Wednesday, November 25, 2009

San Diego, Here We Come!

We'll be setting off for San Diego from tomorrow and should be back on Saturday.

I saw a coupon in our mailbox which was good for a 4 days, 3 nights free stay in Harrah's at San Diego. That also comes with a $200 dining credit!

Mr Liow got tickets for Legoland and since he would not have to go to work from tomorrow thru the weekend, it was just right we take the last few trips before we return to Sgp. hehe.

It was a last minute decision and thank God there was still a room for us when he called in this morning.

Hope AN gets to enjoy herself this time round :)

Blabbering baby

A young kiddo who's in the midst of learning colours, alphabets and numbers is a potential hazard.

We were outside shopping yesterday and AN was wandering by herself. She saw a negro (pardon me if this word offending. I've checked on Wikipedia to make sure this is no longer a racist slur) and then went: "Mummy look! Black black uncle!"

I pretended not to hear her and she said it again in a louder voice to make sure I heard her: "Mummy!! Look! Black black uncle!"

I was glad she was snacking, else she would have pointed.

She came to me and I told her it was wrong to say the uncle was black but when she asked me why, I couldn't give a reason. She asked me: "Uncle, blue colour huh?"

I told her the uncle was a different race but I did not expect her to understand. Obviously she did not mean to be racist but I was afraid she was offending the gentleman.

Lately, whenever she sees anything in black (especially when she watches her DVD on shapes and spots black shapes), she would go: "Black circle [or whatever shape it is on the screen]. So scary". Was I glad she did not say the 'black uncle' was 'scary'.

What should I teach her about the race? Is Afro American correct? Or Negro? I NEED SOME HELP!

Once upon a time when Hannah (The Yoong's firstborn) was about AN's age, she also pointed at an Indian when I was carrying her and she went: "Auntie Judy, look at the 'ah bu neh neh'"


I pushed her hands down and ran away with her (both of us were looking for the TP gang then coz I took her for a stroll and the gang actually left before we came back!).

Now my own daughter.

I'm going to get boxed in the face one fine day if anyone decides to not be pleased with being called names by kids who are in the process of learning.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Estee Lauder Holiday Set

Oh my goodness!

A case, 3 brushes (and they are soft when I tried them. I thought the blusher brush looked a little rough but it is not!), a 25 colour eye palette, a 3 colour blush palette, 4 lipsticks, 3 eye pencils, a lash treatment and a mascara.

All these for S$120!

Who wants these? Let me know soon coz this is a holiday set. Once sold out, that is it. If I go shopping there again soon, and if these sets are not sold out yet, I'll get them for you. hehe. I missed last year's set coz I thought for too long (it's not THAT cheap but it is a whole lot of Estee cosmetics for that price). Glad they are back again this year. *phew*

I will only be back in April though, for whoever is interested. heheh.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 24: Mission Completed

Bye bye countdown!

Mr Liow is home. He reached about 1pm today and we went out for lunch immediately after (he was hungry). After that was a birthday party of his colleague's year old boy. As usual, AN was silent (plus it was her nap time, thus she was rather 'zombified')

AN was super excited when she saw Mr Liow for the first time after 3 weeks. She had soooooo much to tell him! She talked and talked so much, ran around excitedly to fetch him anything and everything and kept giggling. I asked her in the morning if she missed Mr Liow and she said she did not. Obviously, that was not true. hehe.

We came home to just relax after the party and have just finished a Jack Neo show ("Xia Ni Xia Dao Siao" or literally translated as "Scare You Until You Go Crazy". This sounds wierd but I don't know the English title of that show. hehe.)

She's asleep now, early at about 8pm like she did since Mr Liow left for his Forging Sabre. This is good, coz then we can watch the show (which is horror + comedy) without worrying that she will get frightened. She did watch the first part of the show and said the old lady was scary. hehe. I told her it was because the old lady had black eyeshadows, to distract her. Told her it was "smokey eyes" and she went "Oh, ok." Then she started yawning. hehe.

Mr Liow will have his off day tomorrow, back to work on Tues and then off again from Wednesday to Sunday. We'll be going to San Diego for Legoland and shopping for Thanksgiving! Yipee!

To my Baileys and Maen:
Sorry this is our second Thanksgiving here and for the second time, you both have to spend it with Auntie Jo and Uncle Jim. We still love you both ok?

And now, to finish off what I stopped writing about early this morning (at about 2plus am):
As the the weather turns cooler, our usual body temperature (and output) will appear warmer. Right?

Whenever AN pees nowadays, especially during cooler days or during the cool nights, she will tell me: "Mummy! My pee pee too hot!" I tell her it's because her bottom's feeling cold, so her pee feels hot. hehe.

And last evening before bedtime, she passed gas (yes, again. Gassy baby.) and told me: "Mummy I poot! Mummy, my poot so hot!" and then she went on to pat her own bottom as if to put out fire.

Erm...funny. hehe.

That's about all for now. Let me go spend some time with Mr Liow. I think he's watching Michael Jackson. Not a favourite of mine...but he's my lao gong.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 23.5: Noisy Dogs

Not BM but one whose barks rings thru the neighbourhood early in the morning since before 2.25 am till I woke up and itis still barking. Oh. My. Goodness..... I want to sleep...but I can't now. I must be getting old. Mum always tells me she couldn't go to sleep and started sleeping less as she ages.

I just heard people running outside our house. I hope no one is in trouble. I hope the owner of that dog (if its not homeless) is not in trouble. There lives lots of old people in my neighbourhood. I pray the dog is not barking to get help and if it is, their neighbours will have the wisdom to call for help.

Now that I'm sleepless, I shall blog about something I wanted to ytd but had no time for. Coz I was spring cleaning a little so that Mr Liow will come back to a cleaner house. The house does not stay clean for long. BM's assurance.

I better try to sleep now and continue tomorrow. I hear something wierd outside the house and am imagining a break-in. I left the second lock of our main door unlocked just in case Mr Liow arrives home before we get up. I hope I'm just imagining things.

Ok continue tomorrow.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

To my hurting buddy

I got a bad news over FB chat from a close friend but she was alry offline when I replied. Not knowing in details, I asked the little birdie who showed me where I can find out more. And I did.

If u happen to be reading this, please let me know what's happening ok? Call me, email me, whatever. Most importantly, I'm with u in Spirit and will be back by April. I pray you will be a happy yourself again by then. I missed hearing from you too!

