourite season (coz lots of creepy crawlies outside the house that they can hunt in their imagination)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

AN's new hair style


Not really as titled, but a shorter fringe coz her hair's starting to get into her eyes.

I think she looks prettier with the longer fringe but too bad. A little girl has to sport hairstyles that are convenient for mummy to maintain.

The little girl taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

Checking to make sure the picture's properly taken

"Mummy, see?"

Tea time

Just nice the camera is spoilt and my handphone's's time for a new camera. hehe. Let's wait for Thanksgiving Sale! Let's get one that doesn't overexpose our pictures with flash or have the pictures turn out looking so blurry without flash. Any recommendations??

Which phone in Singapore takes good pictures now ah??

Mr Liow's home and more bags!

Mr Liow came back one day earlier than expected.

Good thing he called home and left a voice message else he would be locked out.

Both phones (cell and home) were in silent mode (coz AN was sleeping and I did not turn the ring tone back on when she woke) and coz my cell phone's soon failing, I couldn't read the message he sent me.

So yup, he reached home in Friday nite....

with 2 bags for me (1 very pretty straw bag and 1 laptop case) from his winnings at LV (during off work hours). Will upload pictures soon. hee.

More bags!
Coach sent us a 25% discount voucher by mail and it's expensive to get bags from boutiques so I didn't think much of the voucher. Mr Liow said I could get another bag if I wanted tho, so we went to check the bags out. Saw one that I liked and got it. He said can so why not, right?

His choice
My choice

Thanks dear