Monday, October 27, 2008

Maen's Entry: I do both at a time

Mummy wonders why I'd been visiting the toilet so little lately. She wonders if I'm constipated, or is having some bladder issues.

Then she saw me performing my toilet duties this morning.

I was peeing, and pooping at the same time.

Is it that amazing? She was amused and kept staring at me do my thing, till I was a little embarassed and had to stop before my solids came out totally.

It wasn't that hard. Pee comes out from the front, poop comes out from the back. Simple as that. You mean human are not capable of toilet-multitasking in such a manner?

Anyway, due to her staring hard and embarassing me to continue further, part 2 of my poop got stuck onto my butt fur and without noticing it, while wiping my butt, she actually rubbed my poop into my fur.

It then became MY fault that my butt fur grew too long tooo fast. So, I had to wait while mummy trimmed the fur at my bottom.

It all started with me doing 2 things at a time. Why did it feel like I had committed a crime?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Video time

None of the videos has much to do with each other. These are just some snippets of my daily activities ;)

Watch this and you will know why Baileys & Maen loves AN.

New leader of the pack?

An improvement since the last time AN attempted to put on her own pants. The only thing is, she forgot she has 2 legs

For those who dropped by our place in Singapore, I am glad you were not offered carbonated drinks, and esp not by AN.

Maen's Entry: New groomer

I've learnt to use the new application. Now watch my pictures in action!

The human puppy has been watching mummy comb us.

Then, monkey see, monkey do.

The victim, who else, but yours truly? Oh, my engrish has gotten better. Gor gor is always laughing that I speak puppy language. I no longer do, yeap?

Mummy has feedback that the music she put on some slides can be quite a nuisance so I left music out.

Friday, October 24, 2008



My blushers are on their way here now. Should see them in the next few days. I hope they do not arrive in assorted pieces. I heard mineralised makeup can be fragile.

The wierd thing is, I saw the blushers back up online yesterday but not so 2 days before.

And then today, the blushers were gone again.

Not surprising they are really out of stock, esp since those were limited editions (ya, blushers also got limited edition one).

I got breakouts when I tried Shu products previously (supposed to contain mineral oils too) and had been keeping a distance from mineral makeup.

This being only a blusher, I think, with my fingers crossed, they will not cause too much harm.

Ok I take pictures when they comes.



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Natural hair brush set

I can't put the picture here but it's that of an entire set of makeup brushes.

Economy's going downhill, and I'm unemployed.

Still, I find the above very interesting.

Why do I need another set of makeup brushes? Coz, my current set of brushes will not live forever, and it'd probably be expensive to get it once USD gets hits back to 1.7 or higher.


...after doing the maths, I realise the damage index is S$463 (inclusive of shipping fees)!! More if the amount is taxable!

Ok, forget it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Party Favours

AN exploring the party favour she got from Jaimie's birthday.

So much sweets?

This too?

Too chewy


Blush madness

It's out no longer available online??

The blushers were there few days ago and I took my own sweet time to decide if I should get them. They were still there yesterday when I finally placed an order and I was glad I made up my mind to get them.

Then I got an email saying that I need to verify my credit card details. Thought I should save myself the trouble of calling in, so I went online, wanting to make a new purchase since my previous purchase that did not go through will auto-cancel after 5 days.

To my horror, they were gone!!!!! GONE! POOFT-GONE!

People here are crazy or what? Blushers get sold out over a few days?? huh??

Moral of the story is again, don't think too much or for too long. Either buy or forget about them. Why do I have to keep teaching myself this same lesson?


So I called in to verify my card details and keep my fingers crossed that my orders will go through smoothly. Something tells me the blushers will still be out.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Fruitful weekend

This weekend had been a really fruitful one.

It was one of the pilot's baby girl's year old birthday bash and we were invited. Spent the whole afternoon there and coz the party was held at the playground of their estate, AN had a great time going on and off the slide. Not to mention meeting up with other kids and playing with them.

AN on the slide before the cake cutting

Oi? Handsome gor gor?

The birthday baby Jaimie

...and her big brother

The happy family

The mummy got this cupcake-looking thingy. What do you think is in there?