Day 22: To Isabelle's Place Again

Countdown: 2 days

It's Friday today and we were supposed to go for AN's music class (which she enjoyed most) but we missed it (as with most Fridays) coz AN insisted on brushing her own teeth, getting her own amount of hand soap to wash her hands, and change. By then, it was 9.30am and we would not have been able to make it to class on time. -______-"

Was glad we missed class though. Jaslin needed the borrow the car coz she was not feeling well and her car could not start. She's going back on 9th December. That's so's a pity I didn't get to know her better sooner. Am going to miss her. She said we can catch up back in Singapore. We can, and then the thought of catching up with Tucson friends came to mind. Catching up with Tucson friends will be much harder than catching up with friends who have returned to Singapore. 5 more months....time flies.

We went to Isabelle's place again this afternoon, supposedly to return her pot but I forgot to bring it out with us. Hehe.

Kimberly was in school when we went today, so AN had only Issac to play with.

The moment we reached, Issac stood at the door waiting for us to enter but dared not approach AN. Isabelle said she warned Issac not to disturb AN coz AN was afraid of him.

AN, in fearful anticipation of Issac's approach, asked to be carried. Issac saw AN's reaction and hurriedly tugged at my t-shirt saying, "It's not me! It's not me!". hahaha! He was so cute! He didn't want to be punished for disturbing AN when he did not even do anything and wanted someone to know that. hahaha!

Isabelle made Bah Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodles) for lunch. I'm so envious of the ladies here. They can make all sorts of local goodies! I tried making dried noodles and they tasted like....home-made. Quite yucky, to be true. hehe.

AN took a long time to eat, not much but I was happy enough. Issac was not hungry and left the dining table after a short while. While AN ate, Issac went to get his toys and brought them to the dining table to show AN. He played aloud, flipped around and even fell upside down. That made AN giggle. So cute, both of them. hehe.

Kin, Isabelle's friend who was also at her home, said Issac was trying to get AN's attention.

After AN was done with eating, Issac ran into Isabelle's room and asked AN to "come with me".

AN dragged me along with her and saw Issac happily lying on Isabelle's bed. She then started laughing and climbed onto Issac todder bed and laid down. She smiled at me and said she liked the bed. I asked if she wanted to stay in the room with Issac and she said yes, so I left her in there.

I went out and had a chat with the ladies. We could hear the 2 young kiddos laughing happily in the room. Isabelle must have felt something was wrong and decided to check on the 2 of them.

We went to the room and saw......the 2 kiddos jumping happily on the adults' bed!!!

Ooops...very bad manners! I felt so paiseh!

Issac got told off by Isabelle but I couldn't bear to tell AN off coz she was so happy (but got frightened when she saw Isabelle didn't look happy). AN hugged me tight and kept kissing me but dared not say anything. I told her it was wrong to jump on others' bed (but I doubt it went in to her there and then when I said it). Isabelle wasn't upset with AN though and gave AN a hug to say everything's ok.

This invincible baby at home, is a terrified little deer outside wor..hehe.

She dared not leave my side for a while but Isabelle generously offered another room (poor Shaun) for the kiddos to play in. Issac warmly encouraged AN to jump with him (on Shaun's bed, or rather, the bottom of it. It's a foldable bed) and after a short while, AN went to join him but she asked that I go with her. I told her I would stand at the entrance of the room to watch her and she agreed.

After jumping, she went to doodle with Issac on his white board, played cars and matching cards etc.

Finally after so long, AN opened up more to Issac. She would still avoid him after a while (I don't understand why) and then return to play with him after the 'break'.

By the time Kimberly came home, AN was about sleepy enough to be a little touchy. Issac was, too. Isabelle said it was time for his nap too, so we left.

A pity AN didn't get to play with jie jie Kimberly today. She gave Kim a hug and kiss before we left. I like Kim. Isabelle said Kim's forever talking and gets on her nerves. I thought Kim is rather quiet and gentle. hehe. Maybe not to Issac but to the other younger children, besides AN.

It's Saturday tomorrow and Mr Liow will be back home by Sunday.

We are still alive after 3 weeks. Thank God!

P.S.: I put AN in the front passenger's seat after we got home while I made sure I have everything I needed to bring into the house with me. AN pulled down the sunshade in front, flipped the mirror cover open and looked into it. Then she smiled, patted her own cheeks while saying: "hmm...nice. So pretty." vain!

This morning was the same. She wanted blusher after I washed her face -_______-". She wants blusher most of the mornings nowadays after her face wash. To make her happy, I pretended to swirl my brush in the pan and then 'applied' blusher on her cheeks. She inspected herself and questioned me: "Mummy. No blusher?"

Mummies cannot lie right? So I applied enough for her to see pink on her cheeks. She was happy and kept admiring herself in the mirror. While doing so, she commented: "Wow! Adrielle is so pretty!"

So vain!

I washed her face again after she was done admiring herself coz I do not see the blusher benefitting her in any ways. She agreed coz I told her she will have rashes if we leave the blusher there for too long. See? Vain right? She didn't want rashes.

Every morning while I wash up now, she will help herself to my eyeshadows and brushes. Wonder if it's good or bad. By the time I finish washing up each day, she will have swatched my eyeshadow colours on her arms and tell me what colours they are, from left to right. At least she learns colours from that.

Bye bye, eyeshadow.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 21: On his way back and AN's Art

Countdown: 3days (finally red and really counting down!)

Time does pass fast. Mr Liow has left his exercise venue and is on his way back now. The last he called a few hours ago, he was at Texas. Can you believe it's going to take him 3 days to reach Tucson? He had to follow their aircraft, he said. I was wondering why he (and those with him in that group) did not fly back.

Some of AN's Art pieces from Gymboree Art classes since the last picture update

This was done during the week of Halloween (days before Mr Liow left)

The theme of the following week was "Pets".

AN made a cat, a fish and a turtle

We made these just this Tuesday that's passed, for Thanksgiving.

This is AN's own candle stand. We're supposed to cut the cup away when the glue's dried up but I've not done so. Will take another picture of the finished product.

AN proudly showing off her candle stand (too bad papa might not be able to read this blog post by now)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 20: Video Uploads

AN cutting a circle with her scissors

AN helping me clean up the pot I mixed ingredients for brownies in.

Day 20: Uploaded Pictures

Mr Liow had been asking for pictures which I had no way of uploading, till I remembered Mr Liow might have installed a card reader on the desktop connected to the TV.

