Friday, July 31, 2009

W is a joy to watch

This is so fun!

W navigates his way around the house and even under the sofa! It was my fault I did not set up the virtual walls to keep it cleaning area by area so I do not expect supreme quality (the living area was too large for a small machine like that).

I inspected the carpet after he fell asleep (I was bathing AN while he was doing his thing downstairs) and fur level was down by at least 50% (I could only get it down by at most 60-70% manually on my own).

I set him to work at about 9.30am. Baileys and Maen were totally not bothered by it a single bit! They would only move away calmly when he went near them. He wasn't loud and definitely not noisy at all! He spoke in a constant low pitch voice as he worked. It actually sounded quite lulling.

He stopped once when the brushes were overwhelmed by fur and hair. Guess what? He said "Remove and clean Roomba's brushes". YES HE SPOKE TO ME! a lady's voice though.

It's a common practice to clear hair and fur out from brushes as I vacuum-clean the house regardless of which vacuum cleaner I've used so this didn't bother me. After I was done wiping his mouth, he went on working again. It took him about 45 mins to complete this cleaning cycle and parked himself back to his docking station *wow*.

I cleared the dust chamber which turned out to look a little on the small side but there weren't too much rubbish to collect (I do not leave tissue papers and large unwanted garbage for my vacuum cleaners to clear, unlike some people...) and it wasn't full so I guess that little chamber was good enough.

I was surprised at the amount of MY hair that was collected! And the D.U.S.T! It was about as much as the size of a lady's palm (literally). Maybe coz BM's coat are shorter now, they didn't seem to dominate W's stomach as much as my hair. (OMGoodness, I'm shedding too..)

After cleaning the brushes again and clearing the dust chamber, I got it back to clean the living area again while AN and I went upstairs to bath. W saved me so much time and effort: I could have still been lugging the big fat Iecology around by now, but I was bathing AN while W was working down there!

He was lifeless when we came back down after the bath, away from his parking lot. I thought he was supposed to go back. hehe. He's resting now (he needs to recharge for 3 hours before he has the energy to continue working again). He probably worked for about 1.5hrs before he fell asleep.

So, having used it for the first time, I am super impressed. Impressed at how much time I saved, impressed at how much dust and fur and hair he collected, impressed at how he turned corners and tried his best to cover as much of the area as possible (I will set the virtual wall up some time later to help him do a better job). I was expecting noise but he was surprisingly so mild tempered even Baileys and Maen didn't find him a single bit threatening. They have accepted him as part of the family!

And he's so fun to watch. I could have done other household chores or spend some time with AN while he did the first round of cleaning but both of us were so fascinated by him we could only stand there and watch. Baileys and Maen were lying by the window, sleeping while he was cleaning. I'm really impressed by his low noise!!

He doesn't seem to work much on suction more than the use of the rotating brushes on his belly.

Have taken some videos. Will post it when I've time to. hehe.

I enjoyed W's presence for now.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maen's Entry: I feel good!

We went to Camalot on Monday coZ the carpet had to bathe and carpets do not dry as fast as we do.

Camalot!! Stayovers at uncle Jim's big big house are literally, practically, seriously All Fun And Play! I particularly love the field, and lazying on those comfy beds after a good run! I get invitation to play by admirers, too often so my rests get disrupted. Having my brother Baileys with me only proves he does not do a good job of protecting his possession/ pack. And mummy wonders why I appear more dominant. I have to carry the yolk of protecting our family since gorgor is not gifted in protecting everyone. My job just got harder with this new sibling whom we have to fight for food crumbs on the carpet with, and protect. I'm not really interested in doing anything good to anything that makes food search and rescue work tougher. So mummy, over my dead body.

So, anyway, we came home the next day once the carpet has dried. And then we got dunked in milk again.

This time I got Half & Half and gorgor got a Vanilla milk bath.

Our mummy wondered if Half & Half could last as long on me as it did on gorgor. She's never stopped wondering how the sweet-smelling Strawberry milk smells like nothing on me after only 2-3 days when gorgor smells like Almond milk the WHOLE week! Mummy said she thinks my skin has alien pores that eat up all the delicious scents... Such stupid analysis. I'm embarrassed...

