Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baileys' Entry: Play day again

AN came to help break up what seemed to be us fighting. What a help..

Flagstaff from Mr Liow's point of view

I can't speak for him. Let the pictures in his phone speak for themselves ;p

Pictures are boring without captions right? So, let me speak. hehe.

This was taken somewhere in San Francisco St in Flagstaff.

During breakfast on the 1st morning. The half awake baby supporting her heavy head with her fist.

Saying 'hi' to the camera. Blur right? The effect of her waving baby hands on papa's camera phone.

She was waiting for me to bring her the food so that she can reject my attempt to feed her -____-"
"Oh comes the food that I'm not interested in.."

Outside Flagstaff Mall

Us, while the baby sleeps away

Can't remember where we were going but despite the blurry pictures, AN looked rather adorable with 2 pony tails and her very own haversack that's empty.

She looks like me in this picture wor...Let me go find the picture of myself that resembles her in this.

Taken on Mr Liow's K810. It's a good phone. We both felt it seems to work better than my K850i. hmm...ok, I admit. Maybe skills play a part.

The face to the elk whose ass Mr Liow attempted to kiss..

The tummy didn't feel good at the very last minute before we finally depart for Phoenix, and then Tucson. I went back up to our hotel room to conquer the toilet. Meanwhile, the father and the daughter indulged in more photo taking sessions.

More of AN and BM

Before we leave on Friday morning for NY, here are more pictures taken over the last few days since we got back, and of BM when Mr Liow took them to Camalot last Tuesday and back last Sat.

Of the growing baby one morning after she wakes up. She is usually in a happy mood when she wakes up every morning. Me don't always have the mood to whip out my handphone to capture her cheerful face but I thought I shld, so I did.

Of the grapes that were soooooo tiny! They were only slightly bigger than seeds in their counterparts!

They are smaller than they look in this picture, really!

Of my Baileys and Maen who went to Camalot last Tuesday and will be going again tomorrow.

Maen in the driver's seat. She's always climbing to the highest whenever no one is looking.

She settles down well, anywhere.

Uh-oh, I just realised there wasn't any picture taken of my Baileys boy! Sorry baby, we'll take some pictures of you tomorrow ok? You know, it was a good thing you weren't in those pictures papa took coz papa meant to take the pictures to show everyone that Maen lacked the discipline that you have, to stay in the car safely on the ground while waiting for papa to come back. Look closely, you ARE in the last picture and that proves his point. hehe.

Giving Maen a checkup for ticks.

Good, clear.

Found my phone

Finally my possessions are in order again.

I've been turning the house upside down (with the willing help of my human terror) looking for my handphone. And then I kept going upstairs, flipping the pillows over, to find nothing.

Finally during bedtime before sleeping, I decided to search in between the mattress and bed. To my surprise (hmm...wasn't too much of a surprise tho coz with the little housekeeper in the house, everything could be anywhere), it was there...

So, my ring is back, and my phone is back.

Look what I found while searching for my phone?

Not the PSP box.

BM's missing bone had been in the PSP box since who-knows-how-long-ago! Their toys used to fly under the sofa when they run with them and dropped them. Here coz it's carpeted and the sofa is elevated enough, missing toys are less likely to be under there.

With the help of Little Miss Housekeeper who decided to maintain the tidiness of the house, the bone went into the wrong container.

How can AN not be the main suspect when things go missing? sigh...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Soooo excited!

I was looking for my handphone and digging into Mr Liow's bag in case AN kept it in there. Then I saw those window shades which I remembered mr Liow asked me to put up on AN's side in the car on the way to Grand Canyon that day.

I dug in there and felt coins. Took all the coins out and...THERE MY RING WAS!! It must have fallen in when I put those shades back..

Thank God!!!!

Next search and rescue mission: my handphone


Nevertheless, I'm so thankful to have my ring back. Has to have some ways to keep it from falling off my finger...Seriously considering wearing it on my thumb? hehe.

My handphone...where?

Dear, if u happen to be reading this now, have you any idea where my handphone is?