True enough! And here comes pictures for the past 3 weeks:

The kitchen after I woke up the day Mr Liow left. Mr Liow was so sweet as to pack the kitchen for me so that I could wake up to a neater kitchen. I feel happier when the kitchen looks neater (or anywhere else for that matter but with AN now, neatness is a luxury, like personal time. hehe)

The first week of Mr Liow's absence was also the week of receiving many of the things I ordered online.

The first of the lot was more Greenies for BM

Not for AN but she gladly received them anyway

My 2nd lot of MAC order arrived together with the Benefit ones.

This was the 3rd. 4th delivery of the week was my supposed 1st MAC order but it got delayed coz I gave them the number of a VISA gift card which has almost depleted in value.

AN playing with water

And attempting to smile her way out of trouble when caught

After some strawberries

AN helping me make brownies (yes she helps to pour things in and stir, and then finger-lick the pot clean)

AN cutting a circle (she's quite good when cutting along lines, mostly straight and circles as of now)

AN's attempt at writing the letter 'A'. I drew them in yellow so that she could trace. If you noticed, those at the bottom looked worse. That was coz she started writing from the bottom and improved a little as she went by. She still can not write without guide (her 'A' looks like 'H' when there's nothing for her to trace to)

Next up will be a few videos. I've got no converter in this desktop and has just downloaded one to convert my movie formats into mp4. Hope it works. It takes half an hour to convert just ONE movie...this is s.l.o.w.....

Day 20: Negative again.

Countdown: 4days

It's only 11.23am as I'm writing this. I made cheesy tofu and let AN try some. It is TOFU!!!!! But that one mouthful had been in there for 15mins.

I hope this is not an indication of another bad day. What's new?

New, is her chewing and swallowing food without the need to be reminded.

Updated: 12.16pm
She ate, thank God! Not a lot but at least she ate. I'm trying to squeeze in a pre-nap snack since her lunch almost always starts at 3pm. It's nap time now. *phew* one 'meal' down. Pray the next few will be good. I dun ask for much, just for her to be interested and that she will learn to tell me when she's full intead of showing no interest from a start.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 19: Cute Baby

It's Art lessons today and most of her friends from the previous class have progressed to this current one that she's attending. Still, she behaves so aloof towards them. Really have no idea why. The kids she relate to (those she speaks to and allows to touch her) has increased.... to 3. There's Kimberly, Danielle (Ronald's youngest girl) and Xavier whom she warmed up to fastest.

AN despite being unfriendly in class, was well behaved and had lots to tell me about on our way to class and back today.

Once home, she said: "Mummy I need to sleep now." Her words of this week are "need", "like it", "buy", "pay money" and "now". She uses them a lot since the last week.

She asks for things and wants them "now". If I made her wait, she will go: "Mummy, now please", and tries to help me so that I can give her things "now". If she can't help, she will take things from my hands, place them somewhere (if she can) and lead me to what she wants.

And she will empasis she "needs" them if I am to ask her why the urgency.

We went to walmart after her late lunch ( thank God she ate and took only an hour today). She went around shopping, as if she was in charge -_____-". She took things and put them in the cart as walked. I asked why she put them into the cart and her reply was: "Because I need them!"

As we shopped, she would make coments like: "This is nice. I like it. Let's buy this!"

We ended up with an umbrella for her, yogurt (she stopped liking them for some time already but said she liked them. Hmmm?) and dinner rolls. I'm prepared to bear the cost of finishing them on my own but she did promise she will eat them. I told her that she wanted to buy them, she has to eat them and asked: "who will finish them if you don't?" I was nagging but she confidently replied: "Mummy will finish everything."

Mutual understanding huh?

Dinner was 'structureless' with baked chicken wings and a hard boiled egg for each of us. She finished a chicken mid-joint and a whole hard boiled egg. After that, she asked for yogurt and started eating it happily. She stopped after completing about half a pack and went to play with her umbrella. I did ask if she didn't want it anymore and she said "yes".

So, I finished the rest of her yogurt. She saw me scratching the bottom of the pack and quickly stopped me, saying she still wanted the yogurt. I reminded her that she said "yes" when I asked if she didn't want it anymore and she rebutted me saying: "I say yes. I still want my yogurt."


Had to open up another pack which she could only finish half. Like she expected of me, I finished the rest of everything.

She might not have eaten a lot today but she had a bit of everything. And she was good.

I enjoyed this day.

Oh yes before I forget, she made herself some money today, out of the unwanted magazines. She cut out a few pieces papers with almost similar widths and told me: "Mummy I have money now! Look!" She seems happy she can now pay for more imaginary Bubble Tea.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 18: No. No good

Countdown: 6 days

Nothing new.

Milk for breakfast till 11pm.

Slept through a normal lunch hour and she had her lunch from 3.30pm. It's 5.15pm now. She's finally finished her food. She had mushy WHITE RICE PORRIDGE with green peas and scrambled eggs.

I don't supposed she will be having dinner.

Other kids are already having dinner now, or at least soon.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 17: Another Zoo Day

Countdown: 7 days

We left ST at about 9.40am this morning for the zoo. Michelle took my car and I must have scared her with my driving skill (should I say, a lack of it). She was kind and assured me that she dared not ferry anyone because of these same reasons. "However lousy we are, only we know." Agree. Hehe. The most I get from my permanent passenger, AN the invincible, is a: "Mummy! Drive carefully!"

When I had to park into a lot at the last notice (was following Juliet's car and she wanted to reverse park), I went in and out of the lot a few times (like some of u probably have seen on YouTube about lady drivers). She giggled and commented: "Mummy to in and out, in and out, so many times."

AN is my critic.

Anyway, the topic's about our zoo outing today.

We got to feed the giraffes today. Everything else was the same. AN never fails to enjoy her zoo visits.

The usually shy AN willingly took Xavier (who's 4 this year) by the hand (she would let him hold her, or even tried to walk near enough for him to hold her hands when I encouraged her to follow him).

Like what happened after the previous visits, she was not happy about leaving the zoo. Thank God for M&Ms. She took a few and fell asleep.

We had a late lunch at Sheryl's home. AN had almost a whole KFC drumstick and some mac 'n' cheese. The ladies saw how happy I was with AN as she ate. Again this time I believe she's eating coz she sees Xavier eat. Like the last time she snacked together with Emma when she did not even want to try grapes before that. I think the best solution will be for her to go to school to learn to eat as she watches other kids eat.