It's been 3 days now and we both still smell good (see, I DO NOT have alien pores!). The next time round I'll have the Vanilla milk and gorgor, Strawberry (so girly..let's see how Strawberry lasts on him). By then we will be able to tell which milk bath will be arrive by the gallon.

Mummy likes it that the milk baths not only make us smell good, we also feel fluffy. Most shampoos do not make brushing our tail easy unless a conditioner comes in, but since we got dunked in these milk, mummy enjoyed brushing our tail!

We're excited at formally meeting W today (we're sure he's been introduced already). I may not like him but let's see how he's going to try make me :p

Mummy's little babies thought hard.

Our Robot is here!

We have to charge it overnight for the first time so there had not been an opportunity to test run it much, except when AN's itchy fingers decided to make friends with the button that says "Clean" and the robot started moving out of its dock and wandered around the house a little.

It's so cool!!! I can't say anything about its functionality yet but I can't wait to formally introduce it to its new workplace. Just it being able to go back on its own impressed us enough! Muahaha! I forgot this one that I bought doesn't come with an additional bigger bin like the one in the Pet Series has. Oh well, I don't suppose (cross my fingers) there's going to be so much fur with everyday cleaning from now on so the small bin SHOULD be good enough. It should, right?

Mr Liow wanted to name the robot and I thought we should start naming it starting with the letter "W". We'd then have a complete B.M.W. Mr Liow wanted it to be a male robot coz our family "Yin Sheng Yang Shuai" (predenominantly females). It didn't matter, as long as it doesn't clean like the male species (you noe what I mean??). Any suggestions? We can just call it (him) "W", can't we? hehe.

Baileys and Maen have seen the robot do its (his) thing and all Baileys did was smell it a little. Maen didn't even seem to find it (him) interesting at all. I hope both of them will accept W as part of our family from now on and let it (him) do its (his) job in peace. AN on the other hand, couldn't wait to get it (him) to move! We had to keep reminding her to not touch it (him) or distract her from trying to get it (him) to move out of its (his) parking lot before it (he) is prepared to.

Mr Liow has already warned BM not to eat up W. I'm sure they won't ;p And he caught AN trying to stand on it because she remembered it could move on its on! I sure hope she doesn't decide to take piggyback rides on "W" while it (he) works!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our new member! Let welcome...*drum rolls* "W" (and the little human who can't get her hands off her new pet, sibling, playmate...or whoever she decides it to be)

Open Sesame!

This is a Virtual Wall. There are 2 in the box (and with the promotion now, we get another one). These virtual walls work like walls to prevent the robot from stepping out of wherever we set as boundary so that it (he) does a proper job of cleaning before he does get out.

See? Quite handsome hor? Black Knight. hehe.

P.S: If it (he) doesn't clean like a female, I'm going to have it (him) go through a gender transformation (verbal). Not as if it is going to help if it (he) really can't do a good job though..Oh well.. hehe.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I will never do this again

Ever since I got upgraded to a mummy, my anger management abilities have greatly declined.

Baileys & Maen were playing yesterday and when I caught Maen jumping around on the sofa, I stood up and had the intention of telling her "off". She looked right at me and peed on the sofa!! Exactly where AN rests her head during naps!

I got so fedup I picked Maen up and dropped her into the kitchen. I must hv dropped her too hard (can't even recall if I actually threw her!). Terribly evil, crazy, nonsensical, even abusive thing i did!!

She started barking loudly and couldn't move!! Usually if she was in pain that's not serious, she'd squeak once and attempt to move off. Not this time! She was frozen on the spot and kept barking....

Seemed as if her barks broke me out of the evil trance I was in. Those cries, I'd probably never forget...

I kept hugging her and couldn't stop crying. She didn't seem able to lift her head. I thought I had paralysized her...while hugging her and pressing her all over to check for broken bones, dislocation, pain etc, I couldn't stop praying that she'll be fine and promising that I'll never do anything like that again. Never never ever again.

