Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family weekend

Mr Liow was supposed to have a long weekend off from Fri to Mon (today) but had a last minute meeting to attend on Friday so we had only 3 days to enjoy, which was still good!

Mr Liow's co-partner at work has reached the end of his 2 years and there was a farewell party on Fri for him.

It was a nice dinner and AN was at one of her best behaviour. She was still shy but was all ready to pose for pictures with a finger to her cheeks.

During the farewell speech given by Mr Liow's friend, he spoke of his time spent with Mr Liow.

One part of it amused me to no end:
Mr Liow is a joker like most of you know him to be. Once, he jokingly commented to a surbordinate when that guy forgot to do something, I think: "It's ok. You don't work anyway." That guy was in no way offended and everyone started making fun of each other.

That friend of Mr Liow's, being a more serious person by nature, started to try his luck at joking, like Mr Liow. He said the same thing to another guy jokingly, only to have that guy feel offended. He had to emphasis that he was joking to appease the increasing tension.

It was funny how he said it that Mr Liow has this gift of being able to gel (jell?) with people easily and how the same words used by different people brings different results.

We spent the whole day grocery shopping for a steamboat dinner in the evening. We invited the colleague who was leaving, and the guy who'll be taking over him, for dinner. The new guy brought his wife who loves dogs. Baileys and Maen even got a 'first impression' gift!

It was nice chatting over dinner. I've always enjoyed chatting over dinner or drinks, something we had not done much for the past 1.5 years.

AN was well behaved too despite her having not slept for the whole day! She was more friendly, maybe coz we were at home where she felt comfortable enough to open up a little.

We had planned to drive up to Mount Lemmon with the furkids but were a little too tired from the night before to proceed with the plan. We'd probably do it one of these weekends before Mr Liow goes away for 3 weeks.

We have no proper cameras now anyway (our Olympus p&s died early this year and the second best that's not too fantastic, my K850, has also given up. Have gotten a new one online so it was a better idea to go up the mountains when we have a camera to capture the wonders of our Lord's creation.

What did we do then? We went shopping and AN benfitted most. There was 15% off tents, so we got AN one. Let's hope that will going to stop her from hiding under the walker, tables or chairs. We've not opened it though. The tent will end up Maen's if we place it downstairs, or if we place it upstairs, we will going to have a hard time making AN go to bed. If we can't find a place to open it in soon, we'll probably only unpack it when we go back to Sgp.

How time flies! We have only 6 months left. I can't believe we're going back soon! There is so much I'll miss here but still it's good to be back to where everything is so familiar.

Rest & relax. We went for a short walk at Walmart and that was all. AN was tired and fell asleep early.

For once, Mr Liow and I could spend some time together watching TV uninterrupted and chatting about our childhood. I enjoyed that.

I am currently reading the 5 Love Languages of a Child and the original version for marriage. My main language is quality time. I don't need diamonds or gifts or holidays. Those 2 hours of chatting filled up my love tank :) Plus AN had been a rather obedient baby these few days, I should have enough patience and love to overflow in her direction this week.

No photos yet. Will update after they get uploaded. I'm sharing the laptop with Mr Liow now, so I most likely won't get to go online much now.

It's been a good week. Thank you Lord.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yet another cute impersonation

AN was pretending she was a Gymboree instructor giving the all the kids a Gymbo stamp at the end of each session. I was her only student available.

After the stamp, I said: "Thank you Adrielle!"

AN looked at me and told me seriously: "I am Miss Erin" (Her favorite instructor)


She then went on to instruct me to "sit by the wall, wait for the stamp."

Told her I had stamps already but she insisted: "Go! Sit by the wall!"

So fierce.... So I did.

She went: "There you go", "Bloop" (just noise that meant nothing", "Where else do you want?" and gave me more stamps. She was sensible enough not to stamp me where I asked to be stamped that were not on the usual hands, feet & tummy.

When done, I thanked Adrielle but got reminded once again that she was "Miss Erin", so I said thanks to miss Erin.

She stopped talking all of a sudden and when she started again, she gave a sheepish smile and told me: "Miss Erin poot".


Interesting Father-Son video

This pair of father and son is so cute. hehe.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New swimming outfit

AN and papa went for a swim again last Monday. Mr Liow was on leave (he needed a break after that audit week, we needed him to take a break too, me esp.).

AN has finally outgrown her 12-18months swim suit and has on her the new swim suit for 18-24 months. She's 29 months now, and the 18-24 months sized swim suit is a little loose on her -____-".

Since she's older now, Mr Liow got her an independant float which AN used the last time they went swimming and then he came back telling me he saw another toddler about AN's age using a foam-float that's buckled onto her body, like a life jacket. So we went hunting for that life-jacket float.

Here's AN in her new swimming attire

AN patiently waiting for and helping papa figure out how to 'operate' the life-jacket float

While waiting, she wanders around a little

Back to check on how papa's doing
Oh yeah! Squat down for papa

And they went swimming happily ever after.

AN the posing baby

She is finally fitting into this 2T Gymboree top (for 2 years old) and it's still a little loose but I thought the top looked quite cute on her and couldn't help snapping pictures again.