Pull and sweets fall out! BUT only 1 string out of the whole lot opens the cupcake.

And AN wonders why everyone's crowding below the cupcake

and wonders

and thinks hard
Oh, papa brought her to see for herself what was going on

It's sweet-grabbing time!

The kids get the sweets, the adults get the cupcake

Some people are really creative!

The Chinese jump at the slightest thing during 7th month (Ghost Festival). Here, people welcome Halloween and start preparing for it even before 31st Oct. So fun right? I've been watching on youtube, how some girls have actually planned to do their makeup on their day. Some r really cool!

The pilots planned for a visit to the Pumpkin Farm and asked if we'd like to join them. Mr Liow a bit paiseh (embarassed) to have rejected their invitations for outings on several occassions already (he was worried I might not feel comfortable with the pilots' wives) and agreed to join them. I would love to meet more wives actually but that was really considerate of Mr Liow to have thought about how I might feel before agreeing previously.

Weather was hot today (disappointing to say, it's been hot the whole week at 36deg C almost every other day by afternoon...) but it was fun, to say the least! I've taken lots of pictures to be posted up soon.

We took a horse carriage ride to the centre of the pumpkin field. The whole field was covered with pumpkins that come in all sorts of sizes! From small ones, to gigantic ones (pictures those people carved for Halloween?), and we were free to pluck whichever we want.

We decided that since we are not that familiar with pumpkins, we better start with a small one and chose one which was bright orange and pretty looking. The guys insisted we got a fake one (jokingly!) coz of how pretty it looked. While waiting for the ride back to the 'carnival' area, Mr Liow kept looking at the big ones everyone else had and asked if we should get another big one.

hehe. Frankly, I thought the large ones looked interesting too, so we ended up with a large one, and the small pretty one.

There were weighing stations at the end of the carriage ride. For the 2 pumpkins that we pulled out, we paid only $3plus! That's sooooo cheap! The tiny ones I get from supermarket for AN in Singapore already cost near S$3 (ermm..or maybe coz those were organice..but anyway..)!

I am not too sure if we can eat those pumpkins (I don't think so really. hehe.) We'll have to figure out a way to carve the large one and paint the small one.

Mr Liow, without thinking much about it, suggested we paint both. Why get a big one then if we have only intention to paint them, lao gong?

My suggestion is to paint the small one and hopefully get to try carving the large one. Only of the pilot's wife this afternoon said she bought this DIY Pumpkin Carving Kit from Walmart and is in the process of carving one themselves before this excursion.

It's going to be a long weekend off for Mr Liow coz all of them had to sacrifice their Colombus Day for the audit last week. Since we're going to hv more time, let's see what we can do the coming weekend.


Here are pictures to the Pumpkin farm:

"Stay away from the B(D)ITCHES"

Bucklew Farm

A female scarecrow

All sorts of pumpkins

The weighing station

Pumpkin field! The orange colour was more vibrant than this

This picture brought out the colour of the pumpkins in the field. hehe. They look like giant oranges.

Albino pumpkin?

Our attempts to make AN look into the camera failed. It was just too bright for her to keep her eyes open.
Have a break, sit on a pumpkin

The Liows with the pumpkins

The Chosen One

Mr Liow gently sweeping away dust and dirt before plucking it out

On the top left of the picture, you'll see half a moon. On a HOT afternoon??

Looked more like a bomb than a pumpkin

By the time we got up the carriage to return to the main area, we had a second pumpkin. AN claimed that as hers.

Sun's too fierce!

Back at the main area, AN was interested in another scarecrow

Ladies only.
The happy baby. Little Jaimie despite being only a year old, was very well behaved! She was smiling most of the time and smiled even wider for the camera everytime someone wanted to take a picture of her.

The ang mos openly show their support for their presidential candidates!

Lastly, before we leave: Mr Liow and yet another scarecrow

AN was good the whole day, even at home. This is probably the 1st time (as far as I could remember, since she started walking) when she's not made me angry for the WHOLE day. hehe. Even when we got back home, she was still as sweet.