In a matter of 15mins, she was up and walking. I didn't feel any awkward protrusion of bones, no squeaking as I apply pressure around her limbs and body. She seemed to be fine, except that she dared not leave her bed to follow me like she always does. She didn't come to me when I called her, didn't wag when I hugged her, she didn't even want to look at me when I had her in my arms. She would have licked my face all wet and sticky at other times.

I couldn't stop hugging her after the incident. I must have hurt her emotionally more than I did physically. She loved me so much. When she was a puppy, she loved to be in my arms. She would always be safe in my arms, from the disturbing Baileys or angry Mr Liow. My reaching hands made her wag, me walking towards her made her wag. Just the sight of me made her wag. I never had to ask her to come before she would run to me. Maen used to be my shadow.

She didn't come to me for a good hour last night when I called and did not wag. I broke her spirit.

She asked me last night with those loud barks, "Mummy, what have you become?" as she froze in fear and pain.

What have I turned into? An ingrateful monster?

She was fine by bedtime, chewing on the treat I gave her and walking around. And she would only follow Baileys around. I asked Baileys to help me watch over Maen during sleeping time and not let Maen die. She wasn't running with her tail wagging high in the air like she always does. I was so afraid Maen's cheerful spirit would die, so afraid something in her will give up.

I dreaded hearing Maen's barking early in the mornings usually but this morning was different. I was waiting to hear her, and was extremely thankful when I heard the usually irritating barks that used to disrupt my sleep.

She seemed to have totally forgotten about what happened yesterday when I went down for them this morning. She came to greet me with her tail held high, jumped around with her pretty smile and hopped to and fro in excitement. This is my Maen, my original Maen.

I promised the Lord I will never hurt Maen again. My heart bled as i pleaded with the Lord to not let any of Maen's bones be broken.I will NEVER do anything as near to causing her pain, never ever again. This promise extends to Baileys and Adrielle.

I've been shown mercy to have Maen back in one piece, including her heart. Thank God for giving me a chance to correct what I did wrong.

Dogs are capable of defending themselves with their agility and strong bites. Yet they remain at the mercy of the human they call family, trying to adapt as their human family changes in size and habits.

In the words of a little child: "God is busy with big things, so He sent puppies to take care of little things like me."

Maen, mummy can't be sorry enough for having put you through that scary moment. Mummy promise, I'll never let my actions remind u of what happened ever again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternal love(s) of my life

Maen's Entry: Our tresses

Which do you prefer?

Long rebonded-looking coats?

Or voluminous fly-up-up-and-away coats?

Mummy's little babies thought hard.

Doctor Adrielle recognizes 3 words and goes to work

I had a slight tummy ache and told my little girl who started running to her toy drawer while shouting "Oh oh! Doctor Adrielle take stethoscope!"


We've been trying to play doctor so that future doctor visits do not get too threatening and she won't fear the stethoscope too much. Seems like she's caught on the role playing.


AN can finally recognize 3 words!!! It's so exciting! I really can't help but worry that she's too slow. Each time I log into the baby forum, I am reminded of how competitive Singapore's education system is.

Nothing fanciful. Hee.

Owl, Cat, Dog

She doesn't get them right all the time if I keep alternating those words but will recognize them if I show her 1 word at a time. Good enough for me.


She loves to "go to work" at this age so much I wonder if she will still behave as such when she's of employable age.

I have this purse where I keep both money, cards and keys together for convenience. Just grab and go whenever I have to go out.

Once in a while after a session of online shopping, I forget to put the purse back into my bag and when this little girl sees the wallet, she gets hypnotised into "going to work" again.

Each time she laid hands onto my purse, she'll dig out some notes, pass them to me and tell me "Nah Mummy! Money. I go work". Then she'll walk to her little 'car' (the one below that Mr Liow removed the 'ring' around some months back),
...pretend to dig my keys into somewhere and then ride off (like Flintstones, with her feet). She'll keep circling around me and keep reminding me "Mummy I go work! Bye bye!", till she's sick of riding around.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baileys wins

Although both do not smell of their milk baths now as they walk around, they still have the scent on their body.

Baileys wins with the half and half milk bath. He still smells so nice today while Maen no longer has the strawberry scent on her.

They are both so fluffy still, and their coats are so soft (ok, this is only the 2nd day but comparatively, All System is drying. )

I prefer Half and Half as of now (thanks Baileys).

