Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now AN is driving me crazy (updated: when she's tired)

She behaves like she doesn't hear me when I call. After calling out to her millions of times, I have to resort to shouting to make her hear me (is she deaf or what?????). When she hears me shouting, sometimes she shouts back.

When I tell her to do something or not to do it, she will do it the opposite of what I want.

When I tell her to wait, she will get into a fit.

It's like terrible two repeating itself, expect that then, she probably didn't understand and now she does!! She seems to enjoy the freedom of choice, that she can choose to disobey.

And what's worse is, I have no patience whatsoever left. I no longer have the patience to nag gently at her till she decides to hear my voice.

Seriously, when will I go mental?

Updated @ 7pm:
To be fair to AN, she mostly acts up when she's tired. When she has enough rest and is not too hungry, she is not as bad as described above. Sigh.... Bad mummy me. I really should have more patience with her. She fell asleep as I applied moisturiser on her (after a tantrum) before I even laid down with her. It's been 3 hours of nap and she has not moved (but she is alive. I checked her breathing. hehe). If she continues sleeping like this, she will have to sleep late tonight.

I need patience, I need patience, I need patience....

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