2 'miracles' in a day.

Finally something to be happy about.

Updated @ 5.37pm
AN pretended that she was buying bubble tea from me and ordered a Strawberry Snow. I made her the invisible cup of Strawberry Snow and asked for $3. She gave me a magazine cut-out and went: "Ok, here you go."

She took one sip and said: "So fast! Adrielle finished drinking!" and asked for another cup.

I 'made' another one and charged her another $3, to which she replied: "Huh! Pay again? I no more money!"

I like to tease AN by calling her a chou chou (stinky) baby. She retaliates by replying: "Chou chou baby and Chou chou mummy." And to emphasis what she means, points at me and go: "There! chou chou mummy."

Now whenever my handphone rings and I'm not around to pick up the call, AN will bring it to me as fast as she can and urgently inform me: "Mummy! Quick! Your handphone singing a song!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day Whatever: Neverending never ceasing never never never

Bad bad bad.

Milk for breakfast.

Nothing for lunch.

GROUNDED BROWN RICE COOKED FOR 2Hours (good for any year old babies to eat!!!!!) with her favourite brocolli and carrots in chicken stock. That's dinner. GROUNDED BROWN RICE, for goodness sake! I'm short of making rice smoothie for her to just swallow without even needing to chew. But it won't even help for this kid who takes an hour to even swallow milk. What is wrong with her??????

Again, again, and again I asked her to chew and swallow.

She had that mouthful in there for an hour already. And that was her 1st quarter.

Everyones sick of reading about ANs eating habits. I'm sick of feeding her. I'm sick of putting in efforts to cook. I'm sick of using words like "chew and swallow" more than the number of grains of rice in her bowl, I'm sick of crying at every meal.

Days are only happy when we are out whole day and she happily starves.

Is this life? IS THIS LIFE???????????!!!!!!!!!

Updated @ 10.15pm:
As frustrated as I was with more waiting than feeding her, I tried not to raise my voice. It's not easy: the energy builds up, and then breaks down into tears and a migraine.

AN is 'happly' when I do not shout at her. She walks abt singing and humming, takes out toys to play with them, come over to hug and kiss me (she only does tt without being requested to when I'm upset). As she hugs me, she'll ask: "Mummy not angry anymore?" and smile at me whatever my answer is.

After 2 hours (she stopped eating after 1 hour and spent the next hr chewing her food), Mr Liow called. We talked, I blew up and then gave up feeding her.

As I had my dinner, she danced around me and wanted to have what I ate. It was spicy, so I made the same thing for her, minus the chilli.

She ate a little and asked to have brocolli (which I also made, thank God!). She had some brocolli, then asked for cheese. After taking a few bites, while watching me prepare sandwich for zoo, asked to have ham. I gave her ham and she stopped after a few bites too. Then she saw me pack M&Ms, Gold Fish, Gold Fish-Chocolate and baby biscuit. For the next hour, she asked for them one after another.

It was almost 10pm by then so I did not give her more food. Moreover I was already feeling nausea after finishing her portion of noodles, brocolli, cheese and ham immediately after my own dinner. She asks for things but almost never finishes them. I'd rather she ask for food though, however rare that may be.

I'm so tired. Really tired. Am thankful we do not stay in a high rise building now. I don't know where I will be.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 15: Playing with Kim and Issac

Countdown: 9 days

It's only 9 days and Mr Liow will be back. In fact if I didn't hear him wrongly, he should start to leave in 7 days time (the journey back will take about 2 days like then when he went).

Brought AN to Isabelle's place this afternoon. She made salad and Assam Seafood for lunch. It was yummy! We've run out of Assam premixed packs, so with her recipe, I hope to be able to make some for Mr Liow. He started enjoying Assam since we came (I don't think he even tried Assam when we were in Singapore, the irony of it. hehe)

AN had a good time playing with Kimberly. She is still frightened of Issac (who is about 6 months older than AN). He is super friendly and AN gets frightened off by friendliness. haha! She would shun his attempt to give her hugs, pull her hands away when he took her by the hands and even stretched her legs out to prevent him from coming near.

Kimberly on the other hand was patient and waited for AN to warm up (but then she is 8 years old as cmp to Issac who's only 3). When AN finally did, she allowed Kim to carry her and bring her around the house. AN even talked to her and that is something VERY rare! AN does not talk to anyone except Mr Liow and I (besides BM and our parents when they came).

Isabelle said Issac wasn't that 'passionate' about other kids and only showed that much interest in AN. Kimberly agreed and said that on his birthday last month, the kiddos joked that Issac likes AN as his girlfriend. hehe. Isabelle kept laughing at his failed attempts to get near to AN.

Mr Liow, we do have quite a number of applicants already wor.

Kimberly is 8 years old and is expectedly (by norm) sensible enough to be gentle with little children but AN has played with jie jies about that age or even older and did not enjoy. If AN can grow up to be like Kim with a shepherding spirit, that will be nice.

Kim ended up telling Isabelle that she wanted a younger sister which made Isabelle cringe. haha! The last time we asked her hubby, he said he wouldn't mind a 5th child! Isabelle on the other hand said that if the Lord gives, she will receive but she thinks 4 is enough.

Makes me wonder, when AN grows up, maybe I won't mind having more with AN as a helper (if she is a good enough helper to make me want more kids).

Mr Liow and I used to want 5 children but after having just AN, we (mainly I) lost the courage.

I enjoyed my pregnancy with AN, the delivery was smooth, the first year was nice too. Pregnancy was an enjoyment then.

Maybe now as AN passes through the second year of terrible-ness (and my most dreaded food-fussiness), I start to fear that's the start of worse behaviours.

Maybe if AN is a sensible girl, we may end up having 5 children (human) afterall.

Juliet suggested I bring BM for a walk in the park tomorrow and she will be there to help me walk them. But then there might be rain in the early evening, so the plan is pending confirmation.

Poor BM, I think they also need that long walk in the park. Last year during summer and fall, they got quite a few long park walks coz of the cool weather and late sunset. This year was a little different with the sun setting earlier than last year at the same time.

If we ever come back to Tucson for work again, and if BM are still alive, we might choose another estate which allows 2 dogs so that we can walk them both in broad daylight without having to fear being spotted.

I just carried them both into the kitchen. Both of them are knocked out, for some reasons.

It's been a long time since I carried them to bed. Back in Singapore when they were younger, they would lie and look at me with eyes wide open while I carry them to bed. Yes both!

