Saturday, January 22, 2011

Less Is More

Silence is gold, more so when two people have different opinions.

We've never sent my parents gifts during CNY and my parents never mentioned anything about it. These are formalities, some traditional practices that my parents have never expected of us.

She came, questioning me on why I did not buy my parents CNY goods. I replied that my parents never asked for any of such and she insisted that daughters should not go home empty handed.

But of course....this is what SHE would have expected of her own daughter to strictly follow. No prizes for guessing why I appreciate my parents more. They do not stick THEIR traditions onto us and expect us to follow...unlike her.. I was soooo tempted to reply: "They are not THAT old fashion.", exact words she used when she commented that my mum fed me traditional confinement soup: "Your mum very old fashion. I'm more modern."

My foot.

That is not being modern. The right words to use are "more ignorant". And no less "old fashion" like most other elderly, especially Asian elders. Please, don't live in self denial, still believing that you are westernised, just because you've visited many parts of USA and prefers it there.

And while I was settling the kids in the room, putting them to bed, Mr Liow was outside, helping her fix her laptop. When I came out finally, he was still at it.

I asked if he had taken his shower to which he replied that he hadn't. She wanted her laptop be fixed "by tonight preferably". She heard him and commented: "You shouldn't be bathing so late. Its bad for health."

Any concerned mums would have hurried the son to have his shower first before continuing. What a concerned mum my hubby has. Such concerns for her OWN stuff LOR. She continued asking him about her laptop instead of worrying about his health. Just like how she said he should rest coz he was tired but went on to ask him to drive her to factory outlet that's about an hour's drive away (or more), just to get a luggage to jam up the already crowded car.

"Mums are the best", she always says. I say, it depends.

Some relationships survive better when words are few. Especially in one where respect is no longer present. No one appreciates advises from a person who expects more of everyone else than herself.

I'm proud of MY mum. She deserves the award that someone else has been frequently emphasising about. She's not the best, but at least she does things for us without expecting returns, and sincerely cares for our well-being, not by simply saying: "You should not bath too late." Actions speak louder, remember?

Seriously, BTH.

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