One more flavor to go ;p

Apple Annie's Orchard

18 July 2009 (Sat)
This makes our 2nd visit to an orchard, with the first being the Pumpkin farm.

Didn't really take a lot of pictures coz it was tooooooo hot and we had lots to carry on hand (a bucket of peaches, bag and shaved ice). Thank God AN is now mobile. Had wanted to bring one of the furkid to the orchard with us but was glad we didn't coz dogs weren't allowed in the produce area where we were to pick peaches. Next time when it's less hot, we may.

Nonetheless, these are the few for memories' sake.

Apple Annie's Orchard

Mr Liow took a wagon which he decided to return for a bucket instead. The wagon can carry 28lbs of peaches! That's definitely out of our capability to consume.
On the transportation wagon to pick peaches!

Us and the peach trees with AN attempting to smile for the camera but distracted by the trees

AN eating shaved ice

AN picking HER peach

The types of peaches available

All those peaches looked the same to us, except this Red Globe Peach that has more and darker red.

A peach tree

The long walk out of the rows of peaches. Mr Liow keeps looking into the bucket and thinking that our bucket looked empty even tho we alry had lots of peaches inside for just 2 adults(out of which 1 doesn't eat much peaches) and a baby (and 2 dogs if peaches are not toxic to them)

Passing comments

Why tell me things that's going to happen when it will NOT happen?

Once, twice, thrice, and then it keeps happening. How to believe you when you say things anymore?

Why should I even believe?

Please just pretend that life is normal and stop trying to portray life to be a bed of roses. It may be for you, not for me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Half and half vs Strawberry Milk

Maen got the strawberry milk bath and Baileys, the half and half milk bath.

Which smells better?

BOTH SMELL SO YUMMY! I got hungry bathing them. hehe.

I was quite disappointed that the whole house didn't smell like they did after their bath this morning, unlike what Aloveen did with 'scentifying' them, and the house. Even All System 'scented' the whole house after their baths(even though I didn't quite like the 'perfumed' scent after their All System bath).

They do smell like they had those milk baths when I sniffed into their fur (No, I didn't chock on their products by doing that). And the fact that the milk baths made them all soft and fluffy, I was rather amazed!

For those who've used these, are they commonly diluted as such? I mean, most shampoos I've used on them (mainly Aloveen and All Systems-undiluted) are rather thick so a dollop of them should suffice. I had to keep pouring these milk baths on them to get a lather. 12 oz each won't last me too long (good news! I can try other brands on them soon!)

Anyhow, I'm quite satisfied with the results after they dry but I am sure they won't be smelling this nice by tomorrow. Let me see how long their fluffiness is going to last.

They look so white, smell so nice and feel huggable now. hehe.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random pictures again

Pictures that are hardly related to each other except for subjects that are related to me.

AN playing with the ball and Baileys simply couldn't resist disturbing her. hehe.

The very disturbing dog and the very disturbed baby
After eating blueberries, baby says "Mummy, STUCK!" and points to her teeth.

AN's new suitor (AN's potential father in law took her for a spin on a bicycle about 3 weeks ago, with her potential mother in law nagging that it was dangerous whenever they zoomed past us. So funny. hehe.). Check out AN's grumpy face. Issac reminds me of Elijah.

AN in music class. She loves music classes (but not this male teacher. Neither do I.)

AN didn't like her 1st experience putting on a jumper-dress.
And she stripped herself of it (how embarrassing to be in t-shirt and diapers!)

AN cries (I was angry with her over something which I have since forgotten)

And AN says sorry by behaving really affectionate (with hugs, kisses or by putting her head against any parts of our body)

Baileys and Maen are rabies vaccinated. If only the jab lasted them 3 yrs like this new one, they would have been spared the needles after the one they took last yr.

Baileys and Maen, right after their shave. Both looked lik JRT again (only this time their ears and tails are 'intact'). A good evidence that Baileys has really grown fatter.

AN: "Mummy I sit with Baileys and Maen ok?"
Mummy: "You ask them lor."

AN: "Baileys! Excuse me!"

AN: "Hi Maen!"

