Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Jabs

As expected, AN had problems waking up this morning and told me she didn't want to go to school, citing sleepyness. ~______~"

ER is due for his 3rd jab so i followed Mr Liow when he sent AN off to school. Bad move. AN threw a fit and the teacher had to tear her away from us. Sigh.

Waiting time at Kinderclinic was 3hrs long as usual but all worth it coz ER was seen by Dr Tan. Finally got an appointment for the next vaccination once done. No more walk-in and long waiting time!

We went over to my parents' place after lunch at Nex. ER was fine initially and even chuckled with little teasing by mum. I don't know what happened next but he started crying soon after i took him back coz he looked like he needed milk.

For the next 2 hours, he was uncontrollable. He sounded like he was crying in pain and couldn't be pacified much till Mr Liow carried him. We decided to pack mum's homecooked food and return home for dinner. ER actually cried all the way home and even while on his own bed.

Remembered Pam encouraged us to ask in the name of the Lord when we pray and by then, i was desperate. ER looked like he was in bad pain and my heart ached for him. He had been literally screaming for the past 2 hours and i had no idea why. So i prayed in the name of our Healer, for relief. I prayed for healing for Ethan, if that was what he needed. That minute i said Amen, ER started suckling and fell asleep the next second!

Thank you Jesus.

ER will hv a 5% chance of fever from the vaccination and i am ready to fight it with him. He was fine the past 2 jabs so i pray that he'll be fine this time as well.

It could have been pain at site of jab, pain somewhere else, blocked nose or discomfort from his impending fever that caused him to feel this upset.

For now, i'm just thankful he's peacefully resting after the traumatic crying he was went through a while ago.

Updated at 7:45am (13 Jan)
ER had fever last night and needed to be walked about on 2 separate occasions to feel better. Poor thing. AN woke up one of the 2 times to ask if ER was ok. sure hope so, soon.

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