Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fernvale Lane

It will not be long before we go back to Singapore. Among the many things we missed about home, we also miss our HOME.

I couldn't find any of the many many pictures we took of our home when it was new, after a while and even before we came. Where have they all gone? Thank God I found these 3 taken during Chinese New Year (I forgot which).

It will no longer be the same when we go back. Most tenants do not take as good care of their rented apartments as well as most owners will.

I recall the occasional tremors from our level 16 flat whenever there were earthquakes in Indonesia. There were no problems when we were without AN in the past but the last time before we came to Tucson and I felt the tremors, I had to evacuate our home, carrying AN (I had no time to put her nicely in the baby carrier), leash the 2 furkids and we took the lift down (yes, I know we do not take lifts when there are tremors but I can't walk 16 levels down carrying a baby and holding 2 furkiddos who were had never travelled down steps before Tucson). All these while trying to keep myself from falling. Lift or stairs, if the building should collapse, we would be buried alive, irregardless of our route of escape.

Talking about the 2 lifts that took turns to break down, we always had to pray hard we did not take the one that was to be faulty (or that both did not break down at the same time! It happened once and I had to carry my makeup bag, and the giant heavy hair bag down 16 levels, and then up again after I got back from work 4 hours later!! Oh...gosh....I almost fainted..). My dad who started visiting us daily after AN's birth warned me that it was just one that kept getting into trouble.

And the inconsiderate neighbours who lived somewhere up there and threw trash out of their windows conveniently (a coke can once flew into our living room!!!!). Those staying on ground level who used the common playground as their personal drying room. The clinic, mini-mart and canteen located just downstairs and at the block beside us.

We miss the place where we lived together as husband and wife for the first time, where we had everything that belonged to us for the first time, and together. It's kind of sad whenever our agent-friend or my brother update us about our appliances that start to fail. But then we also have to learn to deal with the fact that things do not last forever.

Sigh...just another emotional post. At least we can look forward to returning home in the next few months. Once back in Singapore, we can only look back at our Tucson stay fondly and pray hard that we have another chance to come back again. Chances are low.

Ok now, got to make AN go to sleep. Chat again ;p

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