Thinking to herself: "How come suddenly so spacious?"
Baileys: "The sun's good...-_____- That's why?"

AN wins.

Oh yeah.

Little Miss Firegirl

With Mr Fireman

Friday, July 17, 2009


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shampoo are here!

I'm so excited!

BM's shampoos are here! And they smell YUMMY!! OMGoodness! They are so going to smell like I spilled Strawberry Milkshake on them, or Vanilla or even Almond for that matter! I just wonder why the Half and Half shampoo smells like Almond but still, very delicious lor!

I also got them a bottle of waterless shampoo (coz Maen ALWAYS has her butt soaked in pee after she releases, EVERYTIME). The old one from Singapore smells like Coconut (nice!). This one has tea tree oil as an ingredient. Smells detoxifying, seems like it won't be too too wrong too!
Oh my...

I can't wait to bath them again.

Some pictures:

Trying to get all three excited kids to pose with the shampoos. It's easier with the furkids it seems.

Take 2.

Makes me happy whenever they smell nice and look clean. hehe.

Besides the shampoos, AN's goods also arrived. AN's include the usual pampers, and Mustela Facial Cream which was on offer! Buy 2 get 1 free! I had been having breakouts and none of my moisturisers worked for me. Thought I'd try sharing AN's facial cream and it did the moisturising without causing breakouts! Best thing was, the existing breakouts cleared up! Guess I'll stick with this for a long time. hehe.

A conversing Toddler

AN's capable of conversing now. Not that she speaks in perfect sentences yet but she forms her own sentences or at least uses words that we understand (even if those words are more expressive sounds than actual words).

"Mummy come sit with me"

"Mummy I want mem mem and sleep"

"Baileys and Maen fighting"

"I want sleep on papa bed. Papa sleep on Adrielle bed."

Those are just some examples.

Anything more than a few worded sentences will result in her mumbling. For example:

"I want to feed Baileys and Maen. I give Maen some more. Baileys (mumbles her own language while maintaining eye contact with me like I am supposed to understand what she's saying), hor?"

Erm...When I do not really understand what she's saying, I'll try my best to interpret, repeat after her and ask if that was what she meant. Most often than not, I'm right (she boosts my confidence a lot coz she always allows me to get her meaning right. haha!)

So with a chatty toddler now, I'm hardly bored.

When Mr Liow used to play too much games, I used to feel like I'm alone at home even with his physical presence. With AN being able to talk to me now, I don't feel so much alone.

Even a simple TV session can be much fun when I have the chatty toddler to discuss details with.

Have I mentioned that AN is a great helper too?

She helps us place our shoes nicely on the floor before we go out (while I go get bones for BM). She's also helping me give BM their chew treats before we go out (she places them nicely in pairs on the floor for them while they wait for permission to go get them).

AN sees clothes on the floor, AN helps to either put them back in the basket, on the bed, or back on the hanger. She brings her own worn clothes down to the washing machine after her bath.

Coz B likes to bark at M whenever M is chewing on a bone (even if there's another one on the floor for B, he'll still be annoyed that M has her own bone), AN will first warn B by telling him to be quiet and if he doesn't obey, she'll go pick up both bones and place them on a high table. Stops their squabbling once and for all.

AN can be affectionate and caring. She sees me scratching myself and tells me "Mummy stops scratching", pushes my hands away and gently helps me scratch instead. If she sees anyone of us fall or hit ourselves somewhere, she'll go "Opps, pain?". Sometimes she'll tell us "It's ok" and give us a peck where it's supposed to hurt.

Having a conversing toddler at home is real fun. She says whatever that's on her mind and really, a child is human being with a pure heart. Tantrums aside, things she says and how she describes them can be really sweet and innovative.

Like Mr Liow keeps saying, we'll definitely miss her at this stage a real lot. (^___^)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cuter than ever

AN was extremely difficult when she was teething while recovering from fever last week but is a totally different baby this week.

It's a breeze feeding her this week despite her small apetite still. She's more accomodating, more active, more chatty, smarter, generally more adorable.

If only she stays this way forever. Hehe. So cute.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maen's Entry: Bubble bubbles

Mummy bathed me today! This is the first time I got bathed in this house and I would say, it was kinda nice. Maybe coz it's been a long time since mummy bathed me personally.