Then as they grow older, they would follow us to the room whenever they saw us switching lights off.

I do miss having them in the same room. At least I miss their paw-steps more than them barking and scratching at the baby gate every morning now, to be let out.

Hope AN gets used to sleeping alone in her own room so that BM get to sleep back in our room again when we go back. Talk about sleeping alone, AN got interested in Issac's toddler bed this afternoon and went in in to lie on it! Her own toddler bed is still in pieces since we came (we did not assemble it coz she seems to not be able to sleep without me at her side). This looks promising, I hope this is a good sign. darlings...

What a long and out of topic post. hehe, as always.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 14: bad again

Countdown: 10 days

It's back again. Her fussyness and crankiness.

She didn't want her lunch yesterday (potato salad) and spat out the first mouthful. Had nothing else till dinner. We had visitors and I prepared some fruits. She tried grapes (which she usually didn't like) by take a couple of bites and pushing the rest to me. Dinner was of satisfactory amount.

Now (10.05am) she's trying to eat banana and bread. She wanted the baby banana since yesterday but it wasn't ripe. It is now, and she didn't want to finish the first one. I finished it and she insisted she wanted to eat, so I sliced the second one for her. She had a slice out of 6 for 15mins and started to show no interest (but she dared not tell me that).

She wanted sanwich so I gave it to her. She only took a bite of the bread and then the whole half a snwich is now left untouched.

She woke up crying this morning.

It's coming back again.

Her few days of good was to store up energy for the next few days of bad maybe.

Really, one can go crazy with a screaming and crying and non cooperative baby for many many days at a time. I wonder when I'll los my sanity for real.

Updated 6pm:
Jaslin dropped by with CuteB just now and we were having a good chat.

The furkids then made a mess in the toilet so I tot I'd clear the area a little. It was a bad bad move!! The moment I opened the door, CuteB dashed out, followed by Baileys and then Maen!!

I almost died that moment coz all 3 dogs were outside and crazy excited!

Thank God there were 2 ladies across the road and both B and M were happy to play with them. I only had to go after CuteB but the more I ran after him, the further he ran away! And he was running towards the main road whcih was BUSY WITH CARS!!

Images of him being run over flooded my brains as I ran after him. I bent low in 'playbow' position and he stopped running. He came close to me but ran away the moment I stretched out my hands. He was toooo quick, so agile!

I saw Jaslin come out and I can't recall what happened next but CuteB ran towards her. Bailed an Maen were still with the 2 ladies!! Thank God the ladies were so helpful and when Jaslin finally caught CuteB, Baileys was also almost ready to go home. One of the ladies had Maen in her arms and asked if I needed help. I said yes and she carried Maen back while I carried B and Jaslin with CuteB.

I am so so thankful for the ladies who were there, for helping, for keeping B and M ard while I ran aft CuteB. Thank God all 3 are fine!

It's so scary just thinking about what might have happened! If the ladies were not there, all 3 might have dashed onto the main road as they chased after each other!

After the short sprint, my heartbeat was in constant fast pace and I a little faint.

Old already. The bad day from AN, the sprint, the scare. I think this is the most exciting day of my life.

Hope to see the ladies again coz I really need to thank them properly.

Thank God again that all 3 furkids are fine!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 12: Big Sister AN

Countdown: 12 days

Sabina brought baby Angelyn over this afternoon to collect her makeup.

AN seems to be less shy at home and brought out all her toys to place with the baby. Angelyn is only near 7 months and wasn't able to play with most of AN's toys. Still, AN was happy to show her how they work.

Angelyn pooped and Sabina had to change her diapers. AN leaned over while watching Sabina change Angelyn. I watched AN and was reminded of how it used to be me changing AN when she was that little. That moment of AN beside Angelyn also reminded me that AN's growing up so fast, that I really have to treasure every day of AN's childhood.

How time flies...

AN just keep getting increasingly adorable lately.

She's easily tickled and very cheeky.

She would dig her nose and spread the dirt onto me, pretend to walk into me and bounced off, ask to play her favourite songs (put the disc in and get it to play by herself) and go: "Mummy let's dance together!" or wants piggyback rides every now and then (or simply help herself by jumping onto me whenever I bend down to clear BM's output in the toilet)

AN enjoys playing her musical instruments to music. Every instrument in her possession is useful for every song. I must say she is quite good with rhythm: she could tap the tambourine at the exact beat and even improvises her own beats to the rhythm.

Before Sabina and Angelyn came this afternoon, AN took a nap but not for long. Seeing that Sabina would be reaching soon and AN was awake at the right time, I started talking to AN who was suckling to go back to dreamland to keep her awake. The moment she heard baby Angelyn was coming, she pushed herself up and told me: "OK! Let's stop drinking mem mem!"

She's been using "Let's (do whatever)" a lot recently. "Let's dance!", "Let's eat!", "Let's bring the water out!" etc etc.

And there would be something endearing or super adorable that she says each day that make me love her more. She's also been obedient and politely asking for permission to do certain things (not all the time but being obedient and polite for most of the time does make it easier for me to bear with her crankiness when it has to come, and crankiness has been out of action lately. Thank God!)

The only thing that she still is trying to learn, is to be gentle with Baileys and Maen.

She's really rough to them. sigh....I can't stop being thankful that B & M has boundless patience with her. She runs the toy stroller into them while they sleep and all they do is hop away from her. Bailey resorts to sleeping in the kitchen and even then, AN does not leave him alone. Maen on the other hand, sleeps near us in the living room still, and bears with all the potential hazard that AN brings along with her.

AN wants to have B and M lick her like they lick me and forces herself on them. Maen freezes while Baileys attempts to leave the awkward 'confrontation'. So, I taught her to go low and near them, and wait for them to approach. Whenever they do that and give her the licks that she wants, she will get so excited and give me the cheeky look while proudly exclaiming: "Awww...Baileys (or Maen) loves Adrielle. So sweet!"

This week's been rather packed with visits and I will very likely bring AN to Isabelle's place this Fri (Isabelle's makeup has also just arrived with evening! We've been buying so much cosmetics lately. Mr Liow, I'm not the only one ah. ;p)

I'm hoping to bring AN to DM some time next week. Since I've gone on I10 to the zoo last week and again this Sunday. By next week, I should no longer be as jittery travelling by the highway. Will still pray for journey mercy every time though. I'm afterall a typical lady driver and I'm honest about it. hehe)

Mr Liow will be back next Sunday. It's good to be able to drive now else 3 weeks will really feel like eternity.