I saw if this morning and that was the last I've seen of it.

I think I need to surgical correction. Mental surgical correction.

Erm..Mental surgical enhancement may be a better option.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flagstaff: Video updates

This is of AN learning to self-feed. And from this video clip, I see the last of my ring. We were having breakfast when I took this video of AN. Then back to the room we went to change before leaving the hotel for Grand Canyon.

I found my ring missing on the car before we reached.

Where oh where art thou leh?

This is of the happening Friday evening I was talking about

Kids dancing to the band playing prior to the movie screening once the sky darkened.

More of kids happily dancing away while the adults lie on the open waiting for the movie to start

This is of the Grand Canyon

Another one at the other side which is less crowded than the previous

This is of the people who would give an arm and leg, or maybe even their lives to get a good picture. hehe.

We're going home.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Flagstaff: Picture Updates

Pictures of our trip. I'll try to date them accordingly. hee.

These were taken on the way to Flagstaff. It just keeps getting prettier as we go along with more vibrant greens and even yellow flowers. Seem like I've not taken any pictures of the yellow flowers (which seem to resemble Sunflowers but I'm lousy with flowers so don't take my word for it). Will post videos of it after the pictures are up. ;p

Finally, at the hotel when we all can relax. AN with her 2 ponytails. Her hair's long enough now to be tied up. hehe.

1st Dinner in Flagstaff. The GPS took us to San Francisco St. I love the buildings, and of course the evening cool!

This was taken from our hotel room when Mr Liow went to work.

This was the view from Flagstaff Mall where I missed the Coach sales at Dillards. The mountain made up for it. hee.

Oh and the flowers

AN's constipated...or so I think. She's not pooped much since the day we arrived and even when she did, she managed to force out only a tiny bit of hard poop. Thank God she finally pooped her normal poo (mushy ones) today but she didn't seem to be in any discomfort throughout these few days of no-output.

'geg' till her eyes red red.

Coming up next will be pictures of our Grand Canyon trip. LOADS of photos but I'll post selected ones only. hee. Limited photo taking skills so I better not torture you guys or distort world's most magnificent Canyon.

I'd love to introduce what I had captured but I really am not that familiar with the Canyon except for the fact that it was indeed awesome to be standing there. The 1st sight took our breaths away! Enjoy (try to huh...hehe) ^__^

Mr Liow doing some maintenance to ensure a safe journey to Grand Canyon and back. hehe.

Yellow pretty flowers on our way there.



The length some people will go to to get good pictures!

Inside Visitors' Centre (nothing much in there actually)

The bird that MR Liow was imitating.
Is this sunflower?

AN the ... ok I don't know what that was on her head

Kissing Elk ass

Human vs Canyon

Mr Liow with the Canyon

Mr Liow's new hair style. hehe.
Trying our best to get AN to look into the camera. It was a hot and sunny day. We didn't think she could see much under the strong sunlight. We too had problems seeing things without our sunglasses on.

Me and the Canyon

Me with my struggling baby

Baby can't keep her eyes open
The baby on her own
That was a...Chipmunk, me thinks.

Our 1st family shots since her birthday

And finally, only Mr Liow and I with the help of a sweet elderly ang mo couple. The elderly gentleman carried AN while the elderly lady took this pic for us. She even went to the extent of going the rocks to get a better angle for us.

Ending it all with a self potrait ^____^

More mountains on our way back to the hotel. I think I'm falling in love with mountains. Was telling Mr Liow that if I ever had to be in an earthquake, I'd rather be in an earthquake among the mountains. Weren't mountains a result of folding and faulting (mmmm....or something else? hehe). I want to see God pushing another mountain out from nowhere. hee.

Here goes, the scenery on our way back to the hotel.

Last dinner before we left

Our favourite Thai restaurant in Flagstaff and whole of USA as of now.
Nice building in the day
Nice building in the night
There was some outdoor movie screening and carts selling things from accessories to popcorn. In the cool night weather at 21 deg C, it was perfect recipe for romance. hee.