We didn't have our usual heavenly Oatmeal scented Aloveen (mummy still can't find it anywhere, not even online, not at reasonable prices till now). She got us All Systems Super Conditioning the last time at Petedge with the other goodies, and so bathed me with this.

That was a 'good' brand in Singapore but mummy's never tried anything else on us since we were puppies (Aloveen did make us smell yummy for a long time after bath). This time after bath, mummy didn't seem too impressed with the results. I smell more shampoos after this.

The bath was good coz mummy spent a good time massaging me. Mummy sounded relax while massaging me. I think she enjoyed my bath more than I did. She said bathing me was "therapeutic". That must mean something good right?

It was wierd having to run so far to get my bath. In the past, we only had to follow mummy into the shower room.

Now, I have to run all the way upstairs and if I'm too slow, I won't be able to find mummy! Took me a while dashing in and out of rooms to find mummy and the running water in the tub (and silly mummy kept shouting for me. I don't know upstairs well, alright mummy?)

And since it's so dry here, according to mummy, she didn't have to blow me dry. I totally agree with that decision. Waste my time sitting there everytime after baths till I dry. I can run myself dry, can't I? Not in humid Singapore, mummy says. Yes, now that we are here in dry Tucson. I did dry in no time!

Bathing time is short compared to Singapore now that we do not have to be blown dry!

It's going to be gor gor's turn tomorrow if papa can wake up in time to watch over human puppy. Mummy's going to use Bio-Groom Anti Itch on gor gor tomorrow, and then compare which smells better. That Anti-Itch is supposed to contain Oatmeal but smells nothing like Aloveen. Mummy says she's hoping it will smell better on gor gor than it does in the bottle (both All System and Bio Groom smells like fragrance which mummy doesn't like on us).

Mummy just ordered each of the above (Strawberry, Original and Half & Half) online. She's never used this on us but Auntie Chloe said Toby bathed in this and mummy liked how it smells in the bottle. It's so cheap here! If the scent lasts on us, and helps relief our itching, mummy's going to stock up in gallons. hehe.

And hopefully, we can find Aloveen before we go back!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dr Bean says Gingivitis

There was a lump of blood that came out on the finger brush when I brushed her teeth in the morning yesterday and the rest of her gum bled as I brushed her.

So, while discussing about AN's condition over lunch yesterday with Mr Liow's colleague and wife, he recommended we see his daughter's PD for a professional opinion since it won't be easy to find someone who knows of a reputable dentist for toddlers here.

I was surprised at how easy it was to get an appointment with Dr Bean. And the politeness of the staff over the phone. There were lots of details she needed from me which I did not have with me when I made the call yesterday but never once did she sound impatient. She couldn't get me an appointment on the day itself and was apologetic. She said she would put us on an 11.15am appointment "tomorrow" (which is today) and asked if AN's bleeding in her gums could be stopped. I told her it doesn't bleed excessively all the time and she heaved a sigh of relief while still being apologetic that the Dr couldn't see her immediately.

A FAR CRY from our previous call to see AN's regular PD (whose call centre staff was totally RUDE, couldn't care less to make us an appointment even though Mr Liow told her that AN was running a fever last week.) Only upon much insistence on Mr Liow's part did she try and found us an '11.45am' appointment which she obviously didn't bother to look in the 1st place (and we didn't turn up coz it was a complete turn-off by then and thankfully that was the day AN recovered!)

So, we brought AN to see Dr Bean this morning.

Mr Bean is a kind elderly man who was really interested in AN. He spoke to her and maintained eye contact with her.

AN allowed him to listen to her heartbeat, touch her neck (which he told us after that she had sore glands) and check her ears. She only started to stare at him suspiciously after he tried to put the ice-cream stick into her mouth (which she tightly kept shut).

AN would have already started crying when Dr Monica starts listening to her heartbeat. And Dr Monica won't have talked to AN to assure her anything. hmm...

Dr Bean continued to talk to AN and turned to us to joke that it was AN's limit before gently pushing the stick into her mouth afterwhich she opened her mouth as she started to cry (wondering why this wierd man's forcing something into her mouth). He checked her as she cried and then told us that she has slightly inflammed gums.