By the time Mr Liow comes back, it will be soon that Jaslin leaves (with Junxiang and CuteB).

She's a really sweet girl and reminds me of Lishi (LS if you are reading this, it means I've been missing you too!). I'm going to miss her dropping by with CuteB and seeing them on their daily walks outside while I prepare meals in the kitchen.

Oh yes! BM's quarantine might be reduced to 10 days instead of 30 days from 1 Jan 2010 onwards! I'm so excited about it! There are 3 sub categories to the one that BM belong to and they seem to fit into the category that states quarantine as 10 days.

Another thing to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 11

Countdown: 13 days

We were home whole of today except for walks outside the house.

I'm still thankful at how things changed for the better after speaking about the stress we both faced during meals last week (and whenever else).

AN had bread for the first time in her life yesterday after we got home. She asked for it and had half a slice.

For almost a year, all AN has for breakfast is milk (those high calories, high fats milk for kids). Since she appeared to enjoy bread last evening, I gave her a slice with butter to try for breakfast. She said she wanted plain bread so I gave her another slice. She asked for water when I asked if she wanted juice. She finished half a slice of bread and tried the slice with butter upon my constant coaxing. She then decided butter tasted familiar (and nice), and ended up licking butter off the 2nd slice.

Before naptime, she agreed to having milk. For lunch, we had ABC Alfredo again.

I made fried noodles for dinner but she preferred to have only the scrambled egg. It was ice-cream for dessert again. Seems like she's started to make it a staple dessert after dinner each day.

That was a very good amount of food for today. Thank God!

I'm watching "Gong Xin Ji" on PPLive now. Shouldn't have started watching now... I'm watching faster than it's showing on HK channels now so by now, I have to wait for each episodes to be uploaded everyday.

OMGoodness... Why is it that I enjoy watching shows set during the dynasty era with emperors and concubines, the fights and schemes.

I love Hongkong dramas! This, I can't control. Hehe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 10: Another Day Out

Countdown: 14 days

We had another picnic again this afternoon.

Met a few other of the wives of the men who are in Oklahama now. Had a good time getting to know them better.

AN enjoyed her lunch of Bee Hoon which turned out to Junxiang (Jaslin's hubby) who made it. Just last week, he prepared Spring Rolls which Jaslin brought over to us. AN loved the Spring Rolls so much she had 2 and asked for more! Not many Asian men can cook, let alone cook well. Hehe.

A couple of months before, this Adrielle would go her own way and have us going after her. It was not her responsibility to look back to see if we were following her.

Lately I noticed AN is extremely sticky. I do not need to look out for her much. She is either 'stuck' to me (she insists I hold her hands most of the time. Hehe. It used to be the other way round) or within reach. In fact I had to be within her reach.

She walked Sparky ( Sheryl's Westie) on the leash just now and almost fell when Sparky made a dash for something. She turned back and smiled at me for a short while seemingly intending to tell me what happened but when she noticed how far away I was from her, she started to sob and cried as she ran towards me.

Sheryl got worried and thought AN got frightened by Sparky.

AN is now knocked out totally (she woke up ard 8am and hadn't slept till abt 8pm). I felt sleepy halfway through the gathering too. Probably coz of sleeping late last night and waking up early.

Feel soooo drained physically now. I think I'll be sleeping very well tonight. Hehe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 9: Something Different

Countdown: 15 days

Since my worst entry about AN's eating habits from the day Mr Liow left, it just kept getting......better. hehe.

Every other day, there has to be either rice or noodles (or pasta) with a vege and a protein (usuall egg or toufu, sometimes minced meat or sausage which she usually do not touch, much). For lunch today, I made her fried potato cubes with gree peas which she actually FINISHED! She finished one whole potato which is filling, even to me!! I hope I'm not dreaming today's events or this post!

AN wanted to shower with me today instead of having her bath (she didn't enjoy showers usually coz she didn't like water trickling down her face). While getting myself ready for the shower and reminding her how much she hated to shower coz she didn't like water all over her face, I didn't notice that she had already taken her own clothes off.

Today's shower was no struggle. She bravely swept the water off her face as I washed her hair. She said she wanted to shower again tomorrow. I won't mind that coz it's really easier to take her out of the showers than the bath (she loved to bathe so much she could sleep in there if I allowed her to)

We went out after that and she was good too!

Dinner was ABC pasta with ham which she too, finished! (I'd be really disappointed if this is all a dream. I will cry...hehe.)

And she had another stick of ice-cream for dessert soon after. As I'm typing now, she is asking to have me cut up cheese into smaller pieces into a container for her to snack on.

Besides her willngness to eat today, she was obedient.

She thanked me for every little thing I helped her with today without having to be reminded. She waited when I needed her to wait and did not shout to have things her way like she did the past week. She politely asked for help and helped when she saw me struggle (again I'm praying these are all real!)

There were some things she said, her choice of words, which were so cute I kept trying to remember so that I could note it down here. Apparently I forgot every single thing again.

There's another picnic tomorrow. Praying that AN will behave and enjoy herself. Also that she will be more socialable.

Thank God for the break these few days from AN's difficult moments.

Latest addition (not very important):
AN likes to dig her nose and this is nothing new.

She had a few fingers full of dirt (yucks!) and showed it off to me -______-". She then asked me to clean her fingers. I said I didn't want to clean them coz they were disgusting and suggested she put them back.

And she did.


She even made sure her fingers were clean by rubbing the 'stuck' dirt repeatedly into her nose.

Ok, I'm no evil mum. I did clean her up after that. hehe.

It's 9.30pm now and time for bed. I was on the phone with my mum while nursing AN to sleep. My baby without disturbing our conversation, pulled the blanket onto me and herself, found her favourtie side and is now asleep. I was so engrossed with talking to my mum that I didn't even know I had blanket on me till I started feeling warm.

My darling baby will always pull the blanket over my arms to keep me warm (whether or not I already am) whenever she's half awake and still nursing.

She can be so endearing at times la. Hehe.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 8: An Even Better Day

Countdown: Day 16

I think the days without Mr Liow seems to be increasingly easier to bear.

