Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maen Lost Her First Tooth (not due to teething)

Maen has turned 5 years and although she's not young anymore, she's not that old either.

BUT....Guess what?

She lost her first tooth already!


I wonder where the tooth went or even when it fell off! She smiles at me everyday, revealing her pearly whites and every single tooth was still intact just days before! I can't be sure about her molars that are hidden but we can see her front teeth!

And then 2 days ago, I see a gap. Oh no!

This old woman has aged!

I panicked and checked Baileys for missing teeth. His teeth still looked good (except for tar tar on the k9s and molars that has returned coz they have not been chewing much).


It's been a long time since I brushed their teeth. I think it's time they got brushed again. hehe.

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