He said when one falls sick, one's immunity system gets weak and that's when secondary infections sets in.

He prescribed antibiotics for her and explained a whole load of ways to feed that to her.

None of that would have been said at AN's previous PD.

So, other than inflamed gums, AN's fine. Nothing else is wrong with her.

Her appetite has gone back up. I wonder if it's just my imagination but AN seems to be eating better than she did before she had that fever. Maybe that's to make up for the lack of food?

I've also recovered from my fever (after 4 days...and I also have sore gums! Is that a virus?). My sore throat's gone too.

I'm glad this is over.

It's been tiring for Mr Liow who has to take care of a demanding baby and a sick mummy.

Monday, July 6, 2009


AN's gums are still bleeding!

They bleed when I brush them, bled when she gently bumped her face onto my thighs, bled when she was chewing on ice and even when I simply flipped her upper lips to check her front teeth (the part of her gum holding her upper front tooth moved, like it got detached from the tooth).

They bleed when touched, even gently but ok otherwise. And the bleeding are not at the site of the molars.

We'll be seeking dental help.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

AN finally pooped

After either 6 or 7 days of nt doing big business, AN finally found the urge. With the help of half a toddler laxative strip (this was last resort).

The stools were hard initially but it got softer towards the end, and easier to 'expel' from her system. That was an ok lot of poop for 6-7 days given that she ate probably nothing for the whole week. Her still being alive is a miracle.


Another lifted burden.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

still fever

It's a week now.

AN has recovered. The molar has broken through and her gums seem to hurt less now. At least we don't see her digging as much and she's not crying as she digs now. Her appetite is slowly improving. She had at least 300 mls of milk and very soupy porridge. Very little calorie intake but better than none like the other days of the past week.

Wonder if it's coz she had too much tv time during the day lately. She couldn't sleep well, even now that she's well.

Time now is 4.15am as i'm typing this. AN had just finished traumatizing her papa half an hour ago. Mr liow tried to help me pacify her when she started whining around 1am and managed to get her to sleep with him but she woke up whining not long later and it got worse by 3plus.

AN, for some reasons, did not want to sleep with me. She just stood there crying. Mr Liow blew up (lack of sleep, can't blame him) and didn't know what to do with her. Glad it took her a few minutes to decide that she still wants to come to me afterall.

Mr Liow had been trying to help me with AN lately. I'm so thankful he has a long weekend off (Independance Day). There were plans to visit LV again coz he was offered free stay at MGM and free tickets to Michael Buble concert! To not make it for the concert, that's a pity. Mr Liow was quite looking forward to the light weekend getaway before AN and I took turns to fall sick.

Still, I'm thankful for this long weekend. At least Mr Liow can rest during the day after trying to handle the toddler some parts of the night.

I was hoping he'd spend more time reading, talking, drawing or playing with AN instead of his games if he doesn't need the rest.

He kept asking me to rest in the room so that AN couldn't disturb me but the fact was, AN disturbed me only coz she got bored with the show. She would have finished one cartoon after another. How unhealthy is that!

I just pray for recovery soon so that I don't hv to rely on the cartoons to keep AN occupied. Or I hope Mr Liow can at least entertain her till i recover.

It's been 3 days and my fever seem to climb with the escalating pain in my throat *sob* I'm bedridden. Never had fever for so long :(

Seriously hate that stupid game Mr Liow plays.... He's so hooked that when he plays, he's shut out from everything that's happening around him. Stupid sickening game.

I can foresee that if we were to have a second child, and if I do fall sick now, it will still be the same thing that's happening now: him shooting terrorists, die and resurrect, the kids will be staring stupidly at the box.

Sigh... Better not think too much now. I'm going back to bed.

Thanks for all your prayers. AN's appetite is increasing, slowly but surely. I'm thankful for tt. I'm praying now that my fever and sore throat will go away soon. I need to be well for AN. Please pray with me ya?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fever updates

AN's fever has finally gone down. It escalated back to 38.5C last evening and got us worried again. Thank God she's now back to her usual 36.9C. It was wierd though, that while she was having fever the last few days, her body didnt feel warm to touch and she was playful and active like she is when well.