I'm excited to post this: that I managed to bring AN to the Zoo on my own today, and we had to go by the highway. There are other ways of going there which I saw on google map but I recognise almost none of them (hehe. Who doesn't know I'm always getting lost and takes forever to recognise roads? Even Terry who was giving me a lift home after our monthly SHSS gals gathering got lost with me trying to give him directions that night because I couldn't even recognise the way back home in the dark! Pei and the Cailyn in semi-solid form at that time, had to tolerate the extra distance. Paiseh ah, mummy Pei).

Still, we got there safely and I couldn't stop shivering even after we reached. As I paid for the ticket in, I was trying hard not to look suspicious. The lady at the counter must be wondering why my hands were trembling while I reached for the change.

It was fun and we had an exciting update! For that, I really hope to be able to stay long enough in Tucson. A few months ago, I was wishing to go back as soon as possible but now.... This is no good. First we had to leave people we love for a new place, and soon we have to leave friends we start to love to go back to where we started. This is not a good thing to do to people ... hmm...

Ok, back to the zoo.

AN could still remember where some of the animals' enclosures are (the tiger, elephants, giraffes, rhino, zebra). The whole gang including the kids tried to break AN's icy attitude but erm ... AN went quiet and looked away each time someone tried to reach out to her. There was only once AN asked to give Emma a hug because she saw Emma crying and for a while, both girls held hands and walked. Emma is the affectionate little angel with the gift of Touch. She would hold hands with anyone who was willing (or not) and give/receive hugs without holding back.

Tim joked that AN only talked to me. I said AN also talked to the animals (she went "Hi Peacock!" the moment she saw one but kept quiet around the human -______-")

After the whole tour (we went for a train ride too!! AN loved the ride and called papa to tell him how fun it was, and was empathatic that Emma fell in the train), Emma wanted to give AN a goodbye hug but got rejected by the cranky AN (who was having a hard time leaving the zoo).

That was about the tantrums AN threw today.

She had been good on the car to the zoo and back. I was telling her how worried I am as I drove to the zoo and she responded with all her "whys". She then pointed me to the 'big big trucks' and told me what she wanted to see at the zoo. Having her with me was a blessing today.

We received AN's 2 bottles of bubble baths in the evening.

Upon opening up the package, AN wanted her bubble bath immediately. She didn't quite like the scent of the Burts' Bees bubble bath (maybe my reaction influenced her coz I wen:t "ermm...not as nice as I thought" and she also went: "Mummy, I don't like this one."

She insisted on opening up the other bottle (a reorder of the one she had finished that has lavender, lemon and tea tree oil in it) but willingly accepted the first bottle when I told her we could keep her favourite bottle till this one is used up.

This little girl knows how to enjoy herself.

She was enjoying her bubble bath and I thought I heard asking for leg massage, so I did. She pushed me away and repeated while pointing to the running tap: "No mummy! The water massaging my legs!" Then I saw her wriggling her toes while she played with the bubbles.

How relaxing!

There are few really cute things that AN said during her dinner just now that I am trying hard to recall, without success.

I'm still suffering from the pregnancy memory loss which I believe is permanent.


Ok, this is a long post. hehe.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 7: A Better Day

Countdown: 17 days

It's a better day today.

AN had been rather short tempered these few days and loud. She's also less obedient (I know toddlers at this age are not known to be obedient. She was just less willing to obey than usual)

Adding on to her tantrums and fussy eating, it was hard for me to be a good mummy.

I believe my impatience played a part in this slight change in her behavior.

For those who have been reading and praying for me, your prayers helped a lot.

For today, AN got only a proper (late coz she was sleepy by noon) lunch at 3.45pm. She said she wanted to feed herself so I allowed her to. She took 1.5hours to eat and did not finish her food but the meal was much much more enjoyable than the past few days'.

She chewed her food and told me when she was full. The last few day s were bad in that she would keep the first few mouthfuls of food in her mouth and the rest of the 2 hours or so would be a fight from the start.

So, she ate from 3.45pm to almost 5.30pm.

She wanted ice-cream at 7 + pm and had another half a piece of cheese after that, and a tiny piece of brownie.


It's all junk (except for the cheese) but as long as those give her energy and calories, they are still better than nothing.

My lot of MAC, Benefit and Smashbox primers have just arrived. Unboxing them one by one makes me excited. AN too. She went "What's this?", "What's that?" and started playing with the few eye brushes I got.

She's starting to recognise which brushes (from my brush bag) are for what sort of applications. She does not know everything, but she knew the few common ones (for brows, liner and blusher) and big brushes go on the face while small ones are for eyes. hehe.

This is the first time I bought primers and I got 2 different types. Will probably keep the Benefit one (pink tinted) for myself and the Smashbox one (which is transparent and so ex! Hope this will work on clients with acne craters) for work. Pei was the one who brought the Benefit one to my attention. hehe. Will try that out one day.

I can't believe I'm spending so much on stocking up for 'business' when we go back next year. Just hope I don't have to wait too long before things get going again.

Pictures should be on the way but if they do not appear in the next few days, I hope I can post them up after Mr Liow gets home (and then I can use his laptop).

It's Zoo day tomorrow. Praying for a safe trip to and fro, for quick reaction to the GPS's instructions and for good judgement whenever I need to change lanes or make U-turns. I'm not familiar but I'm sure we will reach there and get home safe. hehe.

Am sure AN will enjoy herself tomorrow with the company and all the animals!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 6: Only one solid meal and it's still no breeze

Countdown: 18 days

Milk in the morning.

M&Ms for lunch before nap.

Dinner started at 4.30pm and it's 6.20pm now. She still has a whole mouth stuffed with food.

What was for dinner? A quarter piece of mee sua plus boiled egg (chopped up), green peas and shredded carrots in chicken soup.

Appetizing full coursed pasta or Asian meals take her 2 hours. Soupy pasta, porridge and mee sua for infants also take her 2 hours.

I am now convinced. It will never end. This human will probably eat like a 6 months old forever.

Out of only 1-2 tiny solid meals a day, I can almost count with my 5 fingers how many times I did not have to worry or spend forever to get her finished and done with.

If any care takers find feeding a child with fever worrying and tough, try feeding a child who eats like that every single meal of every day for 1 year 2 months now, and seeming forever.

I use up every single bit of patience I have in me that is renewed each day. And strength. And sanity. I am so tired.

She is only 2.5 yrs old. How am I going to survive the rest of my life and hers?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 5: Trying to cope

Countdown: 19 days

As usual, AN's eating habit can kill me.

She had an hour of milk in the morning, 2 hours of lunch (it was 1.5hrs + 0.5hrs of chewing the last bite) and 2hrs of dinner (same thing) on Monday.