While waiting for Mr Liow, I asked her to pose and she did. hehe. All 3 poses 'choreographed' by herself.

And while I was away to get lunch, Mr Liow took more pictures of AN

She does this frowning expression so well that I mistake her cheeky moments as real grumpy ones sometimes, till she starts smiling or talking rubbish. hehe.


It's dead and had been dead for a week now but the colours on its wings still looked this vibrant.

By the way, this picture was taken by the independent human puppy who insisted: "Mummy let me do it!" when I got the camera phone ready. Did not expect the photo to turn out quite clear as this. hehe.

My K850 is now officially unable to take more pictures :( It restarts my phone each time I took a picture with it. Am going to use my old W800i. Oh my goodness, I need all sorts of new gadgets when we get back!

Mem Mem

AN made these from play-doh and told me: "Mummy, look? Mem mem!". She made only one but decided that 'mem mem' come in pairs and made another, telling me: "Mummy, I make 2 mem mem."

If you have no idea what mem mem is, it's ok. hehe. For those who know, you'll understand it's embarrassing for me to explain it here ;p

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lapbook #2: Ocean Animals

Our 2nd lapbook.

I can't help but worry coz AN has no interest in the contents of books or even educational DVDs. She enjoys the process of MAKING the lapbook much much much more than actually going through what's in it with me.

And she goes "Mummy, I don't want to watch ABC" when I switched the ABC program on for her to watch and get used to.

I'm trying my best to enjoy what she enjoys now (I really have to stop worrying about the "What if she cant' catch up with the other kids in school" at this stage.)

Shall let her enjoy doing things at her leisure now before the stress comes from school in future.

Mario Cart

Guess who won the game?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday-ful Sunday: Emma's birthday

It was Emma's 2nd birthday party in the park first, in the morning.

AN was shy as always, and reserved whenever we were with the rest of the party. I'm convinced she's like me. I was shy too at the party and didn't know how to open up. Goodness..I hope I don't come across as proud, uninterested or whatsoever. I really wanted to sit there and chit chat with the other ladies but didn't know what to say ;( and AN needed company most of the time so .. hmmm ...

Anyways, here comes the pictures. It was a fun fun fun morning, and the birthday girl was such a sweet little angel. She's got eyes that draw the soul out of you. hehe. Pretty Emma.

That was a superbly planned birthday party by her parents, something so personal and thoughtful, not only for their little girl but for guests like us and our little ones.

There was a jumping castle on the grass, sand toys (spade, buckets etc) at the playground, the playground itself (swing and slides) and even play-doh at the picnic table. There has to be something the little ones like from the selection!

AN was stuck in the castle for the longest time ever!

The birthday girl picked up a dried up leaf and walked around with it. The mummy joked: "Of all things she had to pick up a leaf."

The birthday girl is so adorable I couldn't help zooming in on her the whole morning!

Of AN enjoying herself

2 of the little girls there. There were only 3 little girls (the other was a little korean baby girl June)

All the happy baby humans!
The birthday girl getting ready for her birthday song

AN waiting to sing Emma the birthday song.

Mr Liow and his little girl. Look at my spare tire! This is not the only picture of me looking like this. OMGoodness! The retribution of eating brownies everyday for 2 months (many at a go!) is evident on my waist (or a lack of it now)

Elmo, please control what I put in my system through this mouth of mine...
I thought AN would think that was her party (she enjoys singing b'day song to herself everyday and does so without fail) but I was surprised she sang "....Happy Birthday to Emma, Happy birthday to you!", went "yeah!" and clapped excitedly, and gave a light puff at the candles on the cake from where she was seated like we always play-acted at home.

3 kids on the wagon! AN thought she was enjoying a laid back ride while Kevin (the little boy behind) held on for his dear life!

Better after a little reshuffling
AN totally enjoyed herself with the jumping castle. Me too! AN made me go into the jumping castle and not wanting to disappoint her, I went in to jump with her. For you info, I only dared step in after noticing a few other guests and Emma's dad joining in the fun inside the castle. Won't I worry I'd burst the castle otherwise? hehe.

A general 'scan-through' of the party venue. Really, pictures and videos couldn't bring out the spirit of cheer that day. I must have had too little of such fun as a child (maybe not..we lived so near to East Coast and were there playing with sand and water every other weekend last time..but still..) and couldn't stop feeling excited as one during the party.

Lastly, before we leave, we had a picture with the main lead! She said: "Thank you for coming to my party today". Soooooo cute lor!!!!!! Aiyo!!!

Birthday-ful Sunday: Max's birthday

Right after Emma's birthday, we went off to attend Max's 6th birthday party at Monkey Business.

There were lots of pizzas and wings for lunch but I was a little too tired by then (I wanted so much to try every one of those pizzas..how not to put on weight, even by thinking!). AN was really tired too but couldn't go to sleep, so I had to follow her around.

There were arcade games inside Monkey Business and being a boy of 6 years old, Max was nowhere to be found most of the times. Didn't manage to take any pictures of him.

Here are some pictures of the 2nd birthday party of the day

Lastly, our family photo