Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodnight Prayer

What better way to end the day with a prayer!

It works almost the same as a bedtime story, except that we actually talk to our Creator before drifting into a state of rest.

Life is hectic as it is. Returning home to pee in the kitchen where it shouldn't be for 2 consecutive nights and a house, littered with every single item previously kept in my diaper bag but ransacked through by the bored furkids the day before, one can only pray for peace at heart. And self control.

The Lord taught me to take things one step at a time.

1) I had been asking for self control, so while Mr Liow was out till late, I was put to test.

Scenario 1: Returned home to a big mess with things ALL OVER THE house, emptied from diaper bag. Pee in kitchen that flowed all over (big puddle).

Action taken: Pack and mop

Divine intervention: Infant slept through the packing and cleaning, preschooler less requests than usual, nothing destroyed or forbidden food consumed by the k9s in the ransack. One-up level for self control.

Scenerio 2: Mr Liow was home with us. Infant not in best of mood (and health. He puked a whole lot of milk at my parents' place), preschooler with tonnes of 'tasks' she felt like doing. Pee in kitchen for a second time.

Action taken: Cleaned up pee with paper towels. Mr Liow helped with mopping. Ignored preschooler's never-ending requests and non-stop whining in exasperation to chit chat with the unwell infant in the room.

Divine intervention: Felt peace, whose existence I have forgotten about completely! Anger at preschooler's tantrums subsided sooner than usual.

And while trying to coax the youngest to sleep (he wasn't as easy as most nights. He didn't want to nurse, didn't want to be rocked..practically nothing soothed him), the elder asked to drink milk.

For missions impossible, I asked for help by praying.

The Lord soothed both kids to sleep as He listened to me. I told Him I wanted to hear Him again. I heard no voice but I saw His work when I opened my eyes to the sleeping kids.

Life can be hectic, but it can be simple and peaceful. If only I be still and let the Lord take charge.

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