Saturday, September 27, 2008

AN's feeding time

Anyway, it was a simple lunch just now.

As a between meals 'snack', I made red bean soup. sigh... She shivered and looked pitifully at me. Then she went "orrrrghh" as if she was about to throw up. In case she really did, I stopped feeding her red beans and gave her only the soup (sweetened only with a bit of honey).

She wasn't really keen on the soup as well.

All in all, she had only 7 baby spoonfuls of soup, and 5 red beans. As advised, I'll not let this get to me and feel de-motivated. Am going to prepare this for her again.

For dinner, she's getting Pumpkin & Beef Soup with Semolina Pastina. Let me see if I can get a picture of that later.

*Scratch head* What next for tomorrow? Let me flip through my cookbook again & stick a finger in.

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