Thursday, March 18, 2010

AN smells of her dinner

From the time we came upstairs at about 9.30pm till now (11.35pm), AN had coughed so hard she regurgitated part of her dinner at least 5 times!

The first 2 times were before she fell asleep and the following occurred after. The most recent time the soupy remnants came out, she was so fast asleep that when I switched the lights on to see how bad the mess was, I saw her whole face was covered with sticky transparent stuff with brocolli bits (something from dinner). I wiped her again and again to try get rid of the smell but she still stinks of her dinner. All the while as I was cleaning her, she was fast asleep. Oh, and some of her puke went into her nose which, try as I may, was not able to get everything out.

I wish I can bathe her now. I feel as if I'm sleeping next to a pot of spilled chicken noodles soup and each time she starts coughing now, I keep my finger crossed it willl not be so bad that more yucky stuff exits.

Wonder what I did wrong. Was it the chicken (which my mum always says that chicken worsens cough), sweetcorn, broccoli, noodles, peanut butter or bread (which she had for supper)?

She's still getting honey water which she's starting to enjoy now. She thought it tasted like medicine yesterday. And she's starting to like how her homeopathic cough syrup tastes too (I actually think it tastes like very very thin honey water).

She asked that I feed her the "sweet sweet medicine" and even remembered to carry it up with her when it was time for bed. Too bad though, that she keep coughing out what has yet to be digested so it was almost pointless to medicate her.

I pray she'll be able to sleep well from now on. She was better last night and I thought it will be even better tonight. What did I do to worsen her cough again?

Sigh... I think I prefer a blocked nose to a cough after this experience. I can at least make her feel more comfy by holding her upright as we sleep. I quite enjoying carrying her to sleep. But I can't do anything to help her feel better when she coughs. :(

Dear Lord, I know kids have to fall sick so they get stronger the next time. Maybe we can have that in installments instead of having the viruses come all at once? Hehe.

Yawn.... So sleepy now but I dare not close my eyes.

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