And yup, my turn now.

I had a fever ytd and is still slightly feverish now.

Thank God Mr Liow came back a little earlier to help me with Adrielle last afternoon. I didn't hv the energy to entertain AN and couldn't stop shivering coz of the chills.

AN was quite a darling to allow me to lie down when I told her "mummy's sick". Still I can understand how boring it can get to have nothing to do and no one to talk to. For a toddler, that's mental neglect.

So we cuddled together to watch one cartoon after another. This is definitely the first time she gets to watch so much TV.

I'm also thankful that she's a good helper now. She does the disc change in the player and has somehow figured out how to get the shows to play. I only had to sit on the sofa and wait for my baby to jump back under the covers with me. It was even occassional that I had to use the remote controller to start the show. Oh ya, AN was also the one who helped me fetch the remote whenever I needed it.

It's important I do not forget how sweet my baby can be. I get overwhelmed by her fussy eating that she doesn't seem to ever be growing out of. It happens so many times everyday for the past half a year or more. I dread mealtimes and lose my sanity ever too often, scaring her as I behave like a crazy woman whenever she starts telling me "I don't want".

Please rmb me in prayer. I don't want AN to grow up scarred in any ways, yet I cause her distress everyday coz of food. I'm sure she's no less stressed up whenever it's meal time too.

Please pray that I'll hv the patience and sanity to go through this with her.



She's teething and has no appetite now. Already skinny, now even worse.




Fever summary

AN is teething, thus the fever (although every article I read tells me that teething should not bring fever, these articles also say that experiences by mummies suggest what do I believe?).

Anyway, she's not had cough or flu, threw up only 2 times coz she hated the medicine (it's grape flavoured...quite tasty wor) and has since recovered from her fever. So the piggies are not involved. Thank God! And thanks for the prayers (Chloe how are you???)!

The only thing that's bothering her now, and bothering her terribly, is cutting of her 2nd molar on the top left of her gums.

It was blood the 1st time (on the dropper of her medicine) and I felt it with my fingers. Yesterday when I felt it again (to apply the teething gel), part of the molar has emerged. Poor baby, and poor us.

Here's a summary of the 'ordeal' (thank God it's only 4 days of fever and no blocked nose/coughing so it's a little less traumatising for her):

- Fever started and stayed around mid-38 deg C
- She couldn't sleep well in the night but had no problems suckling herself to sleep

- Fever was high, peaking at 39.2 deg C
- She kept digging into her mouth and whines periodically (I guess when the pain comes on and off)
- She couldn't suckle at night (she'd gag when she tried to suckle). Being unable to suckle made her grumpy but guess she was tired, so after a little whining and crying each time, she'd fall asleep again on her own

- Fever went down a little
- The teething still bothered her (I felt a bump on the gum but no sharp edge of her molar yet)
- She could sleep better (and suckling wasn't too much of a problem)
- Took her weight and got a shock of my life! It was 8.2kg! She lost 1.2kg over 3 days??!!

- She recovered from fever by afternoon
- Took her weight again and *phew* it was 8.9kg. She's lost 0.5kg over the 4 days but 0.5kg is better than a weight loss of 1.2kg anytime (that would be my equivalent of 5.7kg weight loss over 3 days)
- Teething woes seemed to have gotten worse (she'd whine and cry more often than few days ago and dug into her gums a lot, crying each time she did that)
- Sleep was almost non-existent for all of us. She couldn't suckle and couldn't sleep. She didn't want me to comfort her either and Mr Liow had to rock her to sleep. He had to do that at least twice last night, and still go to work this morning.

- Her body temperature has stabilised (although seemingly higher than usual but it could be a different reading coz of the new thermometer)
- 2nd molar has cut through but not totally yet
- There's a little bleeding on her top front teeth when I finger-brushed them this morning...this I don't understand (can anyone advise if any of her other teeth will be affected by the new molar?)

And It's my turn now. Everything's spinning a little as I'm typing this and had thrown up once this morning. Please pray for me. I need strength, health and patience to take care of this teething toddler.