Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To be continued

High time I shifted to another blog anyway.

Here's the link: (Removed. on second thoughts, I'll only give the link to those who has gotten used to reading my blog or have benefitted in some ways, or people who love me dip dip. hehe. email me at


This time, no more chatbox, and comments will be moderated. Please keep the chats coming in though. You have no idea how much I enjoy chatting with you.

Those who somewhat feel unwelcome (from how I post replies to you, you can roughly tell), you will feel more enriched doing community work. Don't waste your time despising my burdens. So, goodbye for the last time I hope.

Like I mentioned, there are friends who had been harsh and frank but they made their points without sarcasm and offered help in many many ways (suggestions, encouragements and even physically offering to help). You do not fall into categories of the unwelcomed. And I am more than thankful to have you be part of my life (if the feeling is mutual).

See you over THAT side *wink wink*

p.s: You don't need password to access because I don't know how to protect my privacy and at the same time, still give you guys the convenience to access my blog. Until I'm trolled again, I don't think I'll need a password.

updated: Just so that I do not need to 'shift' again, I think I'll just remove the link to filter out potential trolling.

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