The same thing happened today for breakfast and she took another 0.5hrs longer to chew her food during lunch and that made her lunch ytd 2.5 hrs long, for a tiny portion of pasta with squishy carrots and peas.

Both days I cried feeding her and she was sweet enough to come feed herself each time I gave up. But she was not chewing and all the food kept 'growing' inside her mouth.

So I raised my voice and said: "Adrielle! Chew your food and swallow them!" I was really upset, always am whnever she eats like that.

AN calmyly replied: "Mummy, talk nicely ok? Don't shout." while feeding herself ONE green pea and extending her arms towards me after that with a smile (asking for a hug).

Sometimes I'm convinced the Lord gave me AN to remind and test me on how I've grown (besides horizontally)

AN got a hug from Emma in class but instead of reciprocating it, she stepped away. When we got home, she kept telling me that Emma "almost gave me hug". I asked if she hugged Emma back and she was honest enough to say she did not. She told me: "Adrielle is shy."

She is good at reasoning, isn't she?

I'll be bringing her to the zoo with some of the Gymboree mummies this Fri. It's quite a distance and I have never travelled that direction on my own before. I pray for quick reaction to the GPS' instructions and wise judgement on the road. Pray that the I can find Mr Liow's GPS so that I don't have to use mine which always brings me to dead ends or through construction sites.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 4: Morning update

Coutdown: 20 days

AN was jumping off her slide and using it as a ladder to reach high places. She insisted: "Mummy take picture of me!"

I came with my handphone and took a few shots before she went: "Mummy, take picture with the big camera!" I hear a discrimination against small and lousy camera from phones?

Note to Mr Liow:
I know you do not have internet access from Okloham but if you do get to read this, I've exceeded our weekly budget by getting more cosmetics online. hehe. I'm left with only 1 more item on the list and will stop buying already. Thanks for sponsoring me dear *muack*

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 3: Grooming the furkids

Both B and M got their baths on Thurs. That will be their last baths till at least 3 weeks later. Just nice Plush Puppy arrived on time so they got their EPO spa treatment.

I think their seasonal shedding has ceased from the amount of fur I collected during their latest bath. It was at least twice lesser than the last time I bathed them after we got home from Mt Lemmon. That was the most fur I collected from the drain covers since they were pups and when they shook themselves dry, all the loosen fur got transferred to me instead, like magnet, coz I was drenched bathing them! With 2 times the fur, I look like snow monster after their baths.

I just used Ice on Ice on them this morning and brushed them through. That was supposed to reduce static but it didn't work on Maen: each time she sits near anything, the fur at her ears fly up towards whatever was nearest to her. At this same time last year, anyone could perform magic with Maen's ears. Just place your hands near them and you'll see the fur floating upwards!

Both of them got their paws and ears trimmed too. Maen looks sweet, Baileys looks .... feminine.

Since we're at the topic of static now, I might as well note down something funny:
Mr Liow was squatting while working on his laptop and all of a sudden he jumped. He turned and told me that his underwear 'static-ed' him.

It was so funny when he said that coz I couldn't figure out how his underwear which was already in contact with his skin was still able to 'static' him.

Then I recalled seeing Baileys passing him by. Very likely Baileys was the culprit with the wagging tail that so happened to have swept Mr Liow on his bottom. hehe.

Baileys has lesser problems with flyaway fur due to static as compared to Maen but it seems he has all that static stored up in his body to discharge upon contact with anyone. Baileys loves to lick us on the face and it's so often (this same period last year) we get the "piak" sound each time he licks us. Even a light touch of his nose against any part of our body brings about the shock.

That aside, both their coats are now super soft!!!!! Duno if I shld credit Plush puppy or ice on ice. Think I'll credit the combo.

Brought AN to La Encantada yesterday to get a couple more items from MAC before my card finally expired. I've already placed a large order online before this. hehe. Thank hor, Mr Liow. Who ask you to always forget to call home whenever there are changes in plans. That was for making Baileys, Maen, AN and I wait for you for so many hours 2 Fridays ago. ;p Not really la. I needed to stock up too anyway and had to do it before my membership's gone.

AN was super tired after we got home and fell asleep at 6pm. She only woke up at 7am this morning (thank God! I was worried she would wake up at 4am and want to play..*phew*).

It's a sad Sunday today. I enjoy weekends but without Mr Liow, it's just not the same.

Waiting for you to come back dear. Take care ok?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 2: Random thoughts

Mr Liow left for his Forging Sabre early in the morning yesterday.

It'll be home alone for AN and me for the next 3 wks till 22nd Nov.

It's been good so far. AN had been behaving well, eating enough (little but as long as she eats, I'm less worried), back on track with her potty, and both of us enjoyed putting the lapbook together for most of AN's waking hours yesterday.

I'm coping better than the last time. It was harder for me the last time Mr Liow went away in April coz my parents too, left a day before he did. I was left to miss the presence of them and him.

AN woke up at 7am this morning and pleaded to go downstairs. She refused to sleep a little longer. It's 10.35am as I'm writing this and she's feeling sleepy already. Guess we'll be missing Gymborer again today.

She was supposed to attend her 9.30am music lessons yesterday but 9.30am classes are a little early for her. She had been waking up at 10am most days for the past 5months or so. Guess I might have to change her music class to Wednesday for the 10.30am slot (which will also be for her age)

AN should have joined the older kids in the next class since abt 2 mths back for both play and music but I couldn't bear to do the switch. Switching means I won't get to meet Danielle and Emma in class, and AN will hv to make new friends from a scratch. By now, she recognizes Emma and Christian (even though she still prefers to play by herself). That's already an improvement. Guess it's just me. AN would mind any class as long as she gets to jump and play.

So, yup. AN has been missing classes since I fell sick and since Mr Liow's afternoon shift last week. Thought she can finally go enjoy herself today and she had to wake up that early (when she shld hv done so yesterday instead). I'll probably take her out shopping later. Hmm... For that, I pray for journey mercy, and that the Lord will give me good judgement on the road.

We also pray for a good day ahead, and are thankful the Lord had given me peace at heart this far.

Won't be online as often as I like now that the only online access I hv comes in the form of the IPod touch and desktop connected to tv. One has a screen too small and the other too big to stare into..

All the better. I've printed out enough lapbook materials for the next 3 wks to assemble with AN. Praying for quality time with AN.
Oh... My thoughts are so random...