Friday, January 28, 2011

A Visit to Mt A

ER is still coughing and it sounds bad at times, especially at night. In fact he threw up in the afternoon when we were at my parents' place after coughing violently.

Having learnt from experience (AN had to suffer lung infections for us to learn not to wait for too long before bringing the kids to see a doctor), we decided to bring ER to see a doctor.

So, after MR Liow took AN to school, I fed the furkids and then took ER out. WAnted to ask if Mr Liow might be able to fetch us there coz it didn't seem justifiable to pay the surcharge if I were to take a cab there (surcharge for peak hours start 7.30am - 9.30am, if I didn't recall wrongly). He would only be able to make it after 10am, so I decided to go ahead by ourselves.

Cab uncle is a neighbor from our opposite block. We didn't have to wait for long and I was surprised because I used to have problems (before we left for Tucson) getting a cab here. Plus UGLY people who have no regards for others also waiting for cabs, see one, flag it down and then get on it, even though they noticed you already there waiting (for who-knows-how-long). AN asked me why it was not our turn yet when I took her out waiting for cab once. Even kids know people take turns..But, not really when we are back in Singapore..

Truth hurts, but back in Tucson, most (I won't say all) parents teach their kids to wait in line, whether in Gymboree, or playgrounds. Here, parents (or grandparents) either shove the kids to the front and tell them: "hurry up!" or turn a blind eye when the kids innocently push around to get to where they want to be. This is most common at lift landings while we wait for lifts.

So these kids grow up to be adults who do not look around to see if they are first to wait for cabs (or even buses). This is not wrong. It's just not gracious. And I guess to some, it's more practical to get what you want than to be considerate or gracious.

Ok, I'm done with the ranting about manners. As I was writing, I was still blessed because soon after this young lady snatched my cab from right before my eyes, our cab uncle from a neighbouring block came out. He's old and drives super slowly, traffic was heavy and he took another way which he assumed should be better and turned out to be just as bad. I don't blame him. At 8.30am, traffic is heavy everywhere. Cab fare wasn't as scary as I expected it to be. hehe.

The wait at Kinder Clinic wasn't long either. We spent merely 1.5 hours out of the house!

Mr Liow was having breakfast when I called him after we were done. hmm...I was actually wondering why he didn't offer to come fetch us when he had time for breakfast. HE didn't even call to ask if ER was ok or if we had seen the doctor. Was quite disappointed that he rather spend that free hour with colleagues and wondered again, where we were on his priority list, if we were on it. Bad thoughts huh? Shoo.

Cab uncle who ferried us back home had to rely on GPS because he said he wasn't familiar with Fernvale Lane. I didn't realise he took a wrong turn but he was honest and charged me lesser because he was aware the distance was longer with that wrong turn. I paid him what was on the meter. Being honest alone was reason for reward, in my opinion la.

I just realised this post is very much like what a primary school student would have written about an excursion or life is so meaningless...

Whenever Mr Liow gets to meet friends or colleagues for meals or coffee, I wish I will one day, get to meet my girls for the same things too, without the kids. I do crave freedom too...but will that one day come?

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